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What colors go best with cool grey?

Cool grey is a popular neutral paint color that can work well in any room of the house. When decorating with cool grey walls, it’s important to choose accent colors that will make the grey really pop. The right color pairings can create a stylish and sophisticated look. Here’s a guide to picking the best colors to go with cool grey walls.

Complementary Colors for Cool Grey

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. They create a high contrast look that is eye-catching and vibrant. Here are some top complementary color pairings for cool grey:

  • Orange – A bright orange will make cool grey walls stand out. Try a burnt orange, terra cotta, or peach color.
  • Yellow – From bright lemon yellow to goldenrod, yellow makes grey pop.
  • Green – Greens like lime, chartreuse, or moss green complement grey beautifully.
  • Purple – Lilac, lavender, orchid, and violet all work well with cool grey walls.

You can use complementary colors in accent pieces like pillows, rugs, blankets, and artwork. Just make sure not to overdo it since complements can sometimes clash if they are overpowering. Use complementary colors sparingly for maximum impact.

Analogous Colors for Cool Grey

Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel. They are low contrast but create a cohesive, harmonious look. Here are some analogous color pairings that work well with cool grey:

  • Blue – From navy to sky blue, different shades of blue complement cool grey walls nicely.
  • Green – Seafoam, mint, and sage green look beautiful with grey.
  • Purple – Lavender, lilac, mauve, and plum purple paired with grey are peaceful and calming.
  • Pink – Soft pinks like blush, coral, and rose pink give grey walls a boost.

Use analogous colors in larger pieces like sofas, armchairs, and area rugs to create a pulled-together look. Having different shades of one color family keeps the look cohesive.

Neutral Colors for Cool Grey

If you want to play it safe, choose neutral colors from the white, black, grey, tan, and brown families. Shades like off-white, cream, beige, taupe, sand, and khaki work seamlessly with cool grey walls. You can layer plenty of textures in these neutral hues without taking away from the crisp grey backdrop. Add in metallics like silver, gold, and bronze for a bit of glam.

Best Color Combinations for Cool Grey Walls

Now that you know some color options that pair well with cool grey, here are some full room color schemes to inspire you:

Cool Grey and Orange

  • Walls: Cool grey
  • Accents: Burnt orange, peach, terra cotta

The warmth of orange livens up cool grey walls. Use it in pillows, throws, vases, and artwork for pops of color. Orange-toned wood furniture also complements the grey.

Cool Grey and Yellow

  • Walls: Cool grey
  • Accents: Lemon yellow, goldenrod, sunflower

Cheery yellow brings energy into a grey room. Use yellow in floral accents, poufs, curtains, and chairs or accessories. Yellow-toned woods give grey a lift.

Cool Grey and Green

  • Walls: Cool grey
  • Accents: Moss green, sage green, lime green

Green accent pieces make grey walls feel fresh and natural. Incorporate green through botanical prints, live plants, and velvet or leather in emerald tones.

Cool Grey and Blue

  • Walls: Cool grey
  • Accents: Navy, cobalt, sky blue

Different shades of blue complement grey walls nicely. Use blue in furniture, pillows, and accessories for an airy, serene look. Blue-grey color combinations are sophisticated.

Cool Grey and Purple

  • Walls: Cool grey
  • Accents: Lilac, lavender, orchid

Soft purple hues give cool grey a stylish, glamorous look. Incorporate purple through velvet furniture, floral prints, pillows, and art. Metallic accents like brass and gold complement the colors.

Cool Grey and Blush Pink

  • Walls: Cool grey
  • Accents: Blush pink, coral, rose

The feminine pairing of grey and pink creates a chic, romantic look. Use pink in small doses through artwork, pillows, flowers, and chairs for bold femininity.

Tips for Decorating with Cool Grey and Color

Here are some top tips for decorating with cool grey walls and accent colors:

  • Choose accent colors purposefully rather than going with what’s on trend.
  • Pick 2-3 accent colors and repeat them throughout the space for cohesion.
  • Use color on movable pieces like pillows and artwork that can be swapped out easily.
  • Add color through painted furniture or colored cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Use multiple shades of one color family for depth.
  • Add metallic accents like brass, gold, and silver to make the colors shine.
  • Go for contrasting textures like glossy, matte, velvet, and leather.
  • Incorporate natural materials like wood, rattan, and bamboo for warmth.
  • Add colorful floor coverings like patterned area rugs.

Color Schemes to Avoid with Cool Grey

Some colors can clash or feel dreary when paired with cool greys. Here are some color combinations to avoid:

  • Black – Too dark and dreary.
  • Browns or tans – Can feel drab.
  • Pastels – Don’t contrast enough and get washed out.
  • Neon brights – Feel jarring and overwhelming.
  • Rainbow colors – No cohesion.
  • All neutral – Creates a flat, boring look.

The Best Cool Grey Paint Colors

When searching for the perfect cool grey, here are some of the most popular greige paint colors to consider:

Paint Color Paint Brand
Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore
Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore
Copenhagen Behr
Wolfe Grey Valspar
Gray Cashmere Sherwin Williams
Gray Matters Sherwin Williams
Gray Owl Benjamin Moore
Silverpointe PPG Paints

These greige colors have hints of brown, blue, or green that give dimension to the grey. Test swatches to find the right undertone for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good accent colors for a bedroom with cool grey walls?

Some good bedroom accent colors for cool grey walls include soft blues, plums, lavenders, pinks, and creams. You can incorporate color through bedding, throw pillows, art, and upholstered headboards.

What color flooring looks best with cool grey walls?

Good flooring options for cool grey walls include medium hardwoods, grey washed wood, tile in neutral colors like grey and beige, and stained concrete in grey tones. You can also use patterned area rugs with warm hues like navy and orange to complement the grey.

What color cabinets look good with a cool grey kitchen?

For a cool grey kitchen, opt for bright white cabinets to contrast with the walls. You can also use grey cabinets for a monochromatic look. Navy blue cabinets or yellow cabinets also pop nicely against the grey backdrop.

Should I paint my trim and moldings the same color as cool grey walls?

It is common to use the same grey tone on moldings and trim boards for a streamlined look. However, choosing a crisp white trim color adds nice contrast against the grey walls.

What color front door goes well with a cool grey exterior?

A bright red front door looks bold against cool grey siding. Other options like navy, black, sage green, or dark wood also complement the exterior well. Or keep things simple with a matching grey front door.


With so many colors to choose from, it can be tricky picking the perfect accent hues for cool grey walls. Stick to complementary colors like orange, yellow and purple for pops of contrast. Analogous shades like different blues, greens and pinks create a cohesive look. Or keep it neutral with creams, whites and metallics. Consider the feeling you want the space to have and choose colors accordingly. With the right color pairings, you can make cool grey walls shine.