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What colors go with Irish cream?

What colors go with Irish cream?

Irish cream is a sweet and creamy liqueur made with Irish whiskey, cream, and other ingredients like cocoa. It has a rich, smooth flavor perfect for serving on its own, in coffee drinks, or mixing into cocktails. When it comes to decorating with Irish cream, you’ll want to choose colors that complement its warm, earthy tones. Here are some of the best color combinations to consider when decorating with Irish cream.

Warm neutrals

Some of the most classic color pairings with Irish cream are other warm neutrals like tan, beige, light brown, and ivory. These colors are reminiscent of cream itself, making them natural counterparts. They help enhance the warm undertones of Irish cream without competing too much. Try using:

Tan Beige
Ivory Light brown

When decorating, you could pair an Irish cream colored sofa with tan walls or ivory curtains. Rich wood tones like a medium brown floor would also complement the cream beautifully. These warm neutrals create a soothing, welcoming look.

Earth tones

Earthy colors like sage green, light mocha, terracotta, and sand are another excellent pairing with Irish cream. These grounded, natural tones help bring out the subtle earthy notes in the liqueur’s flavor. Earth tones add a casual, organic feel that works well with cream’s natural look. Try matching Irish cream with:

Sage green Terracotta
Mocha Sand

In a living room, you could paint one wall an earthy sage green and use Irish cream upholstery on the furniture to tie the look together. Terracotta vases or mocha colored candles would also coordinate nicely. Overall, earth tones create a laidback, welcoming look with cream.

Soft pastels

Using soft, muted pastel colors is another way to pair with Irish cream beautifully. Colors like light pink, lavender, butter yellow, and sky blue have just enough pigment to contrast with cream without clashing too much. Pastels add a delicate, romantic feel that complements cream’s sweet flavor. Consider matching with:

Light pink Lavender
Butter yellow Sky blue

In a bedroom, for example, you could paint the walls a subtle sky blue and use Irish cream bedding to soften the look. Lavender curtains would add nice contrast while staying delicate. Pastels create a soft, dreamy aesthetic with cream.

Jewel tones

For more of a bold, luxurious look, rich jewel tones pair strikingly with Irish cream. Colors like emerald, ruby, sapphire, and gold add intensity while still harmonizing with cream’s warm hue. Jewel tones bring out a sense of decadence that compliments the liqueur’s indulgent flavor. Try combining:

Emerald Ruby
Sapphire Gold

In a formal dining room, for example, you could paint the walls an elegant emerald and use gold-rimmed Irish cream dishes to create a glamorous feel. Deep ruby or sapphire cushions on the chairs would tie everything together beautifully. Overall, jewel tones create richness and drama with Irish cream.


Metallic accents are a fun way to highlight the golden notes in Irish cream. Shimmering metals like bronze, brass, copper, and silver reflect light beautifully against the cream backdrop. Metallics add a touch of sophistication and texture. Consider incorporating:

Bronze Brass
Copper Silver

In a rental property, for example, you could paint the walls Irish cream and accessorize with copper lamps, brass candle holders, and silver jewelry dishes on the dressers. Metallic furnishings like a bronze leather couch would also stand out elegantly. Overall, metallics lend a refined, polished look.

Black and white

For an edgy, modern feel, a black and white color scheme pairs strikingly with Irish cream. The high contrast look helps cream stand out while adding visual drama. Black and white with pops of cream is bold yet elegant. Incorporate:

Black White

In an office, for instance, you could paint the walls white and use black shelving and furniture to offset Irish cream accessories. Black and white checkerboard flooring would complement the look. Keeping the main colors neutral allows the cream to be the focal point.

Navy blue

On its own, navy blue is a sophisticated pairing with Irish cream. The cool blue tone balances the cream’s warmth, creating a harmonious look. Navy makes an elegant backdrop that lets the Irish cream details shine. Incorporate navy by:

Painting walls
Using bedding/pillows
Adding furniture

In a bedroom, you could paint the walls navy and then dress the bed in Irish cream bedding and shams. The look is cohesive yet visually interesting. Navy and cream complement each other beautifully.

Chocolate brown

Rich chocolate brown is another complementary color for Irish cream. The two shades work together similarly to navy, with chocolate creating a warm, welcoming backdrop for the cream. Chocolate brown’s red undertones pair nicely with Irish cream’s subtle orange notes. Incorporate it by:

Choosing furniture
Adding window treatments
Painting an accent wall

For example, in a living area you could paint one wall chocolate brown and hang Irish cream drapes at the window. Chocolate leather furniture would tie in nicely while letting the cream details stand out. Overall, it’s a bold, sophisticated color combination.


When it comes to decorating with Irish cream, the possibilities are endless! Warm neutrals, earth tones, pastels, jewel tones, metallics, black and white, navy blue, and chocolate brown all pair beautifully with this rich, decadent liqueur. Choose colors that complement the warm, earthy tones in Irish cream to create a cohesive, welcoming look. Whether you prefer a subtle, delicate feel or a bold, dramatic aesthetic, you can find the perfect color combinations to match the mood you want to create. So embrace the colors that inspire you and have fun decorating with this delicious shade!