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What Colours go with sage green bedding?

What Colours go with sage green bedding?

Sage green is a versatile neutral colour that can work with a variety of accent colours for bedding. The right colour pairings can create a relaxing, natural or vibrant look. When choosing accent colours, consider complementary colours on the colour wheel as well as tone and mood.

Warm Colour Accents

Pairing sage green with warm accent colours like reds, oranges, yellows and pinks creates an earthy, welcoming look. These colours bring energy and brightness.


A bold red makes a striking accent colour with sage green. Red brings a sense of excitement and passion. Different shades like crimson, scarlet or burgundy add drama and richness. Red accents invigorate a sage green bedroom.


For a fun, upbeat look, combine sage green with different shades of orange like peach, coral, or pumpkin. Orange expresses joy and creativity. Accent patterns and textures in orange prevent the combination from looking too loud.


Cheerful yellow makes sage green pop. Shades like mustard, lemon or gold create a bright, sunny bedroom. Yellow inspires optimism and creativity, great for a morning wake-up space. Deeper golden yellows offer a slightly more subtle look.


Feminine pinks complement sage green in a chic, romantic way. Soft blush pink and rosy red pinks work well. Pink brings sweetness and intimacy to a bedroom. Try combining different pink prints and patterns for extra personality.

Cool Colour Accents

Cooler accent colours like blues, greens and purples create a more relaxed, peaceful mood with sage green. These colours are calming and sophisticated.


Different shades of blue nicely complement sage green for a soothing, natural look. Light sky blues are airy, while navy adds depth. Accent with blue pillows, throws, area rugs or bedding details.


Pairing sage green with other shades of green is an easy way to create a relaxing green bedroom retreat. Try fresh lime green, emerald, olive or forest green accents. Layering green on green looks stylish and zen.


Regal purple makes an elegant accent colour with sage green. Lavender, lilac and violet accents look refined. Dark eggplant purple adds drama. The colour combination feels spiritual and mystical.

Neutral Accent Colours

For a pared back, minimalist look, neutral colours like tan, grey, black and white complement sage green bedding without overpowering. These muted tones create an understated, calming bedroom.


Natural tan and beige colours blend seamlessly with sage green. The earthy pairing feels warm and casual. Accent patterns in nubby tan textures prevent the look from feeling flat.


Cool greys balance out sage green’s warmth. Light greys read as fresh, while charcoal grey makes a sophisticated contrast. Crisp white bedding popped against grey and sage green looks very relaxing and spa-like.


Although bold, black trims and accents create a chic, dramatic flair against sage green. Black symbolizes luxury. Use sparingly to allow the green to shine. A black and white graphic print prevents the combo from feeling too heavy.


Clean white bedding and linens keep sage green looking light and natural. All-white bedding with sage green accent pillows and throws creates a airy, cloud-like feel. The colour pairing evokes tranquility.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents in silver, gold and copper add a glamorous touch to sage green bedding. These shiny neutrals complement both the warm and cool aspects of sage green.


Polished silver feels modern and elegant against the muted sage green. Silver grey and pewter add subtle shine without going over the top. Metallic silver bedding and accessories catch the light beautifully.


Warm gold makes sage green feel richer and more upscale. Soft champagne gold, brass and bronze add luxurious accents. Gold often pairs well with other colours like blue, black or pink for extra pop.


With an earthy, natural quality, copper makes the perfect metallic complement to sage’s green tones. Copper makes greens pop. A little goes a long way – use copper sparingly as an accent.

Accent Colour Mood Created
Red Exciting, bold, passionate
Orange Fun, cheerful, upbeat
Yellow Bright, sunny, optimistic
Pink Sweet, romantic, feminine
Blue Soothing, peaceful, relaxed
Green Zen, natural, earthy
Purple Elegant, luxurious, mystical
Tan Warm, casual, earthy
Grey Sophisticated, calm, relaxed
Black Dramatic, bold, luxurious
White Fresh, airy, tranquil
Silver Sleek, modern, elegant
Gold Rich, warm, upscale
Copper Natural, earthy, organic


Sage green bedding provides a lush, relaxing backdrop that pairs beautifully with a wide range of accent colours. Warm hues like red, orange, yellow and pink create an inviting, energetic feel. Cool tones like blue, green and purple result in a more calming, peaceful sleep space. Neutrals and metallics complement sage green in a refined, natural way. Consider the mood you want and mix patterns and textures for added interest. With so many options, you can easily create a stylish, personalized sage green bedroom retreat.