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What colors to wear for fall outside photos?

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year to take photos outdoors. The changing leaves provide a gorgeous pop of color, and the cool weather means comfortable temperatures for photoshoots. When planning outfits for fall photos, it’s important to choose colors that complement the natural backdrop. Earth tones like mustard yellow, olive green, and burnt orange look stunning with the warm hues of autumn. Jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst also make a bold statement. To help you pull together the perfect color palette for your fall photoshoot, here are some top color recommendations for fall outdoor photos!

Earth Tones

Earth tones are classics for fall photos because they blend seamlessly with the natural environment. Mustard yellow, olive green, rusty orange, and rich browns are flattering and on-trend. These colors look great on everyone and provide a cohesive color story for photos. Here are some specific shades to look for:

  • Mustard yellow – From bright goldenrod to muted mustard, all shades of yellow look fantastic for fall. Yellow complements the warm red, orange, and brown leaves.
  • Olive green – Both dark hunter green and soft sage complement fall foliage. Olive green flatters all skin tones too.
  • Burnt orange – A reddish orange hue looks modern and seasonal. Pair it with brown and navy for a stylish color combo.
  • Camel – A light brown neutral works perfectly on its own or layered under coats. Camel is a versatile go-to for any fall photoshoot.
  • Rust – A red-brown hue is very on-trend for fall. Rust-colored tops or accessories stand out against neutral tones.

For a cohesive earth-toned look, pair several shades together like mustard, olive, and rust. Or make one color the star and keep other pieces neutral. Nature’s fall palette makes earth tones always in style.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are rich, vivid shades that really pop against the fall landscape. Sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple complement fall foliage beautifully. Jewel tones also photograph extremely well, ensuring your bold colors look just as stunning in images. Some jewel tone shades to highlight:

  • Sapphire – From bright royal blue to dark navy, blue makes a dramatic impact. It pairs perfectly with warm orange and red tones.
  • Emerald – A vivid green looks eye-catching on its own or as a color-blocked accent. Emerald green and mustard yellow is a favorite combo.
  • Amethyst – Purple stands out in fall photos, especially deeper gem tones. Layer amethyst with gray for a chic tone-on-tone look.
  • Ruby – A bright cherry red commands attention. Make it the star color of your outfit against neutral pieces.
  • Amber – From golden amber to deep orange, these warm jewel tones reflect the fall color scheme beautifully.

Don’t be afraid to combine jewel tones together either. Sapphire blue and emerald green is a sophisticated color pairing for fall. Or layer ruby and amber together for a bold effect.


Neutral basics are essential for fall photos too. Cream, tan, gray, and black act as the perfect foundation for bolder accent colors. Neutrals also allow the rich colors of fall foliage to take center stage in your photos. Here are some neutral options:

  • Cream – An off-white shade provides a soft, romantic vibe and works with any color.
  • Oatmeal or Tan – Earthy brownish neutrals complement foliage and are easy to layer.
  • Charcoal or Gray – From heather gray to dark charcoal, a gray tone is a modern neutral for fall.
  • Black – Classic black looks stylish for photos against colorful leaves or evergreens.
  • White – Crisp white pops against the moodier fall color scheme and photographs beautifully.

Build your outfit around one statement color and keep other pieces neutral. Or layer cream, black, and gray together for chic tone-on-tone effect. Neutrals let the colors of autumn shine.

Color Combination Ideas

When putting together your perfect fall color palette, consider these stylish color combinations:

  • Olive green + Rust orange – These two earthy tones complement each other perfectly and tie in nature’s fall colors.
  • Sapphire blue + Amber orange – The interplay between warm and cool tones creates visual interest.
  • Amethyst purple + Charcoal gray – A moody, sophisticated color pairing for fall.
  • Ruby red + Cream – Vivid red pops against soft, neutral cream.
  • Emerald green + Camel – An earthy yet modern color combo for photos.

Don’t limit yourself to just one fall shade – layering colors creates a cohesive seasonal story. Pair your jewel tones with earth tones and neutrals for a stylish fall color scheme.

Tops, Bottoms, and Layers

After picking your color palette, think about how to incorporate it into tops, bottoms, dresses and layers. Here are fall photo outfit ideas:

  • Amber sweater – A jewel-toned sweater looks cozy and elegant.
  • Olive utility jacket – An olive green utility or bomber jacket is a trendy seasonal layer.
  • Plum dress – A rich plum-colored dress makes an eye-catching focal point.
  • Rust pants – Warm rust-orange pants complement sweaters or jackets in navy, gray, or camel.
  • Sapphire coat – A bold sapphire coat paired with black pants or jeans makes a statement.

In addition to outerwear, tops and bottoms, don’t forget bold fall accessories. Statement earrings, hats, or scarves in seasonal hues add flair. Leather boots in rich fall colors like ruby, emerald, or mustard pull the look together. The key is blending warm tones, cool tones, neutrals, and accents into a cohesive fall color story.


Fall’s changing foliage provides endless inspiration for color palettes. Earth tones, jewel tones, and neutral basics all have a place in your ideal fall photoshoot outfits. Layer mustard, olive, and charcoal together for an earthy elegance. Or create contrast with vivid sapphire and bright amber.

With the tips above, you can confidently choose color combinations that complement the natural beauty of autumn. Keep the season’s patterns and temperatures in mind too. Flannel, knits, and leather bring texture and warmth. Most importantly, have fun with self-expression and rich seasonal hues! From mustard yellows to ruby reds, embrace fall’s stunning palette.

Earth Tones Jewel Tones Neutrals
Mustard yellow Sapphire blue Cream
Olive green Emerald green Tan
Burnt orange Amethyst purple Charcoal gray
Camel Ruby red Black
Rust Amber orange White

With a carefully curated color palette of earth tones, jewel tones, and neutrals, you can create stylish, seasonal looks perfect for fall outdoor photoshoots. Enjoy bringing autumn’s beauty and colors into your wardrobe!