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What colors are in beige paint?

What colors are in beige paint?

Beige is a neutral paint color that can work in many rooms and decor styles. When decorating with beige, it’s helpful to understand the different shades and undertones that make up this complex neutral color. Here’s a quick overview of the colors that compose beige paint.

The Main Color Components of Beige

Beige is not a single color, but rather a combination of different hues blended together. Here are the main color components that create the beige color palette:


Brown is the predominant pigment in most beige paint colors. Brown comprises shades of red, yellow, and black mixed together. The amount of brown pigment impacts whether the beige leans warm or cool. Darker brown makes for a warmer, reddish-brown beige. Lighter brown lends a cooler, tan appearance.


The addition of white paint lightens the brown pigment to create a softer, paler beige shade. More white results in an off-white or cream colored beige. Less white makes for a darker, brown-beige.


Pure yellow pigment is also an important ingredient in beige paint. Yellow brings warmth and brightness to neutralize and soften the brown tones. too much yellow can make the beige appear golden or mustard-like. The right amount lends a sunny, creamy quality.


For beige with a subtle rosy undertone, a small amount of red pigment is added to the mix. Tiny amounts of red transform into a warm, pinkish quality to the beige. Too much red may become visibly pink.


Some beige paint colors include grey pigment to cool down the other warm undertones. This creates a muted, subtle beige. Adding too much grey risks turning the color visibly gray and muddy.

Beige Undertones

Within the broad beige paint color family, different shades feature warm, cool, and neutral undertones. Here are the main undertones to look for:

Warm Beige

Warm beige contains hints of yellow, brown, peach, or red. This gives the color a cozy, welcoming vibe. Warm beige works well in traditional, rustic, or country style rooms.

Cool Beige

Cool beige has subtle touches of blue, green, or grey mixed in. This creates a more soothing, relaxed color palette. Cool beige suits modern, minimalist, or contemporary spaces.

Neutral Beige

A balanced neutral beige has no strong warm or cool undertones. This flexible shade pairs well with any color scheme or style. Neutral beige is ideal for open concept areas joining multiple rooms.

Light, Midtone, and Dark Beige

Beige paint colors also vary in depth from very pale to deep, saturated hues.

Light Beige

Light beiges include off-white, cream, oatmeal, and buttery yellow shades. These work well in rooms with little natural light. Light beige helps reflect and maximize illumination.

Midtone Beige

Midtone beiges offer a highly versatile neutral backdrop. They include warmer camel and rose beiges along with cooler stone or taupe shades. This is the most popular depth for beige paint.

Dark Beige

Deeper beiges add a sense of coziness and sophistication. These mocha, clay, or brown-beige hues work best as accent walls or in rooms with ample light. Too much dark beige can make a space feel small and dark.

Beige Color Combinations

One of beige’s advantages as a paint color is its ability to coordinate well with many accent hues. Here are some pleasing beige color pairings:

Beige and Blue

Beige and various shades of blue complement each other beautifully. Soft blue adds energizing contrast and makes beige feel fresh and relaxed. Try pairing beige walls with navy blue accent pieces.

Beige and Green

Earthy green hues bring out the subtle warmth in beige. From sage to deep forest green, all shades of green gracefully accent beige. Use green fabrics or decorative accents to make beige feel natural and organic.

Beige and Yellow

Cheerful yellow enlivens beige in any room. For an uplifting, welcoming atmosphere, accessorize beige walls with sunshine yellow items. Soft golden yellow or deep ochre add a refined accent to elegant beige rooms.

Beige and Grey

Beige mixed with grey creates a stylish, soothing backdrop. Cool greys emphasize the subtle warmth of beige paint. Incorporate charcoal grey furniture or linens to give beige a refined modern edge.

Beige and White

Crisp white beautifully contrasts with beige walls or decor. White with beige elicits a light, airy ambiance with just enough cozy warmth. Try beige walls with white trim, or mix beige and white decorative pieces.

