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What color shirt goes with a dark brown suit?

What color shirt goes with a dark brown suit?

Choosing the right shirt color to pair with a dark brown suit can seem tricky at first. However, with some simple guidelines, you’ll be able to pull together a stylish and sophisticated look. In this article, we’ll walk through the factors to consider when selecting a shirt for your dark brown suit and provide recommendations on the best shirt colors for different occasions.

Guidelines for Choosing a Shirt Color

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when picking out a shirt to wear with a dark brown suit:

  • Aim for enough contrast between your shirt and suit. A shirt that’s too close in color to your dark brown suit will look muddy and blah. You want enough difference in shade to create visual interest.
  • Play with lighter and darker shades. Lighter shades tend to illuminate and brighten up a dark suit, while darker shades complement the suit with depth.
  • Consider skin tone. Choose shirt colors that will flatter your complexion. If you have warm undertones, warm-toned shirts like peach, yellow, and pink can make your skin glow. For cool undertones, try pale blue, lavender, mint.
  • Take cues from the season. In the warmer months, feel free to break out lighter and brighter shirts like white, light blue, or pink. In the winter, deeper hues like purple, burgundy, forest green work well.

Best Shirt Colors for a Dark Brown Suit

Based on the guidelines above, here are some of the top shirt color options to pair with a dark brown suit:


A crisp white shirt is a classic choice that will always look sharp with a dark brown suit. White creates an eye-catching contrast against the darker suit. It has a formal yet versatile look that works for both business settings and special occasions.

Light Blue

Soft light blue or powder blue shirts complement a dark brown suit beautifully. The lighter color provides visual interest without being jarring. Light blue works well for creating a relaxed yet polished aesthetic for both daytime business functions and evening events.


From pale pink to bolder magenta, pink shirts pair surprisingly well with a dark brown suit. The colors are complementary on the color wheel, resulting in a warm, harmonious vibe. Light pink shirts project a gentle, approachable look, while bold pink makes more of a statement.


A lavender or lilac dress shirt brings a cool touch of purple to offset the warmer brown suit. This combo works especially well in the spring and summer when you want to incorporate some seasonal color. Lavender can range from muted to fairly vibrant depending on your preference.

Mint Green

For a spring-inspired ensemble, try pairing your dark brown suit with a refreshing mint green shirt. Mint is a versatile shade that can be pastel for a soft look or more saturated for a striking style. It looks sharp at daytime events or business dinners.


While grey and brown may seem too close in tone, different shades can work well together. A light heather grey shirt has enough contrast with a dark brown suit, giving you a coordinated neutral look. Charcoal grey creates more drama for evening.


Deep burgundy shirts complement a dark brown suit extremely well for fall and winter. Jewel-toned burgundy has an elegant, sophisticated look for cooler weather events and gatherings. Pair it with a darker brown suit and rich brown leather shoes.

Forest Green

For an earthy feel, try pairing your dark brown suit with a forest green shirt in a shade like pine or moss green. The complementary earth tones allow the green and brown to enhance each other. Forest green in a soft brushed cotton or corduroy fabric creates great texture and depth.

Shirt Color Combinations for Different Occasions

In addition to selecting an overall color, consider layering your shirt with coordinating ties, pocket squares, or vests. Here are shirt color combo ideas for various events:

Occasion Shirt Color Combo
Office workday White shirt with navy tie and pocket square
Client meeting Light blue shirt with brown and blue geometric tie and white pocket square
Job interview White or light blue shirt with a simple navy, black, or maroon tie
Cocktail party Lavender or pink shirt with embroidered silk tie or bow tie
Evening wedding White shirt with black bow tie and black vest or cummerbund
Date night Mint green or peach shirt with no tie

These combinations provide a starting point, but don’t be afraid to get creative with mixing various shirt hues, patterns, and accessories to develop your own personal style.


Pairing the right shirt with a dark brown suit has a big impact on your overall look. Sticking to lighter shades like white, blue, pink, and lavender or darker shades like burgundy, forest green, and grey will ensure your shirt complements and contrasts nicely with the suit. For a sharp dressed-up ensemble, white, light blue, or pale pink are safe bets. For a professional event, try light blue or lavender accented with a colorful tie and pocket square. Deep burgundy or forest green work well for making a stylish statement at an evening event. With so many options, you can confidently mix and match your shirt colors and accessories for the perfect finishing touches to your dark brown suit.