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What colors go with burgundy or maroon?

What colors go with burgundy or maroon?

Burgundy and maroon are rich, deep red colors that pair beautifully with a variety of other hues. Choosing coordinating colors can really make burgundy and maroon pop. Here are some of the best color combinations to try with these deep red tones.


Burgundy and maroon both look fantastic with neutral colors like black, gray, white, cream, and beige. Neutrals help ground the bold red tones and create a classic, elegant look. Try pairing maroon with crisp white for a vibrant color scheme. Or add black accessories to a burgundy outfit for a more sophisticated style. Gray, beige and cream also complement the wines nicely.


Metallic gold is a perfect match for maroon and burgundy. It illuminates the red tones and gives them an opulent, luxurious feel. Burgundy and gold is a timeless color combination seen in formalwear, home decor, packaging, and more. For a stylish look, wear a burgundy dress with gold jewelry and accessories. Use maroon and metallic gold together in holiday decorations, invitations, and party displays.

Other Warm Tones

Burgundy and maroon beautifully coordinate with other warm, rich hues. Browns, taupe, camel, peach, terra cotta, burnt orange, rust, and ochre all pair attractively with the deep reds. These colors have a complementary earthy vibe. Try combining maroon with peach or ochre for a sophisticated, autumnal palette. Or mix various warm metallics like bronze, copper and brass with burgundy for an organic, glamorous look.


From pale lilac to regal purple, the purple family partners exquisitely with burgundy and maroon. The blend of red and blue tones flatters the wines and adds depth. Light purples give burgundy a softer, more feminine feel. Bold eggplant purple makes a striking contrast. For an elegant look, wear maroon with pale mauve or lavender. Use rich burgundy with deep plums and magentas to create a bold, royal ambiance.


Earthy, vibrant greens pair beautifully with burgundy and maroon. Olives, emeralds, ferns, evergreen, sage, jade and forest greens all accent the deep reds nicely. The blend of a warm and cool tone is very pleasing. Dark greens like hunter and evergreen make burgundy pop. Pair lighter olive or sage greens with maroon for a softer look. Greenery and burgundy china is a holiday classic.


While cool blues may seem counterintuitive for warm burgundy and maroon, the right shades create a striking and sophisticated combination. Navy, cobalt, sapphire and royal blue elegantly accent the red tones. Pale sky blue also flatters burgundy nicely. For an edgy look, wear maroon with deep navy. Or create a holiday tablescape with burgundy, navy and metallics.

Color Pairings with Burgundy Pairings with Maroon
Black Sophisticated, elegant Bold, modern
Gray Refined, professional Understated, calming
White Vibrant, festive Crisp, fresh
Cream Warm, earthy Soft, romantic
Beige Classic, formal Subtle, soothing
Gold Opulent, glamorous Shimmering, holiday
Brown Organic, natural Rustic, earthy
Taupe Sleek, modern Grounded, calming
Camel Warm, fall Subtle, natural
Peach Playful, cheerful Soft, spring
Terra Cotta Earthy, rustic Warm, autumnal
Burnt Orange Vibrant, fall Energetic, festive
Rust Organic, earthy Warm, autumnal
Ochre Natural, calming Soothing, subtle
Lilac Soft, romantic Feminine, delicate
Lavender Light, spring Whimsical, floral
Purple Royal, elegant Vibrant, energetic
Eggplant Dramatic, edgy Bold, sophisticated
Plum Rich, jewel-toned Luxe, formal
Olive Natural, organic Earthy, rustic
Emerald Vibrant, holiday Fresh, elegant
Fern Peaceful, tranquil Soothing, calm
Sage Soothing, subtle Fresh, herbal
Jade Earthy, oriental Calming, zen
Navy Nautical, preppy Bold, modern
Royal Blue Jewel-toned, festive Vibrant, fun
Cobalt Vivid, energetic Punchy, edgy
Sapphire Dramatic, luxe Glamorous, opulent
Sky Blue Airly, ethereal Light, peaceful

Tips for Decorating and Coordinating Outfits

When coordinating burgundy or maroon with other colors in decor or fashion, keep these tips in mind:

– Use neutrals like black, gray and cream as bases and add in maroon or burgundy as accents. This creates a classic, elegant look.

– Pair metallic gold accessories with burgundy or maroon for a glamorous, luxurious feel.

– Mix various earth tones like peach, brown, olive green and ochre with the wines for an organic, nature-inspired palette.

– Add light purple or blue tones to soften burgundy and make it more feminine and romantic.

– Use dark greens, blues and purples with maroon or burgundy for bold, high-contrast combinations.

– Incorporate both warm and cool tones together with the wines for depth and sophistication.

– Add burgundy and hunter green to holiday decorations for a traditional seasonal scheme.

– Use maroon with navy blue and metallic accents for a nautical, preppy style.

– Choose colors with similar undertones and intensities as burgundy and maroon for unity.

– Anchor bright, highly saturated colors with neutral bases when pairing with the deep wines.

– Limit accents to 2-3 coordinating colors for a clean, elegant look. Too many compete with burgundy.

– Sample fabrics, paint swatches and pantone colors when designing rooms or outfits in burgundy.

– Distribute coordinating colors throughout a space or outfit for visual cohesion. Avoid isolating maroon accents.

– Consider lighting when decorating with burgundy. Opt for warm lightbulbs to illuminate the wine tones.

With an endless array of colors to choose from, the possibilities are wide open when coordinating with burgundy and maroon. Follow your creativity and mood, while keeping the undertone and intensity in balance with the deep red wines. The right supporting colors will make burgundy and maroon shine.


Burgundy and maroon have an affinity with a diverse palette of colors that range from neutrals to bold hues. Classic pairings include black, gray, gold, cream, navy, hunter green, plum, and light purple. Warm earth tones like peach, brown, terra cotta, olive and ochre also complement the deep red wines beautifully. Combining burgundy and maroon with refined neutrals creates an elegant, timeless look. Vibrant jewel tones, metallics and greens make the wines pop. Softer pastels lend them a romantic vibe. With limitless mix and match potential, you’re bound to find colors that make your burgundy and maroon dazzle. Trust your instincts and explore different combinations until you discover your perfect color matches.