Beige Paint Finishes

Beyond just the color, the finish of beige paint also impacts its look and feel in a room. Here are some popular finish options:

Flat/Matte Beige

Flat or matte beige paint has no sheen. This finish provides a classic, subtly textured look. Matte beige minimizes imperfections on walls and ceilings. It offers a soft, approachable feel.

Satin Beige

Satin beige has a low luster sheen. It resists scuffs better than flat paint. Satin beige has enough reflectivity to subtly highlight architectural details. Its soft glow provides a polished yet not shiny appearance.

Eggshell Beige

Eggshell beige has a velvety, smooth texture. It has slightly more sheen than satin, around 10-25% luster. Eggshell reflects more light for added dimension, while still concealing flaws.

Semi-Gloss Beige

Semi-gloss beige has medium reflectivity, around 25-50% luster. The luxurious sheen adds depth and accentuates trim, molding, and other details. Semi-gloss is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Gloss Beige

Gloss beige offers a high-shine, mirrored reflectivity above 50% luster. This bold finish creates visual interest and works well for furniture and trim accents. Gloss beige makes a dramatic statement when used sparingly.

Popular Brands of Beige Paint

Many leading paint manufacturers offer extensive collections of beige tones. Here are some top brand options for beige wall paint:

Behr Beige Paint Colors

Behr has ultra-refined neutrals like Heathered Moss, French Beige, and Sandstone Cove. Their Selection chart is organized by undertone for easy browsing.

Benjamin Moore Beige Paint

Benjamin Moore offers versatile beiges including White Dove OC-17, Edgecomb Gray HC-173 , and Clam Shell AF-15. Their Historical Colors line has elegant vintage beiges.

Sherwin Williams Beige Paint

Sherwin Williams includes warm antique beiges like Shoji White SW 7042 and Accessible Beige SW 7036. Their newer offerings like Rockport Shore SW 7622 have cool grey undertones.

Valspar Beige Paint

Valspar’s beige palette ranges from clean Swiss Coffee 4004-3C to warm camel tones like Desert Fortress 4010-2A. Names like Mushroom Basket evoke organic vibes.

PPG Beige Paint Colors

PPG brands like Glidden and Olympic offer versatile beiges. Try Whispering Wheat 1002-1 by Glidden or Camelback 539-5 by Olympic for soft, light beiges.

Beige Paint in Different Rooms

Beige paint works well in nearly any room when paired with the right accents. Here are ideas for using beige paint effectively around your home:

Beige Living Room Paint

For living rooms, try a warm midtone beige with red accents in a traditional style space. Or go for cool light beige walls with navy blue furniture for contemporary flair.

Beige Bedroom Paint

Light beige can feel airy and peaceful in bedrooms. Deep beige makes for cozy retreat-like bedrooms. Keep accent colors calm and minimal.

Beige Kitchen Paint

Use matte or eggshell beige to provide an easy-clean backdrop in kitchens. Enliven it with glossy red appliances or sunny yellow accent pieces.

Beige Bathroom Paint

Bathrooms benefit from beige’s ability to make small spaces feel open and bright. Try satin or semi-gloss beige here paired with crisp white trim.

Beige Office Paint

For home offices opt for an energizing light or midtone beige with green plants and wood accents to stimulate productivity.

Beige Dining Room Paint

Create an elegant dining space with deep brown-beige walls, crown molding, and metallic accents for refined style.

Beige Paint Sheens by Room

Choosing the right paint sheen is key to making beige look its best in each room. Here are recommended beige paint finishes for different spaces:

Room Recommended Beige Paint Sheen
Living Rooms Satin or Eggshell
Bedrooms Flat or Eggshell
Kitchens Eggshell or Satin
Bathrooms Satin or Semi-Gloss
Dining Rooms Satin or Semi-Gloss
Offices Eggshell or Satin


Beige paint contains a nuanced blend of brown, white, yellow, red, and grey pigments. It comes in warm, cool, and neutral shades at light, medium, and deep intensities. Pairing beige walls with blue, green, yellow, grey, or white accents brings out beige’s versatile essence. Matte to glossy beige works well in any room with thoughtful sheen selection. With so many options, there is a beige paint out there for any style or space.