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What colors are the Cowboys wearing?

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most iconic and recognizable teams in the NFL. Their trademark silver, blue, and white color scheme is synonymous with America’s Team. As the Cowboys prepare for the 2023 season, let’s take a look at the history behind their uniforms and what colors they’ll be wearing this year.

The Origins of the Cowboys’ Uniform

The Cowboys entered the NFL as an expansion team in 1960. The team’s original colors were blue, white, and silver – the same as the dominant colors of the Texas state flag. According to legend, the team’s general manager Tex Schramm chose silver to symbolize the importance of the “silver and oil” economy in Texas at the time.

The Cowboys’ iconic uniform design has remained relatively consistent over the decades. The helmets have always featured a single blue star on the sides, while the jerseys display bold block numbers with a serif font – a nod to the team’s baseball roots in Dallas. While many NFL teams have changed uniform designs repeatedly over the years, the Cowboys have stayed true to their classic look with only minor updates.

Current Home Uniform

The Cowboys’ current home uniform features the following colors:

  • Jersey: White with navy blue shoulders and sleeve stripes
  • Pants: Silver
  • Socks: White with navy blue and silver stripes
  • Helmet: Silver with a navy blue star on the sides

White jerseys paired with silver pants have been the Cowboys’ primary home look since the team’s inaugural season in 1960. The white jersey features navy blue striping on the shoulders and sleeves, adding a splash of color. Numbers are emblazoned on the front, back, and shoulders in the classic navy blue and silver Cowboy font.

Current Road Uniform

On the road, the Cowboys sport a darker look with the following colors:

  • Jersey: Navy blue with white shoulders and sleeve stripes
  • Pants: Silver
  • Socks: Navy blue with white and silver stripes
  • Helmet: Silver with a white star on the sides

The navy blue jersey pays homage to the blue in the Cowboys’ original color scheme. White and silver stripes on the sleeves and socks add crisp complementing accents. The bold block numbers pop in white with silver and blue outlines on the front and back of the jersey.

Alternate Uniforms

In addition to their trademark home and road uniforms, the Cowboys occasionally mix things up with alternate retro or throwback looks:

  • White Retro: White jersey and pants modeled after the 1960s uniform with retro logos and sleeve stripes.
  • Navy Retro: Navy jersey with retro logos paired with silver helmet and pants.
  • Color Rush: All navy blue look featuring a dark navy jersey and pants with white stripes and numbers.
  • 1994 Throwback: White jersey with navy sleeve stripes, blue star shoulders, and retro number fonts throw back to the 90s Super Bowl era.

These alternates provide fresh takes on the classic Cowboys look that pay tribute to different eras in franchise history.

What Colors Will They Wear in 2023?

While the NFL schedule for 2023 has not been finalized yet, we can predict which colors the Cowboys will wear for certain games based on traditional uniform selection guidelines:

Game Uniform
Home opener vs. TBD White jersey, silver pants
Thanksgiving Day vs. TBD White jersey, silver pants
At Philadelphia Eagles Navy jersey, silver pants
At New York Giants White jersey, silver pants
At Washington Commanders Navy jersey, silver pants

A few things we can count on: the Cowboys will wear white at home, navy on the road against NFC East rivals, and silver pants for most games. Beyond that, there may be a few surprise alternate uniforms sprinkled in as the 2023 season unfolds!

The Cowboys’ Uniforms Through the Years

While the Cowboys’ colors have remained constant over the decades, there have been minor changes and updates to the uniforms over the years:

Era Jersey Style Pants Helmet
1960s Thicker shoulder stripes; no sleeve stripes initially Silver pants with striping Silver with thin blue star
1970s Thinner shoulder stripes; added sleeve stripes Solid silver pants Larger blue star outline
1980s-1990s Updated number fonts; added navy pants option Silver or navy pants White border added to star
2000s Updated striping and collar Solid silver pants Silver helmet with navy star
2020s Tapered striping; reflective sheen Silver pants Minor star updates

While the core look has stayed consistent, the Cowboys have evolved the details of their uniforms over time while preserving their classic aesthetic.

The Uniform’s Impact on Cowboys Culture

The Cowboys’ signature blue, silver, and white colors are more than just a uniform – they represent an iconic global brand. The clean, consistent uniforms have come to symbolize America’s Team both visually and culturally.

For Cowboys players, wearing the uniform inspires pride in team history and unity as part of a long tradition of excellence. For fans, the uniform elicits immense team spirit and connection to their beloved franchise. The designs have stood the test of time while enabling each generation of Cowboys to make their own mark on history.

Few teams in sports are so closely identified with their uniform colors. Seeing that metallic silver helmet with the blue star instantly conjures up images of Staubach, Dorsett, Irvin, and other Cowboys legends making big plays under the bright lights. The uniforms may have evolved in details, but their essence and iconic style remains a constant as the Cowboys write new chapters in their championship history.


The Dallas Cowboys’ signature silver, blue, and white uniform colors have endured over six decades as the team has cultivated its brand into one of the most valuable franchises in all of sports. While the designs have been modified slightly over the years, the Cowboys have stayed true to their original uniform concept that now represents excellence, tradition, and pride for players and fans alike.

In 2023, expect to see the team sporting their familiar white jerseys and silver pants at home, navy blue on the road, and possibly a few nostalgic alternate retro uniforms. One thing is for sure – the Cowboys will defend their status as America’s Team looking sharp as ever in their iconic colors.