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What colors go with a copper metal roof?

Choosing the right color for a copper metal roof can seem daunting, but with some basic color theory knowledge, you can select a color palette that will beautifully complement the rich, warm tones of copper. When paired thoughtfully, the right colors will enhance your home’s curb appeal and give your roof an elegant, upscale look.

The Qualities of Copper Roofing

Before exploring color options, it’s helpful to understand the unique qualities of copper roofing:

  • Warm, reddish-brown color that gently ages to a soft patina over time
  • Naturally rust-resistant and durable yet malleable material
  • Expensive, high-end look signaling quality and permanence
  • Pairs well with natural stone and wood exterior elements

With its intrinsically warm, earthy color, a copper roof serves as a neutral backdrop that can be paired with a wide range of accent colors. But not just any colors – the goal is to choose shades that enhance copper’s natural beauty.

Color Theory Concepts

Here are some key color theory principles to keep in mind:

  • Contrast: Contrasting colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. Juxtaposing contrasting hues like blue and orange can create dramatic visual interest.
  • Triadic: Triadic color harmonies use three colors equally spaced around the color wheel. Dynamic yet balanced.
  • Complementary: Complementary colors (like blue and orange) create high contrast.
  • Analogous: Analogous colors are next to each other on the wheel, creating harmony through tones of a similar hue. Think blue, blue-green, green.
  • Warm vs cool: Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange evoke heat or sunlight. Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are soothing and remind us of water or ice.

For a copper roof, stick with colors in the warm, earthy palette which will complement the roof’s innate qualities. Cool colors like blues and greens can clash. Focus instead on warm neutrals, natural greens, and rich terracotta.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Let’s explore some excellent paint color options to use with a copper roof:

Warm, Muted Neutrals

Neutral beige and brown tones make safe choices that elegantly blend with a copper roof. Try warm greige, taupe, beige, tan, or soft brown hues. Greys can work if they have brown undertones. Avoid stark grays or whites.

Rich Clay Tones

Deep terracotta reds, burnt oranges, and clay-based earth tones make gorgeous pairings with copper. They pick up the reddish notes in the patina while adding contrast. Consider deep adobe, rust, brick red, or spicy orange colors.

Natural Greens and Blues

While cool blues and bright greens don’t vibe with copper, certain muted natural greens and blues can work beautifully. Stick to organic hues like sage, olive, moss green, slate blue, or weathered blue-grey.

Creamy Off-Whites

For trim, windows, or accents, off-whites with subtle warm undertones enhance the copper without overpowering it. Try oatmeal, straw, cashmere, vanilla, or latte instead of bright white.

Combining Paint Colors

With your palette of warm, harmonizing paint colors, there are endless combinations you can use on a home with copper roofing. Here are some examples:

  • Main house color in warm beige or tan with terracotta shutters
  • Olive green or sage home exterior with oatmeal trim
  • Brick red door against a backdrop of soft brown siding
  • Burnt orange entryway against warm grey stone facade

Feel free to get creative within the warm color scheme! Copper roofing serves as a neutral springboard for possibilities.

Using Natural Stone and Wood Accents

Natural exterior elements like stone and wood also pair seamlessly with copper. Consider highlights like:

  • Rich brown decking or timber accents
  • Flagstone walkways in tan and brown tones
  • Rustic stone or brick facades
  • Stone fireplace chimneys

The natural textures and colors of stone and wood harmonize perfectly with copper’s organic patina.

Tips for Choosing Shutter Colors

Window shutters are the perfect way to add a splash of color. Follow these guidelines when selecting shutter hues:

  • Use contrasting colors to make the shutters pop against siding
  • Repeat a shade from the main house color for continuity
  • Tie together the roof and facade with warm, rich shutters
  • Add visual interest by painting the front and back of shutters different colors

Smart shutter choices can really enhance the curb appeal and elegance of your copper roofing.

