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What colour goes with rose gold in kitchen?

What colour goes with rose gold in kitchen?

Rose gold is a beautiful, warm metal that can add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. When selecting colours to pair with rose gold, it’s important to choose hues that will complement rather than clash with the rosy tone. Here are some of the best colour combinations to consider for kitchens featuring rose gold accents.


White is a timeless pairing for rose gold that creates a light, airy look. An all-white kitchen provides a clean backdrop that allows the warm rose gold tones to pop. You can incorporate rose gold on kitchen fixtures like faucets, cabinet hardware or pendant lighting against crisp white cabinetry, countertops and subway tiles for a contemporary vibe.

White has a cooling effect that balances out the warmth of rose gold. It makes for a soothing, neutral kitchen colour scheme. Just take care that the white doesn’t look too stark next to the soft rose hue. Choose whites with a subtle cream or greige (grey-beige) undertone rather than a harsh bright white for a more harmonious look.

Light Grey

Light grey is another versatile neutral shade that pairs beautifully with rose gold. It has the same calming effect as white, but reads a bit softer and more subtle. Light greys with hints of pink or lavender are especially complementary. Use light grey on walls or cabinetry to let your rose gold hardware and fixtures stand out.

You can also pair a grey kitchen island or accent wall with rose gold for a more dynamic look. Just stick to pale greys rather than darker shades, which can appear muddy next to the warm rose gold tones. Soft greys help rose gold really shine while adding stylish sophistication.

Blush Pink

For a more feminine, romantic aesthetic, consider pairing rose gold with blush pinks. Dusty pinks with a touch of grey or brown work best rather than bold hot pinks, which can clash with the muted nature of rose gold. Blush pink on walls or cabinets makes an elegant statement and coordinates perfectly with the rosy metallic tones.

Using different shades of pink together can also create a chic ombre effect. Try a blush pink island or accent wall that fades into a paler pink, along with rose gold fixtures and hardware for a glamorous look. Just stick to soft and neutral pinks for a subtle, elegant feel.

Navy Blue

Though an unorthodox combination, navy blue can actually pair beautifully with rose gold in kitchens. The cool tones of navy balance out the warmer rose gold for a bold, dramatic look. Navy instantly jazzes up an all-white kitchen, giving it a modern edge when paired with rose gold accents.

For best results, opt for pale, powder blue-tinged navies rather than darker midnight navy shades, which can appear too harsh next to delicate rose gold. Soft French navy blues complement rose gold fixtures, faucets and lighting fixtures for a striking designer kitchen scheme.


Pastels like mint green, lavender and buttery yellow provide a sweet, cheerful pairing for rose gold kitchen accents. Their soft, sugary hues complement the rosy metallic tone instead of competing with it. Pastels add a retro, vintage charm that works well with the ornate, feminine nature of rose gold.

Try pale yellow walls with rose gold hardware for a bright, sunny kitchen. Or opt for a lavender backsplash with rose gold faucets and lighting for a whimsical accent wall. Any pastel hue works nicely with rose gold as long as it’s kept light and muted.

Earth Tones

Natural earth tones like light brown, tan and cream also pair seamlessly with rose gold. Their soft, warm hues echo the tones found in rose gold for a harmonious look. Light brown cabinets or walls help ground a kitchen and provide a soothing, neutral backdrop for rose gold accents.

Beiges and cream earth tones keep a kitchen feeling open and airy while complementing rose gold’s radiance. Just stick to soft, organic earth tones rather than deep, heavy shades that can feel overpowering combined with the delicate rose hue.


Don’t be afraid to pair rose gold with other metallics like brass, copper and bronze. The mix of metals adds warmth and richness to a kitchen. Rose gold combined with antiqued brass hardware, copper backsplash tiles or oil-rubbed bronze fixtures creates an ultra glamorous, posh atmosphere.

Stick to one additional metallic shade for best effect. Matching metals in the same finish (i.e. brushed copper) makes for a cohesive look. Just be sure the tone of the secondary metal complements rose gold rather than blending in too much. A touch of contrast is key.


