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What colors go with light pink and dark blue?

What colors go with light pink and dark blue?

Light pink and dark blue can make for an elegant and sophisticated color combination. When paired together, these colors create a striking visual contrast that is eye catching yet easy on the eyes. However, it’s important to choose the right shades to make this color combo work. Here are some tips on what colors go well with light pink and dark blue.

Choosing the Right Shades

With light pink and dark blue, subtlety is key. You’ll want to avoid neons or anything too bright. The most complementary shades are soft, muted versions of these colors. For light pink, a good option is a pale petal or baby pink. And for the dark blue, go for a navy or indigo blue. These gentle tones complement each other beautifully.

Another shade that works well with this color scheme is lavender purple. Lavender has a soft femininity that pairs nicely with pink. And its cool undertones complement the blue. Greys and beiges are also safe neutral choices that won’t clash with the pink and blue.

Accent Colors

When considering accent colors to go with light pink and dark blue, it helps to think of colors that are analogous, complementary, or triadic on the color wheel. Analogous colors sit directly next to each other on the wheel, complementaries are opposite each other, and triadics form a triangle.

Some excellent analogous options include mauve, peach, light yellow, and baby blue. These colors tie in softly with the light pink and dark blue base scheme.

For a bolder pop of contrast, orange makes a vibrant complementary accent. Purple is another classic complement to pink that works well. And green balances out the blue tones.

Triadic options like red, yellow, and turquoise can lend lots of energy. Though use sparingly to avoid going overboard.

Create a Cohesive Look

Once you’ve selected your colors, the key is creating cohesion. Use colors in the same ratio throughout your space or outfit. Having too much of one color compared to another can look disjointed. Aim for visual balance.

Also stick to the same color tones and intensities. Don’t mix a bright pink with a pale blue, for example. Consistency creates harmony. Repeat colors in different areas to tie things together – like using blue and pink pillows on a neutral sofa.

Finally, pay attention to color temperature. Cool blues and purples pair best with soft pinks rather than coral or salmon shades. Keeping the undertones consistent gives a seamless look.

Light Pink and Dark Blue Color Combinations

Here are some recommended light pink and dark blue color combinations:

Light Pink Shade Dark Blue Shade Accent Colors
Blush pink Navy blue Lavender, light grey
Baby pink Indigo Peach, beige
Pale pink Midnight blue Mauve, cream
Petal pink Royal blue Purples, taupes
Ballerina pink Cobalt blue Mint, light yellow

Home Decor Ideas

For home decor, light pink and dark blue create a romantic yet elegant aesthetic. Here are some ideas:

  • Pink and blue accent wall in a bedroom
  • Blush and navy throw pillows on a neutral couch
  • Pink roses and hydrangeas in a dark blue ceramic vase
  • Baby pink tablecloth with midnight blue napkins
  • Light pink and indigo blue abstract wall art

Use lavender and peach tones sparingly for accent colors. Incorporate metallics like rose gold and mercury glass for sheen. Linens like silk in pinks and blues also enhance the feminine glam vibe.

Fashion and Beauty Options

For fashion and beauty, light pink and dark blue is a versatile color pairing. Here are some chic options:

  • Blush pink skater dress with royal blue heels
  • Baby pink manicure with cobalt blue accent nail
  • Pale pink lips with indigo blue smoky eyes
  • Ballerina pink shift dress with midnight blue leather jacket
  • Petal pink jumpsuit with navy blue wedges

Add pops of peach or purple lipstick as a colorful accent. Silver and turquoise blue jewelry also stand out against the pink and blue. This color scheme translates to a feminine, whimsical style with a bold edge.

Event Design Ideas

Light pink and navy blue make a great color palette for events like weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and birthday parties. Here are some event design ideas:

  • Blush pink and indigo blue flowers for centerpieces
  • Pink tablecloths with blue napkins and chair sashes
  • Pale pink, lavender and blue balloons
  • Pink and blue two-tiered cake with peach roses
  • Gift bags tied with ribbon in alternating pink and blue shades

The soft yet striking combination is beautiful for weddings and formal occasions. For more casual events, amp up the bright accents with coral, mint, or yellow.


The pairing of light pink and dark blue can create a stylish, elegant look across home decor, fashion, beauty, and event design. Stick to soft, muted shades of pink and blue and add in neutral tones like beige and lavender. For accent colors, go for analogues like peach and mauve or complementary tones like purple, orange and green. With the right color combinations and ratios, this two-tone scheme makes a feminine statement with timeless appeal.