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What color shirt and tie goes with a navy blue suit?

What color shirt and tie goes with a navy blue suit?

Choosing the right shirt and tie to pair with a navy blue suit can seem tricky, but following some basic guidelines can help you pull together a stylish, coordinated look. Navy suits are versatile and can be worn for both business and formal occasions, so selecting shirt and tie combinations that align with the formality of the event is key. Typically, light or white colored shirts paired with ties in complementary colors like burgundy, tan, or silver work well with navy suits in most settings.

Factors to Consider

When deciding which shirt and tie to wear with a navy suit, keep the following factors in mind:

Event formality

– Business or professional events call for more conservative shirt and tie combos like a white dress shirt with a red or blue patterned tie

– Black tie optional or formal events allow for more stylish options like a French blue dress shirt with a silver necktie

Skin tone

– Lighter complexions pair well with lighter blue or white shirts

– Darker complexions complement deeper hues like French blue or light purple

Hair and eye color

– Black or dark brown hair and eyes stand out against lighter shirts
– Blonde hair and light eyes pop against darker shades

Personal style

– Modern looks incorporate skinny ties, subtle patterns and textures
– Classic style sticks to wider neckties in solids or stripes

Shirt Colors

When selecting a shirt to wear with a navy suit, you’ll want to choose a color that complements the dark blue tone. Here are top shirt color options:


A crisp white dress shirt is the most traditional and versatile pairing with a navy suit. White shirts offer a clean, professional look for business meetings and interviews. Opt for a plain white or very subtle pattern like a fine check or pin dot.

Light Blue

Light or powder blue shirts add a great pop of color against the navy suit. This is a stylish choice for both business and formal occasions, but avoid shirts that are close in tone to your suit.

French Blue

Deeper hues like French blue complement navy suits for a more modern, stylish look. This is an eye-catching choice for formal weddings or events.

Lavender or Light Purple

Soft purple or lavender dress shirts work well with navy suits, especially for men with darker complexions. Stay away from too bright or bold of a purple.


Light pink dress shirts pair nicely with navy suits, but steer clear of darker shades. A pale pink shirt and complementary necktie creates a stylish formal look.


Light gray can work well for business settings, but pair it with a colorful tie to avoid looking washed out. Charcoal shirts are too close to navy.

Necktie Options

Choosing neckties to match with navy suits and dress shirts allows you to showcase your personal style. Here are top tie color and pattern options:

Burgundy Ties

A burgundy necktie is a classic pairing with both white and blue dress shirts. The bold hue complements the navy suit for professional business looks.

Silver Ties

Shiny silver neckties add a stylish touch against navy suits. They work well for black tie optional wedding or formal events.

Red Ties

Red ties paired with white shirts project confidence and power for important business meetings and interviews.

Yellow Ties

Solid yellow or yellow patterned ties stand out against darker navy suits. They create fun, eye-catching looks for special occasions.

Blue Ties

Ties in lighter shades of blue, like powder blue, lighten up navy suits. Darker blues like cerulean work for formal events. Avoid matching a navy tie.

Green Ties

Green ties offer a bold, nature-inspired accent to navy suits. Sage green and forest green are great options.

Striped Ties

Diagonal stripes in colors like silver, red, blue or green lend movement against solid navy suits.

Dot and Floral Ties

Polka dot, paisley and floral ties provide another way to incorporate color and patterns.

Putting it All Together

Use these tips to select shirt and tie combinations that work with your navy suit:

– White or light blue shirts paired with burgundy ties for professional looks
– French blue or lavender shirts with silver ties for formal weddings and events
– Light pink shirts with red or blue patterned ties for stylish, special occasions
– Light gray shirts with green or yellow striped ties for edgier business casual events

Aim for shirt and tie colors that complement each other and your navy suit. Keep patterns and textures subtle for business settings. Be bold with brighter hues and bolder patterns for formal and special occasions. Stay away from shirts and ties that are too close in color to your navy suit.

Following these guidelines will ensure you look polished, stylish and coordinated when wearing your go-to navy suit!

Shirt and Tie Combination Suggestions

Here are some specific shirt and tie combinations that work well with a navy blue suit:

Shirt Color Tie Color/Pattern
White Burgundy solid or striped tie
Royal blue Silver dotted tie
French blue Red striped tie
Lavender Yellow floral tie
Light gray Forest green paisley tie
Pink Navy blue and silver diagonal striped tie


Navy suits offer great versatility for business, formal events, and special occasions. Choose a shirt in white, blue, lavender, pink or gray based on factors like formality, skin tone, and personal style. Then, select a complementary tie in a color like burgundy, silver, red, yellow, or green with a subtle pattern or stripe for a coordinated finish. Aim for contrast against your navy suit with lighter shirt colors and bold tie hues. With the right shirt and tie combination, your navy suit will always look polished and professional.