Matching Gutters and Downspouts

For a cohesive, upscale look, match metal gutters and downspouts to the copper roof. Options include:

  • Pure copper gutters to precisely match the roof
  • Prefinished steel gutters in an aged copper, bronze or warm grey color
  • K-style gutters available in copper-like shades

Avoid plain galvanized steel gutters, which can look dingy against copper over time. Investing in matching rainware completes the high-end aesthetic.

Exterior Color Combinations with Copper Roofs

To inspire your own color choices, here are some recommended exterior paint palettes that would beautifully match a copper metal roof:

Palette 1: Warm Contrast

  • Adobe orange siding
  • Terracotta shutters
  • Warm white trim

Palette 2: Earthy Elegance

  • French vanilla siding
  • Walnut brown shutters
  • Sandstone trim

Palette 3: Organic Neutrals

  • Mocha siding
  • Driftwood grey shutters
  • Oatmeal trim

Palette 4: Rustic Charm

  • Sage green siding
  • Brick red door
  • Cobblestone foundation

Use these suggested combinations as inspiration while adhering to the warm color principles that elegantly complement copper metal roofing.

Avoid Clashing Colors

To ensure your exterior color scheme aesthetically matches your copper roof, avoid these jarring color choices:

  • Bright whites or grays
  • Black, navy blue or dark green
  • Neon or primary colors like red, yellow or blue
  • Vibrant purples, pinks or oranges

These brazen, flashy colors will detract rather than accentuate the handsome patina of a copper roof.

The Impact of Surrounding Foliage

Don’t forget to consider surrounding trees, plants and foliage as an impactful aspect of your home’s exterior color palette. Choose plants and greenery with colors that complement your color scheme:

Paint Color Complementing Foliage
Sage green Lavender, salvia, rhododendrons
Terracotta Red Japanese maples, green ornamental grasses
Sandstone Green boxwood hedges, purple hydrangeas
Warm grays Oak trees, birch trees

Allowing the colors of surrounding vegetation to harmonize with your paint creates a soothing, integrated look. Pay attention to foliage colors as you make exterior color decisions.

Test Colors with Paint Swatches

When finalizing your exterior color palette, test colors out first with paint swatches directly on your home. Paint large 2 foot by 2 foot sections on siding or brickwork. Look at swatches at different times of day to judge how natural light affects the colors. Observe the swatches against your copper roof from a distance to get the full effect. Paint swatches allow you to visualize colors accurately before committing to the final paint job.

Interior Color Scheme Ideas

To allow your copper roof to influence the interior aesthetic as well, carry over some of its warm, natural color palette inside too. Ideas include:

  • Rich oak wood flooring and timber ceiling beams
  • Sandstone or slate tile flooring
  • Neutral tans, taupes, and warm grays on walls
  • Accent walls in terracotta or olive
  • Rustic brick or copper fireplace surround

Let your copper roofing spark inspiration for bringing natural elegance into your interior design as well.

Consult Local Professionals

For additional guidance on choosing the perfect exterior colors for your home with a copper roof, consult these knowledgeable local professionals:

  • Painters – They can advise on colors that work in your specific climate and sunlight conditions
  • Roofing contractors – They understand the patina process and can suggest complementary tones
  • Landscapers – They can recommend foliage to coordinate with your palette
  • Architects – They can create visual renderings to help preview color options

With their experience, these experts can help finesse your paint decisions to create the ideal coordinated look.


Choosing exterior colors for a home with copper roofing may seem challenging, but sticking to warm, natural hues from the earthy palette is a foolproof approach. Neutral tans and browns, rich clay tones, organic greens and blues, plus natural stone and wood accents all emphasize the beauty of copper surfaces. Avoid cool grays, bright whites, and primary colors. With some basic color theory knowledge and consultation from professionals, you can develop the perfect color scheme to allow your copper roof to reach its full aesthetic potential while boosting your home’s curb appeal and value.