Black may seem too stark a contrast for delicate rose gold. But used sparingly, black can provide the perfect bold counterpoint to soften and highlight the rosy metallic shade. Try a black accent wall paired with rose gold hardware and lighting against light cabinets or white walls.

The key is balancing the black so it doesn’t overpower the space. Use sheer black window treatments, partial black walls or black kitchen islands to create an elegant, contemporary pairing with rose gold fixtures. Just avoid completely dark, all-black kitchen schemes.


Green may not seem an obvious pairing for rose gold at first. But certain muted green shades can complement rose gold beautifully. Sage green reads as a neutral while providing a subtle pop of color. Soft seafoam greens also echo the blue-green tint in rose gold for a beachy vibe.

Deep forest greens work well with rose gold too, especially against a white backdrop. Just opt for muted, grayish greens rather than very bright, vivid greens, which can clash with rose gold’s softness. Keep greens in a supporting role to the rose gold accents for best effect.

Wood Tones

Natural wood finishes make for an organic-feeling pairing with rose gold fixtures and hardware. Light oak, maple or birch provide warm, neutral tones that harmonize well with the rose metallic. Wood lends a rustic, earthy feel that offsets the glamour of rose gold.

Try light wood cabinetry, live edge counters or reclaimed wood walls paired with rose gold. But avoid very orangey, reddish woods, which can compete too much with the rosy tones. Opt for soft beige-grey woods with blue undertones for an effortlessly chic combination with rose gold accents.

Tile Patterns

Creative tile patterns like herringbone, chevron or fish scale present beautiful backdrops for rose gold hardware and fixtures. The pattern adds visual interest and dimension while the tile itself acts as a neutral. Subway, hexagon, penny or octagon tiles all pair elegantly with rose gold.

White, light grey, ivory and cream tiles complement rose gold especially well, allowing it to stand out. Just be sure your tile tones don’t compete too much. Muted, neutral tile shades keep the focus on the warm, inviting rose gold accents.

Quartz Countertops

Rose gold pairs beautifully with today’s wide range of engineered quartz countertops. Quartz provides an ultra-durable, low-maintenance work surface that comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Light quartz options like white Carrara, soft greys, creamy whites and beiges make ideal backdrops for rose gold fixtures. But you can get more creative with muted pink, lavender, chocolate or blue-grey quartz countertops paired with rose gold accents. Just steer clear of very bold quartz patterns.

Stone Surfaces

Natural stone surfaces like marble, granite, travertine and limestone also complement rose gold beautifully. Light marbles or limestone in soft greys, whites and silvers create simple but elegant pairings with rose gold hardware and lighting.

Honed or brushed finishes on granite, travertine and marble tiles tone down the veining for a seamless look with rose gold. A white Carrara marble island mixed with grey-veined countertops and backsplash provides the perfect elegant yet organic-feeling backdrop.

Glass Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles lend gorgeous light reflection and color when paired with rose gold. Opt for neutral tones like white, cream, grey or beige glass tiles to allow the rose gold to really shine. Accent with clear or metallic glass for extra sparkle.

Keep glass tile patterns simple. Classic penny tile layouts look stunning framed with rose gold fixtures. Let the rose gold hardware and lighting serve as the focal point against a shimmering glass tile backsplash for an elegant, glamorous aesthetic.

Colour Finish
White Glossy
Light Grey Matte
Blush Pink Eggshell
Navy Blue Satin
Pastels Semi-gloss


With its soft golden hue and romantic feminine vibe, rose gold makes a gorgeous statement in any kitchen. Keeping the overall colour scheme light and neutral allows the rose gold to stand out. Cool tones like white, greys and blues temper rose gold’s warmth for a harmonious balance. Blush pinks, camels and earth tones provide an elegant complement. And don’t overlook creative pairings like navy blue or even black for a more dramatic look.

When selecting materials, look for soft natural stones, muted glass and metal tiles, light quartz and wood surfaces to let the rose gold accents shine. Creative tile patterns also provide beautiful backdrops to this on-trend warm metal. Just be sure to steer clear of very bold, competing colours and patterns. The key is choosing colours that elegantly complement rather than clash with rose gold for a glamorous, welcoming kitchen space.