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What colours go with khaki green jacket?

Khaki green is a versatile neutral colour that can work with a variety of different hues. When styling a khaki green jacket, it’s important to create a cohesive and harmonious look by choosing the right accent colours that will complement the khaki tone. In this article, we’ll explore the best colour pairings and combinations that will make your khaki green jacket really pop.

Neutral Colours

Sticking with neutral colours is a foolproof way to style a khaki green jacket. Neutrals like white, black, gray, beige and brown will effortlessly match with the khaki green without clashing. Neutrals create a calm, understated look that lets the khaki be the star.


White is an easy go-to colour that complements almost any shade. A crisp white shirt or blouse will make the khaki green pop. White jeans or trousers also pair nicely. White accessories like shoes or a bag provide a clean, fresh accent.


Black has an inherent sophisticated, polished look. Wearing black trousers, jeans or leggings with a khaki jacket makes for a stylish combination. Black footwear like boots, heels or oxfords also coordinate seamlessly. A black top underneath the jacket is another chic option.


From light gray to charcoal, all shades of gray work beautifully with khaki green. Gray jeans, trousers or leggings result in a modern, refined look. A heather gray top or sweater will also complement the jacket well. Metallic gray shoes or a handbag can add subtle shine.


Since khaki green is essentially a pale shade of tan or beige, pairing it with true beige is a natural match. Light beige trousers maintain the neutral vibe. An off-white or creamy beige top provides lovely contrast. Beige shoes blend in for an understated finish.


Deep chocolate browns, camel browns and caramel browns marry seamlessly with khaki green. Brown leather accessories like belts, boots and handbags also coordinate perfectly. For top and bottom pairings, rich cognac, chocolate or chestnut hues work best.

Earth Tone Colours

In addition to neutrals, earth tones like olive, tan, rust and terracotta blend nicely with the natural khaki green shade. These echoes of nature result in organic, laidback pairings.


Since khaki has olive undertones, pairing it with true olive is an easy match. An olive top, whether a rich green or more muted, drab olive, complements khaki gracefully. Olive trousers, leggings or skirt allow both colours to shine.


Tan is khaki’s closest colour cousin, so the two pair gorgeously together. Light tan, dark tan, warm tan and cool tan are all fair game and will emphasize the khaki green’s natural beauty.


For an autumnal colour combination, rust-coloured tops, trousers or accessories make khaki pop. Deep terra-cotta, orangey rust and subdued brick red tones work best to pick up the jacket’s earthiness.


In the same vein as rust, terracotta also complements the green with its nature-inspired reddish-orange hue. Pairing khaki with the warmth of terracotta results in a very soothing, grounded look.

Accent Colours

In addition to neutrals and earth tones, khaki green can be accentuated with pops of brighter, bolder colours. When balanced out, these energetic hues make the outfit pop.


Certain shades of red flatter khaki green handsomely. Brick reds, tomato reds, and lighter cherry or candy apple reds add a powerful punch. Smaller red accents, like shoes, jewelry or a handbag keep the look chic.


From ultra-femme bubblegum pinks to muted dusty roses, pink makes for an unexpected khaki pairing. Soft blush pinks and brighter fuchsias both work well. Like with red, smaller pink accessories add the perfect accent pop.


Vibrant orange injects a fun, lively energy into a khaki green outfit. Burnt oranges, peach tones and reddish citrus oranges marry handsomely with the khaki. Orange shoes, jewelry or bag provide the ideal bright pop.


Sunny yellow is another unexpected accent that really livens up khaki. Mustard yellow, lemon yellow, goldenrod or amber yellow shades pair attractively. Small yellow accessories offset the khaki in a fresh way.


While cool blues and khaki green are very different hues, the right shades of blue can really make the outfit pop. Royal blue, turquoise, teal or cobalt blue make for lively accents in shoes, jewelry or bags.

Creating a Colour Palette

When assembling an outfit with a khaki green jacket, stick to a cohesive colour palette for maximum impact:

Colour Scheme Colour Combination
Neutrals Khaki green jacket, white top, black trousers, brown handbag
Earth Tones Khaki green jacket, olive top, rust skirt, tan shoes
Accents Khaki green jacket, gray trousers, pink blouse, blue earrings

Some examples of attractive full outfits with a khaki green jacket include:

  • Khaki green jacket, white top, blue jeans, brown booties
  • Khaki green jacket, black turtleneck, olive cargo pants, tan shoulder bag
  • Khaki green jacket, pink blouse, gray trousers, red flats
  • Khaki green jacket, yellow sweater, black leggings, white sneakers

A khaki green jacket is extremely versatile. By thoughtfully choosing complementary colours, you can create endless stylish combinations that are cohesive and eye-catching.

Tips for Wearing Khaki Green

Here are some quick tips for styling a khaki green jacket successfully:

  • Stick to 2-3 colours maximum in an outfit for balance
  • Use neutrals like white, black and gray as base colours
  • Add earth tones like olive, tan and rust for a laidback vibe
  • Incorporate occasional brights like red, yellow or pink as accents
  • Anchor the khaki green with darker blues, browns or blacks on bottom
  • Accessories like shoes, jewelry and bags should complement the outfit colours
  • Avoid pairing khaki green with pastels, which may look washed out
  • Don’t overdo patterns – solids and simple stripes work best
  • Make sure colours aren’t overly matchy-matchy for visual interest


Khaki green is one of those versatile neutrals that works with practically everything. By styling it with complementing neutrals, earth tones and occasional bright pops of colour, you can create fashionable looks perfect for any occasion. Use the colour combinations and tips outlined here as a guide when putting together outfits anchored by your khaki green jacket.