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What color to wear on corpus christi?

Choosing the right outfit for Corpus Christi can be tricky. You want to look stylish yet respectful for this Catholic holy day that honors the Eucharist. The good news is that nearly any color is appropriate for Corpus Christi as long as it’s tasteful. Here are some tips on picking colors and clothes that observe the solemnity of the day.

Opt for White or Soft Colors

White is the optimal color for Corpus Christi as it represents purity, innocence, and holiness. It’s the traditional color worn in many Corpus Christi processions around the world. An all-white outfit or one with a white top or dress is ideal. Other recommended light colors include pastels like pale yellow, pink, blue, lavender, or mint green.

Soft cool colors like these symbolize spirituality and serenity, perfect for the meditative nature of Corpus Christi. They also denote springtime, aligning with Corpus Christi which falls in May or June. Lighter colors help convey the joy and hope of this feast day honoring Christ’s gift of the Eucharist. They’re uplifting hues that complement the reverent atmosphere of Corpus Christi.

Add Accents in Gold, Red or Purple

For extra color, accessorize your pastel or white Corpus Christi outfit with metallic gold, red, or purple accents. Gold represents the precious nature of the Eucharist, as Jesus is present in the bread and wine. Red symbolizes the blood of Christ sacrificed for humanity. Deep purple is the traditional liturgical color for feast days in the Catholic church. A gold, red or purple scarf, shoes, hat, handbag or jewelry can beautifully accent an outfit in softer shades.

Red and purple also signify the colors of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles. Corpus Christi is celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday which falls eight days after Pentecost. The colors link the two important feasts. Just avoid wearing all red or purple which can be too bold and somber for the joyous spirit of Corpus Christi.

Consider a Traditional Ethnic Look

In many cultures, people wear traditional ethnic garments to celebrate Corpus Christi. This could be a perfect chance to don that Mexican huipil dress or an embroidered European folk top that’s been hanging in your closet. Or explore buying or even renting traditional outfits from cultures with rich Corpus Christi traditions:

  • Mexico: Huipil dresses, white peasant blouses with embroidery
  • Italy: Lace mantilla veils, gold jewelry
  • Poland: Wreaths of fresh flowers in the hair
  • Croatia: White dresses with red accents
  • Portugal: Flower crowns, gold pins

Not only do these cultural styles show reverence for the day, but they also look very festive and summery for Corpus Christi. You’ll stand out with ethnic fashion that honors your background or pays tribute to Corpus Christi traditions worldwide.

Pick a Pretty Summer Dress or Romper

Corpus Christi often falls on the first days of summer, so wear the season’s pretty feminine styles. A lightweight sundress, maxi dress or romper in soft pastels, white eyelet cotton or chiffon billowing fabrics is perfect. Go for florals, lace details, or loose peasant or babydoll silhouettes. Pair your dress with sandals or wedges for a comfortable, casualCorpus Christi look.

Just be sure the styles aren’t too revealing. Avoid strapless, backless or mini lengths and plunging necklines. Opt for numbers with straps, higher necklines and hemlines hitting at least the knee. Pick breezy fabrics that conceal more than cling. Linen, eyelet and loose crochets and knits are great textured options. With some care, you can honor the solemnity of Corpus Christi even in a stylish, on-trend summer outfit.

Dress Up with a Suit, Skirt or Pants

For a more formal look, wear an elegant skirt, pants or suit combo. Pair a crisp white blouse with a knee-length skirt or dress pants in gray, tan or muted stripes. Or wear a well-tailored pastel or white suit ensemble. Finish the look with dressy sandals or low pumps. This polished outfit shows respect for the significance of Corpus Christi.

Men can wear a light gray or tan suit with a subtle tie or bowtie and white collared shirt. Or pair dress khakis with a button-down and blazer. There’s no need for a full black or dark suit on this feast day. Lighter colors in fine fabrics demonstrate reverence for the joyful meaning behind this holy day.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessorize with care to complete your Corpus Christi outfit. Small crucifix earrings or necklaces are ideal choices, as are gold or silver pieces with crosses or communion symbols. Rosaries also make beautiful and symbolic accessories. For headwear, consider simple hats or headscarves in white, pastel or with embroidered accents. Floral crowns, wreaths or pins add a nice touch.

When carrying a bag, choose white, metallic or earth tone shades. Clutches, small shoulder bags or mini totes are recommended over big, showy purses. Leave sunglasses at home if possible, or choose inconspicuous styles that don’t hide your face. The idea is to focus reverently on the Corpus Christi mass, procession and community spirit.

Pick Shoes that are Comfortable yet Respectful

Since Corpus Christi involves sitting through mass and walking in processions, wear comfortable shoes. But they should still align with the day’s significance. For women, options include:

  • Ballet flats in white, gold, blush or nude
  • Low wedges or strappy sandals
  • Kitten heels or slingbacks
  • Dressy yet supportive sneakers in white or pale hues

Avoid casual flip flops or loud colors. For men, lace-up dress shoes in brown or tan work well. Loafers, dress boots or leather sneakers can also look sharp. Sandals are fine in a pinch, but avoid beachy rubber styles or athletic sneakers.

Pick Layers for Variable Weather

Corpus Christi falls in late spring when the weather can be temperamental. Prepare for possible chilliness by having layers on hand. Wrap a shawl, scarf or cardigan in white, pale yellow or pink over your outfit. For men, bring a blazer or light jacket. This allows you to stay stylish yet comfortable whether the day turns cool or stays warm.

Avoid Denim and Casualwear

Since this is an important Catholic feast day, it’s best to avoid casual clothes. Skip the basic t-shirt, shorts, jeans, leggings and athletic shoes. While denim skirts or dresses are permissible, stylish trousers or skirts in dressier fabrics are better. The idea is to honor the profound meaning of Corpus Christi with a special outfit.


With some advance planning, you can look both stylish and respectful on Corpus Christi. Whites, pastels, and soft colors are your best options, with metallic gold, red or purple accessories as nice accents. Wear styles that are modest and breezy for the warmer weather. An ethnic outfit or summer dress can look festive yet reverent when done tastefully. Most importantly, dress in clothes that allow you to celebrate the holy day without distraction or discomfort.

Color Meaning Item Examples
White Purity, innocence Dress, blouse, pants, skirt, shoes
Pastels Joy, serenity Dress, blouse, pants, skirt, shoes
Gold Preciousness Jewelry, handbag, shoes
Red Sacrifice of Christ Scarf, jewelry, shoes
Purple Liturgical color Scarf, jewelry, shoes

Follow these Corpus Christi fashion tips to choose an outfit that’s stylish yet reverent. With colors and styles that align with the meaning behind this Catholic feast, you can look your best while honoring the holy day and Jesus Christ our Savior.