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What colour goes well with champagne?

Champagne is a sparkling white wine that originates from the Champagne region of France. It is known for its light, bubbly texture and slightly sweet flavor. Champagne is often consumed during celebrations and special occasions. When serving champagne, it’s important to consider what colors will complement its pale golden hue.


Gold is a classic color pairing for champagne. The warm, metallic tone of gold complements the bubbly effervescence of champagne. Gold flatware, serveware, and decorations like confetti or sequins are perfect for champagne celebrations. The richness of the gold color contrasts nicely with the pale yellow champagne.

Gold Item Pairing Rationale
Gold charger plates Provides an elegant base for champagne flutes.
Gold rimmed champagne flutes Dress up plain flutes with a touch of shimmer.
Gold confetti Sprinkle on tables for festive flair.
Gold candle holders Warm lighting complements champagne’s hue.

The richness of gold helps enhance the celebratory nature of champagne. A little metallic glow goes a long way with this sparkling wine.


Like gold, silver is another traditional metallic pairing for champagne. Silver has a cooler, sleeker look than gold. Silver accents add a touch of sophistication and modern elegance to a champagne presentation. Try incorporating silver through:

Silver Item Pairing Rationale
Silver drink tray Eye-catching way to serve champagne flutes.
Silver champagne bucket Keeps bottle chilled with contemporary style.
Silver vase with white flowers Crisp, clean complement to champagne.
Silver confetti Subtle sparkle on tables.

Silver provides the perfect balance between modern and luxurious. It is both sleek and elegant. Silver accessories add subtle style to any champagne celebration.

Blush Pink

For a romantic, feminine look, consider pairing champagne with blush pink colors. Soft pinks complement the pale golden yellow hue of champagne. Blush pink also conveys a sense of sweetness, which picks up on champagne’s subtle sweetness.

Blush Pink Item Pairing Rationale
Pink table runner Brings soft, romantic feel to tables.
Pink napkins Elevates place settings with delicate detail.
Pink candles Warm, flattering lighting for champagne.
Pink macarons Sweet, colorful garnish.

From décor to garnishes, different shades of pink can be incorporated to create a lovely champagne presentation. Pink is both timeless and on-trend when paired with this sparkling white wine.


Red is a bold, exciting color that can provide a striking contrast against champagne’s effervescent pale hue. Deeper reds like burgundy, red wine, or ruby red all make strong color pairings. Red encourages a luxurious, indulgent feel. Consider these red accents:

Red Item Pairing Rationale
Red tablecloth Rich, indulgent backdrop for champagne.
Red rose petals Sophisticated natural decorative touch.
Red berries Juicy, colorful garnish.
Red velvet cake Decadent dessert pairing.

Red commands attention and conveys vibrancy. It’s perfect for making a champagne celebration feel extra special and luxe. A little red goes a long way, so opt for red accents throughout your presentation.


In addition to gold and silver, other metallic colors like copper, bronze, and pewter can complement champagne’s bubbly nature. Metallic accents add a contemporary, sophisticated touch to your tablescape or event decor. Consider metallic uses such as:

Metallic Item Pairing Rationale
Copper mug Unique vessel for serving champagne.
Bronze candle holders Warm, glamorous metallic lighting.
Pewter serving tray Eye-catching presentation for champagne service.
Metallic confetti Speckles table with festive metallic shine.

Cooler metallics like pewter and warmer metallics like copper allow you to adjust the metallic accent depending on your overall aesthetic. Metallics add a celebratory shine to your champagne presentation.


Soft, delicate pastels complement champagne’s own pale hue. Pretty pastels like lavender, blush, mint, or buttercream perfectly accent this bubbly beverage. Pastels convey springtime freshness and femininity. Incorporate pastels with details like:

Pastel Item Pairing Rationale
Lavender table runner Soft, smooth backdrop for table.
Mint napkins Light pop of color at place settings.
Blush flowers Romantic, delicate floral arrangement.
Buttercream macarons Subtly sweet garnish.

