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What colour does Wednesday Addams have?

Wednesday Addams is one of the iconic characters from The Addams Family franchise. With her dark personality and signature black braided hair, Wednesday has become a pop culture icon over the decades. Her dark and brooding style makes her stand out from other characters, leaving many fans wondering – what is Wednesday Addams’ signature hair colour?

The History of Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams first appeared in Charles Addams’ original New Yorker cartoons in the 1930s. She was simply known as the daughter character back then. When The Addams Family television series premiered in 1964, Wednesday was given her name and portrayed by Lisa Loring. She wore a black wig in a long braided style, establishing her signature Gothic look.

In the 1990s Addams Family movies, Wednesday was played by Christina Ricci. Ricci’s Wednesday had very long, straight black hair worn in braided pigtails. This look further cemented Wednesday as a Dark Goth icon in popular culture.

Most recently, in the new Netflix series Wednesday, the titular character is portrayed by Jenna Ortega. Ortega wears black wigs styled in braided pigtails, continuing the character’s tradition of long black braided hair.

The Significance of Wednesday’s Black Hair

Wednesday Addams’ black hair is symbolic of her brooding, Gothic personality. The very dark color matches her dark interests and clothes. It is in stark visual contrast to the rest of her bright and cheerful family members.

Throughout her depictions, Wednesday’s long black braids have framed her pale face to create a striking, ghostly appearance. The severe hairstyle hints at her stern personality and reflects her preference for darkness.

Wednesday Addams’ jet black hair has become her trademark look. Whenever someone dresses up as Wednesday for Halloween, a key part of the costume is a long, braided black wig. Her hair color is just as iconic to the character as her black dress and emotionless facial expressions.

The Specific Shade of Black

So what exact shade of black does Wednesday Addams’ hair have? Based on color analysis of her various on-screen portrayals, her hair color is closest to:

  • Jet Black
  • Ebony
  • Raven Black

These very dark shades of black contain hints of cool blue tones. They create an intensely Gothic look, especially when braided into long pigtails.

Hair Dye Colors to Get Wednesday’s Look

For fans who want to recreate Wednesday’s signature black hair for Halloween or cosplay, there are some specific hair dye colors that will get the right raven black shade:

Hair Dye Brand Shade Name
Manic Panic Raven
Splat Raven
L’Oreal Darkest Blackest Black
Garnier Darkest Black

Using semi-permanent or temporary black hair dye in the darkest shade possible will mimic Wednesday’s jet black hair. Be sure to evenly apply the dye to every strand to avoid any warm undertones peeking through.

Daily Hairstyling for Wednesday’s Look

Recreating Wednesday Addams’ iconic braided pigtails takes some styling each day. Here are some tips:

  • Wash and condition hair with products that enhance black tones
  • Blow dry hair straight using a flat brush
  • Brush hair neatly into two even sections
  • Braid each section tightly down to ends
  • Tie off braid ends with black hair bands
  • For slick style, spritz braids with hairspray or serum

Part hair severely down middle for that symmetrical Wednesday look. Her braids are always neat and severe, without any flyaway hairs.


Not everyone wants to commit to dyeing their hair black. Here are some non-permanent options for achieving Wednesday’s signature raven black locks:

  • Wig – Styled black wigs are the go-to for Halloween or costumes
  • Hair chalk – Color small sections or ends for a temporary change
  • Hair mascara – Coat hair in water-soluble black mascara for intense color
  • Spray dye – Temporary colored sprays easily wash out with shampoo
  • Hair extensions – Clip long black braided extensions in for accent pieces

Experiment with these methods to get Wednesday’s gothic hair color for a day without permanent dye. Blend with your natural hair using styling techniques.


Wednesday Addams’ raven black hair is an essential part of her signature Gothic look. Whether in long braids or pigtails, her jet black locks reflect her brooding personality. Cosplayers and fans can recreate her hair color using black semi-permanent dyes in shades like raven, ebony, or darkest black. Temporary options like wigs, hair chalk, and spray dye can also mimic her style without a permanent commitment. However it’s achieved, Wednesday Addams’ intensely black hair remains her most iconic feature after all these years.