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What Colour are air forces?

What Colour are air forces?

Air Forces are a classic sneaker model produced by Nike that first released in 1982. They come in a wide variety of colorways, ranging from basic white to bold neon hues. Determining the exact colors of Air Forces can be tricky, as there have been thousands of releases over the decades in numerous shades. This article will explore the broad color categories that Air Forces fall into, looking at the most iconic and common hues seen on this timeless sneaker.

Basic Colorways

The most straightforward Air Force 1 color schemes utilize simple, subdued tones. These enable the shoe’s famous silhouette to take center stage. Here are some of the basic Air Force 1 colorways:

White – Arguably the most iconic of all Air Force 1s. The white-on-white aesthetic showcases the silhouette in its purest form. This clean look allows you to wear them with almost anything.

Black – Black leather or nubuck Air Force 1s are another staple. They have a classic, sophisticated look. The all-black colorway is a standard in streetwear.

Grey – From dark charcoal greys to pale silvers, grey Air Force 1s bridge the gap between white and black. They provide a muted, monochromatic look.

Pastel Colors

In addition to neutral tones, Air Force 1s come in a wide range of soft pastel hues. These lighter shades provide an understated pop of color. Popular pastel Air Force 1 choices include:

Mint Green – This pale green adds a refreshing dash of color. It has a clean, soothing vibe.

Light Pink – Ranging from blush to baby pink, light pink shades give Air Force 1s a subtle feminine touch.

Lavender – Soft purple lavender Air Forces offer a mellow accent color that pairs well with many outfits.

Seafoam Green – This pale, greenish-blue aqua shade has an oceanic feel. It blends well with other colors.

Coral – Vibrant yet still muted, coral Air Force 1s in orangey-pink are perfect for spring and summer.

Bright & Vivid Colors

In contrast to the more subdued neutrals and pastels, Air Force 1s also come in a wide range of bright, vivid shades. These bold colors make the shoes stand out. Some of the most popular vibrant Air Force 1 colors include:

Red – Scarlet or crimson red Air Force 1s make a loud statement. They have an energetic, passionate vibe.

Royal Blue – This rich, saturated blue is a classic Air Force 1 look. It pairs well with jeans or khakis.

Yellow – In sunny hues from lemon to mustard, yellow Air Forces add cheerful brightness to any outfit.

Green – From lime to forest green, green Air Force 1s come in every shade. They give off an earthy, natural feel.

Orange – Vibrant tangerine orange Air Force 1s provide a burst of citrus flair. They have a tropical mood.

Metallic Colorways

For a high-shine, glimmering effect, metallic Air Force 1s offer reflective color palettes. Some of the most popular metallic finishes include:

Gold – Ranging from shiny gold to rose gold, metallic gold Air Forces have an opulent ambiance.

Silver – Mirror-like chrome or sterling silver Air Force 1s have an industrial, futuristic style.

Bronze – With an earthy, rustic feel, metallic bronze Air Forces are perfect for autumn.

Pewter – Slightly darker than silver, pewter grey Air Force 1s are rich and sophisticated.

Copper – With a reddish-orange shine, copper metallic Air Force 1s are retro and stylish.

Multicolor Options

Rather than just one solid color, Air Force 1s also come in a variety of multicolored looks:

Colorblocking – Many Air Forces colorblock signature elements like the swoosh, heel tab, or outsole. This combines several colors on one shoe.

Ombre – Ombre, or gradient, Air Force 1s fade between two or more colors, like orange to pink. This creates a vibrant fade effect.

Patterned – From polka dots to florals, patterned Air Force 1s incorporate graphical prints like plaid or camo.

Tie-Dye – Psychedelic tie-dye Air Force 1s swirl together trippy rainbows of color.

Mismatched Pairs – Some Air Forces come in wearable mismatched pairs, with each shoe a different color.

Common Air Force 1 Color Combinations

Certain classic color combinations reoccur frequently on different Air Force 1 models. Here are some of the most popular 2-3 color mixes:

Color Combo Description
White & Black Crisp monochrome contrast
White & Red Timeless, sporty flair
Black & Grey Monotone urban edge
White & Blue Clean, casual Americana
Color Combo Description
Black & Green Earthy streetwear vibe
White & Pink Bright, feminine twist
White & Metallic Gleaming flashy detail
Black & Yellow Bold, bumblebee contrast

These timeless combinations continue to get reinvented year after year, applied to new Air Force 1 releases.

Most Iconic Original Colorways

Now let’s look back at some of the original 1982 Air Force 1 color schemes that became instant classics:

White/Grey – The very first Air Force 1, with grey accents on white leather. Clean and iconic.

White/Royal Blue – Crisp white with vibrant blue swoosh, this was an instant classic.

Black/Grey – The classic black on black with grey accents, creating subtle contrast.

White/Red – Bold white leather paired with sporty hits of red, evoking the USA flag.

White/Green – White offset by earthy green swoosh and heel created an organic look.

Black/Yellow – Sunny yellow details popped against stealthy black leather.

Most Popular Modern Releases

In more recent years, these Air Force 1 colorways have become fan favorites:

’07 LV8 – The versatile “Volt” green and black colorblocking on this 2007 model.

AF1 ’07 Premium – Triple white with tonal snakestamp leather stood out in 2012.

AF1 High ’07 LV8 – Wheat tan suede and white leather created a rugged look in 2013.

AF1 Downtown – The smooth “Rattan” Tonal Sail colorway from 2014.

AF1 Low ’07 Premium – Luxe metallic rose gold leather release in 2016.

AF1 Sage Low – Muted light brown and grey wool-blend colorway from 2017.

Color Trends

Like all sneaker styles, Air Force 1 color trends come and go. Some current popular trends include:

– Pastels – Soft pinks, mints, and lilacs

– Earth Tones – Browns, olives, tans, and clay reds

– Metallics – Rose golds, silver, and gunmetal shine

– Neons – Vibrant citrus orange, electric green, bright coral

– Mismatched Pairs – Contrasting colors on each shoe

The variety of colors seen across Air Force 1 history shows how this classic model gets reinvented again and again through bold, innovative use of color.


Air Force 1s come in an incredibly diverse range of colors. From crisp whites to muted pastels, bold brights to gleaming metallics, the possibilities are endless. Iconic original colorways get reinvented with modern flair as color trends evolve. Yet the clean, classic white on white remains the quintessential Air Force 1 look. With over 2000 releases and counting since 1982, the Air Force 1 continues to be reimagined through color. This allows sneakerheads to continually discover their perfect Air Force 1 color combination.