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What colors to wear in the month of May?

What colors to wear in the month of May?

May is a beautiful month full of flowers blooming and sunny days. It’s the perfect time to break out light, bright spring colors in your wardrobe. Choosing the right colors to wear can help reflect the mood of May and make you look refreshed and ready for the warmer weather.

Key Factors For Choosing May Colors

There are a few key factors to consider when deciding what colors to wear in May:

  • Weather – May tends to be warm but can still have some cool, spring days. Look for versatile colors that transition well.
  • Surroundings – The lush green grass and trees and colorful blooms of May call for complementary colors.
  • Activities – If attending outdoor events, opt for colors that pop against the backdrop of nature.
  • Personal taste – Consider colors you are drawn to and that you feel best reflect your personality.

Keeping these factors in mind will ensure you choose colors that align with the spirit of May.

Best Color Palette for May

Here are the best colors to wear during the month of May:

Color Why It Works in May
Pastels Soft pastel shades like mint, peach, and yellow capture the delicate nature of spring.
Floral prints What’s more May than floral patterns in colors like pink, purple, and blue?
White A May staple, white represents purity and pairs perfectly with any color.
Green From lime to olive, green hues complement May’s natural surroundings.
Yellow Cheery colors like lemon and daffodil reflect the joy of the season.
Blue From sky blue to navy, blue offers a crisp, refreshing look.
Orange Pops of tangerine and coral liven up your look.
Pink Pretty pinks like blush and rose radiate a soft, feminine vibe.

Pastels, brights, and naturals create fun color combinations. Go for an energetic colorblocked outfit or soft, tonal look.

Tops Color Suggestions

Tops allow you to have fun with colorful May trends. Here are top colors that look fabulous this month:

  • Mint green – Refreshing mint green looks fantastic on its own or paired with coral or white.
  • Butter yellow – Cheerful butter yellow creates a sunny style.
  • Soft peach – Pretty and delicate, peach flatters all skin tones.
  • Dusty blue – A muted blue with a laidback vibe.
  • Lavender – Dreamy lavender evokes spring flowers.
  • Bubblegum pink – Playful pink makes a fun statement.

Aim for lightweight fabrics like linen that suit warm weather. Flowy peasant tops, off-the-shoulder styles, and cropped options all complement the season.

Bottom Color Ideas

The right bottom colors will pull your May looks together. Consider these winning shades:

  • White – Crisp white bottoms appear clean and summery.
  • Light wash denim – Denim transitions well from spring to summer.
  • Khaki – Tan and khaki pants offer a casual vibe.
  • Pastel pink – From dusty to blush, pink pants scream springtime.
  • Navy – Navy bottoms anchor brighter colors.
  • Olive green – An earthy green hue complements tops in any color.

Look for lightweight cottons, linens, and chinos in relaxed and flared silhouettes. Shorts, skirts, and dresses also showcase legs prettily.

Dress Color Suggestions

Dresses provide great one-piece outfits perfect for May. Top dress color picks include:

  • Floral prints – Choose vibrant floral patterns featuring pinks, blues, and greens.
  • Red and white – Nautical red and white evokes summertime.
  • Yellow – Cheerful solid yellow dresses pop against lush landscapes.
  • Purple – Majestic purple dresses are statement-makers.
  • Blue gingham – Picnic-ready gingham prints feel laidback.

Look for sundresses with spaghetti straps or tie details. Loose, flowy maxi dresses and midi lengths also suit May.

Shoes Color Ideas

Footwear pulls together your whole May look. Prime colors include:

  • Nude – Seamlessly elongates legs.
  • Metallics – Gold, rose gold, and silver add shine.
  • White – Crisp white sneakers or sandals feel fresh.
  • Tan – Neutral tan works with everything.
  • Yellow – Make a bold statement with yellow footwear.

Look for open-toed sandals, espadrilles, and slip-ons. Sneakers in bright colors complement casual styles.

Handbag & Accessory Colors

Purses, hats, and jewelry let you incorporate color in versatile ways. Smart May choices include:

  • Coral – Vibrant coral bags and hats liven up outfits.
  • Turquoise – Bright turquoise jewelry dazzles against bare skin.
  • Yellow – Buttery yellow bags radiate happiness.
  • Straw – Natural straw totes and hats feel beachy.
  • White – Crisp white purses provide a clean backdrop for prints.

Look for crossbody bags, wide-brim fedoras, and stacked bangle bracelets. Flowers and fruit motifs also echo May’s bounty.

Outfit Combos

Using these recommended May colors, here are some chic outfit combinations to try:

  • Peach top + light blue shorts + metallic sandals
  • Floral dress + denim jacket + white sneakers
  • Lavender blouse + olive pants + nude wedges
  • Mint tee + white jeans + yellow tote
  • Yellow sundress + straw hat + coral bag

Mix different textures like lace and linen for visual interest. Layer pieces like kimonos and hats over dresses. Finish with fun sunglasses and jewelry.

Tips for Wearing May Colors

Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your May color choices:

  • Opt for Versatile Pastels – Soft pastels complement most skin tones and transition well into summer.
  • Try Colorblocking – Wear brights together for an energetic look. Pair strong shades with neutrals.
  • Add Prints – Liven up solids with pretty floral and abstract prints featuring May hues.
  • Use White – Crisp white refreshes any outfit and makes bright colors pop.
  • Accessorize – Hats, shoes, and jewelry let you incorporate color without overdoing it.


May is the perfect time to break out cheerful colors that reflect the spirit of spring. Pastels, brights, and prints in shades like mint, yellow, pink and blue will ensure your wardrobe feels fresh. Look for lightweight fabrics and silhouettes like dresses, skirts and cropped pants to suit warmer weather. Accessorize with colorful shoes, bags and jewelry. With these color suggestions, you’ll be ready to dress vibrantly for the month of May!