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What color should I wear on friday?

Deciding what color to wear on a given day can be a fun yet challenging endeavor. The color we choose to wear affects our mood, how others perceive us, and the image we want to portray. When picking an outfit color for Friday in particular, there are several factors to consider that can help guide your selection.

Factors to Consider

Here are some of the key factors to think about when choosing a color to wear on Friday:

  • Your plans for the day – Are you going to work, going out after, or staying home? The formality of your plans should impact your color choice.
  • The weather/season – Opt for cool tones in summer and warm hues in winter. Jewel tones work for fall and pastels in spring.
  • Skin tone – Determine whether you look best in warm, cool, or neutral colors and select accordingly.
  • Personal preferences – Consider colors that make you feel happy, confident and reflect your personality.
  • Current trends – Stay updated on the latest color trends each season if you want a stylish, fashion-forward look.

Color Meanings & Moods

In addition to the above factors, the psychological effects and cultural associations of different colors should play into your choice. Here is an overview of some of the most common color meanings:

Color Meaning Mood
Red Passion, excitement, intensity Energizing, confident
Orange Creativity, adventure, enthusiasm Fun, playful
Yellow Happiness, optimism, clarity Cheerful, uplifting
Green Nature, renewal, balance Calming, healed
Blue Stability, professionalism, intelligence Faithful, focused
Purple Luxury, wisdom, spirituality Mystical, visionary
Pink Femininity, love, sensitivity Sweet, romantic
Brown Reliability, earthiness, simplicity Grounded, steady
Gray Sophistication, practicality, modesty Balanced, calm
Black Power, elegance, mystery Dramatic, bold

Keep these color meanings and psychological effects in mind when picking your Friday outfit. For example, yellow is perfect for promoting an upbeat mood while gray is ideal for a subtle, sophisticated look.

Best Friday Color Choices

Now that we’ve covered some key considerations, here are the best color choices to wear for different Friday scenarios:

Casual Friday Work Outfit

  • Bright jewel tones: Emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple are eye-catching yet professional options for casual Friday at the office.
  • Bold brights: Pops of colors like hot pink, crimson red, cobalt blue or tangerine orange show personality.
  • Light neutrals: Soft dove gray, blush pink, and buttery yellow give a relaxed, casual vibe.

Friday Date Night Outfit

  • Deep reds: Choose a bold lipstick red or burgundy for a romantic date night.
  • Dusky pinks: Muted hues like mauve and rose flatter the skin for an evening out.
  • Rich blues: Navy blue and peacock blue convey confidence on a date while allowing you to stand out.

Friday Night Out with Friends

  • Metallics: Gold, rose gold, silver, and bronze make statements when you want to shine.
  • Neons: Vibrant lime green, hot pink, and electric blue are fun and lively.
  • Pastels: Soft lilac, mint, or peach keep the mood light for a night out with the girls.

Friday Running Errands

  • Khakis and denim: For casual errands, stick with versatile neutral pants in khaki, olive, gray, blue or black denim.
  • Bright graphic tee: An eye-catching T-shirt in a bold jewel tone or with a fun graphic print brightens up mundane tasks.
  • Statement coat: Add visual interest by layering with a colorful fitted blazer or edgy moto jacket.

Putting an Outfit Together

Once you’ve selected the perfect statement color for your Friday plans, use these tips to pull the complete outfit together:

  • Balance brights and neutrals – Pair a brightly colored top with neutral pants or skirt.
  • Consider color pairings – Complementary (blue & orange) or analogous (different shades of blue) colors work well.
  • Use accents strategically – Add pops of color with shoes, jewelry, bag, scarf or nail polish.
  • Match metals & stones – Warm metals like gold pair best with warm colors, while cool silver goes with cool tones.
  • Check the forecast – Make sure your hosiery, outerwear, and accessories work with the weather.
  • Feel confident – No matter what, wear colors that make you feel happy, pretty and self-assured!


Selecting the perfect color to wear for a Friday can really enhance your mood and boost your confidence as you take on whatever plans the day holds. Consider the occasion, weather, your complexion and the impression you want to give to guide your color choice. Reds exude passion for a big date night while soft gray promotes balance if your Friday is low-key. And don’t be afraid to have some fun with bold brights or metallic when going out with friends. With a little planning, you can pick a winning color to start any Friday off on the right foot!