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What colour goes with vintage mauve?

Vintage mauve is a beautiful dusty purple shade that can be tricky to pair with other colors. As a soft, muted tone, vintage mauve works well with other pale and neutral hues that won’t clash or overwhelm. With some thoughtfulness and coordination, you can create stylish outfits and decor combinations featuring this elegant color.

Understanding Vintage Mauve

First, it’s helpful to understand what exactly vintage mauve is. Mauve is a pale purple or lilac shade that has a grayish or dusty quality to it. The term “vintage mauve” is used to describe the specific muted mauve tones that were popular during the Victorian era of the late 1800s. It evokes antique elegance with its soft, faded purple color.

Vintage mauve sits in a palette with other dying shades like dusty rose, pale sage, and antique ivory. It has a nostalgic, romantic feeling that pairs well with lace, velvet, pressed flowers, and other feminine vintage elements. Unlike bold or jewel-toned purples, vintage mauve is extremely subtle and gentle in both clothing and home decor.

Coordinating Colors for Vintage Mauve Fashion

When creating a vintage-inspired wardrobe with mauve hues, look to soft, neutral colors that won’t fight for attention. Here are some of the best shades to pair with vintage mauve clothing and accessories:

Color Description
Ivory Creamy ivory is a perfect match for mauve. It has the same soft, classic feel. Ivory lace, blouses, or shawls will provide a clean complement.
Light Gray Subtle, hazy shades of gray look beautiful with mauve. Try a steel gray scarf or skirt with a mauve sweater on top.
Nude Nude shoes, stockings, and other accessories are seamless partners for mauve outfits. Nude draws less attention to let the mauve shade shine.
Blush Pink Blush pink has just enough color to enhance mauve in a feminine way. Use blush bags, jewelry, or jackets to pull the look together.
Antique White Slightly warmer than ivory, antique white reads as an elegant vintage neutral with mauve. Use it in lace accents, hats, or gloves.

In addition to solid colors, look for soft floral patterns with mauve flowers or detailing to complement mauve garments. Avoid pairings like electric blue or lime green that will clash. Keep the palette subdued. Vintage mauve works best with only subtle pops of contrasting color.

Top Color Combinations for Mauve Home Decor

Vintage mauve can lend a romantic, feminine feel to living spaces as well. Use it thoughtfully with these home decor colors:

Color How to Use
White White walls, trim, and furniture allow mauve accents to take center stage. White and mauve create an airy, peaceful atmosphere.
Pale Gray Subtle, misty grays work beautifully on larger surfaces like walls paired with mauve decor touches and textiles.
Sea Glass Green The cool, faded green of sea glass makes an unexpected but lovely pairing with mauve in pillows, artwork, and decorative pieces.
Antique Gold Warm metallic antique gold shines against soft mauve. Use it in lamps, frames artwork, and antique-style architecture details.
Blush Pink Just like in fashion, blush pink makes mauve pop in accent pillows, flowers, candles, and other decor items.

Vintage mauve can easily become overwhelming if overdone, so use it sparingly and let it complement, not overpower, other soft hues. Keep walls, furniture, and flooring neutral to allow mauve decorative accents and textiles to be the star.

Factors to Consider When Pairing Colors with Vintage Mauve

Choosing complementary colors for vintage mauve requires consideration of the overall mood you want to create along with individual color undertones.

Mood and Style

Vintage mauve lends itself beautifully to romantic, feminine, and nostalgic styles. Colors that enhance these moods are ideal pairings. Dusty antique hues, soft metallics, or faded pastels work better than bright, bold shades that would feel too playful or modern next to mauve.


Vintage mauve has both purple and gray undertones. Colors with similar cool, muted undertones harmonize well with it, while colors with entirely different undertones can feel jarring. For example, coral orange with warm yellow undertones would clash with mauve. But airy sea glass green with hints of gray would complement it beautifully.

Contrast Level

Since vintage mauve is incredibly soft and subtle, pair it with colors of a similar depth. Colors that are too bright will overwhelm it. The best color matches sit at the same muted, dusty level as mauve. High contrast can work sparingly, but should be done carefully.

Putting Colors Together with Vintage Mauve

Here are some gorgeous color schemes featuring vintage mauve:

Vintage Mauve and Antique White

This timeless color pairing has old-world romance and charm. Use mauve in soft furnishings like curtains, pillows, and rugs against a backdrop of antique white walls and distressed wood furniture. Accent with metallics like copper or silver for an elegant feel.

Vintage Mauve and Pale Gray

The hazy elegance of pale gray makes it an ideal partner for mauve. Gray walls or furniture allow mauve decor accents and textiles to stand out. Gray also makes an excellent accent color against lighter mauve backgrounds. Use these colors in a romantic bedroom or living area.

Vintage Mauve and Blush Pink

For a dreamy, feminine look, pair vintage mauve with the warmth of blush pink. Use mauve on larger surfaces like walls or bedding and add pops of pink in artwork, throws, flowers and other details. The two colors complement each other beautifully in floral motifs and prints.

Vintage Mauve and Sea Glass Green

Soft sea glass green may seem an unconventional pairing for mauve, but it’s surprisingly harmonious. The muted earthiness of sea glass balances out the soft femininity of mauve. Use the colors together in a tranquil bedroom or lounge space.

Incorporating Metallic Accents

Metallic accents can enhance a mauve color scheme with a hint of glamour. Here are some metallic shades that work with vintage mauve:

Metallic How to Use
Antique Gold Use as an accent in artwork frames, table lamps, architectural details, and decor accessories against mauve backgrounds.
Pewter or Silver Cool metallics like pewter, silver, and nickel serve as elegant metallic neutrals with mauve in jewelry, vases, candles holders and table decor.
Copper Brushed antique copper makes a fitting metallic accent for vintage-style mauve spaces when used minimally in lighting, hardware, or decorative objects.

Metallics help add a touch of glamour and visual interest to soft, muted mauve color schemes. Just be sure not to go overboard, as too much metallic shine can cheapen the vintage vibe.

Pulling a Mauve Color Scheme Together

When designing with vintage mauve, remember these key strategies:

  • Use mauve as a thoughtful accent against neutral backdrops. Too much mauve can be overwhelming.
  • Select coordinating colors that share vintage mauve’s soft, muted qualities. Avoid brights and bolds that will clash.
  • Pay attention to mood and undertones. Colors with cool, subtle gray or purple undertones generally work best with mauve.
  • Incorporate metallics and patterns sparingly as accents, not dominating features.
  • Limit the color palette to 2-4 core colors for cohesion. Add small pops of contrast thoughtfully.

With the right complementary colors, vintage mauve can lend antique romance and feminine charm to any space or outfit. Follow these guidelines to develop elegant, harmonious color palettes featuring this beautiful muted purple shade.


Vintage mauve is a delicate, elegant hue that requires thoughtful color pairings. The best matches are other soft, muted tones like ivory, pale gray, blush pink, and sea glass green that won’t overpower mauve’s dusty purple nuance. Crisp whites and antique metallics like gold can also complement mauve beautifully. Avoid bold, bright colors that will clash. With coordinated, subtle color combinations, vintage mauve can create stylish, romantic looks and spaces.