Pastels evoke springtime celebration. They provide an understated, charming color story that feels feminine and bright. Pastels let the champagne shine as the focal point.


Natural green hues complement champagne’s light yellow tones. Greenery includes sage, olive, and emerald colors. Incorporating greens can give your champagne presentation an organic, earthy feel. Vibrant greens work best in moderation as accents. Ideas include:

Greenery Item Pairing Rationale
Olive napkins Natural contrast to champagne flutes.
Sage table runner Grounding natural backdrop.
Emerald confetti Pops of color sprinkled on tables.
Succulents Mini potted succulents as organic table décor.

Greenery calls to mind the earthiness of champagne’s origins in the vineyard. It provides grounded contrast against champagne’s bubbliness. Sprinkle greenery touches throughout your décor or garnishes.


Rich purple hues pair beautifully with champagne for a luxurious, indulgent color story. Deeper shades like amethyst, eggplant, and lilac provide bold contrast against pale champagne. These regal purple tones convey luxury and sophistication. Incorporate purple through accents like:

Purple Item Pairing Rationale
Purple velvet table runner Luxe, decadent backdrop.
Lilac napkins Subtle pop of color at place settings.
Amethyst colored candles Jewel-toned lighting provides cozy glow.
Eggplant garnish Deep purple makes a striking natural garnish.

Purple sets a dramatic, moody tone that celebrates champagne in a magnified way. It conveys luxury, romance, and nostalgia. Just a few purple accents go a long way against the champagne backdrop.


Cool toned blues work well with champagne’s own cool yellow undertones. Navy blue, sapphire, and cobalt provide bold accent colors that pop against pale champagne. These oceanic tones feel celebratory and vibrant. Incorporate blue with:

Blue Item Pairing Rationale
Navy blue napkins Nautical pop of color at place settings.
Sapphire confetti Speckled jewel tone touch across tables.
Cobalt cocktail garnish Blue olives or berries for garnish in drinks.
Blue hydrangea Full floral bouquet in clear vase.

Punchy blues energize a champagne presentation. They evoke ocean voyages and adventures, giving a sense of celebration. Vivid blues provide strong contrast to champagne’s pale effervescence.


For a dramatic, bold look, pair champagne with black accents. Black provides stark contrast against the pale champagne hue. It conveys luxury and sophistication. Use black minimally in details like:

Black Item Pairing Rationale
Black tablecloth or runner Striking base for champagne presentation.
Black napkins Sleek, luxe touch at place settings.
Black candles Mysterious, cozy lighting ambiance.
Blackberries Inky black and white fruit garnish.

Against the pale effervescence of champagne, black commands attention. It conveys sophistication and intrigue. Use black accents minimally for best dramatic effect.

Champagne Color Combinations

When designing your entire champagne presentation, consider combining multiple complementary colors for a cohesive palette. Here are some sophisticated color combinations to try:

  • Silver and Blush – Metallic silver and soft pink create an elegant, feminine pairing.
  • Gold and Red – Rich and bold metallics convey luxury and indulgence.
  • Pastels – Layer pastel pink, blue, purple, and green for springtime freshness.
  • Black and Metallics – Contrast black with accents of gold, copper or silver for drama.
  • Emerald and Navy – Deep green and blue for a bold, vibrant mood.

Whichever color combinations you choose, maintain champagne as the focal point. Avoid busy patterns and textures that compete visually. Any colors you layer should elevate the champagne itself.


Champagne deserves celebratory colors that enhance its effervescent, pale golden beauty. Metallics like gold and silver, rich jewel tones, and even black provide striking contrast. Soft pastels and pinks convey springtime femininity and romance. Ultimately the colors you choose come down to the mood you want to cultivate. Just remember to let the champagne shine as the star of your presentation. With the perfect color accents, you can design a beautiful, bubbles-worthy tableau to toast any special occasion.