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What color season looks good in burnt orange?

What color season looks good in burnt orange?

Burnt orange is a deep orange-brown color that can be quite striking and bold. When wearing burnt orange clothing or accessories, it’s important to consider what color season you fall into, as the shade will look more flattering on some than others. Determining your color season involves analyzing your natural hair, eye, and skin tone and will help guide you in choosing the most harmonizing colors to wear. This article will examine what color seasons pair well with burnt orange and provide tips on wearing this dynamic shade.

Warm Color Seasons

Those with warm color seasons like Spring and Autumn tend to suit burnt orange especially well. Warm complexions contain golden, peach or yellow undertones which allow burnt orange to complement nicely.

Spring Color Palette

Springs have a light and bright complexion. Their hair is usually light blonde, red, or light brown while their eyes are vibrant shades of blue, green, or hazel. Springs tend to tan easily and don’t burn often. Burnt orange fits seamlessly into the Spring color palette which also consists of coral, periwinkle blue, grass green, and peach. By wearing burnt orange, Springs will illuminate their peaches and cream complexion.

Some tips for Springs wearing burnt orange:

– Pair it with other cozy autumnal colors like mustard yellow, sage green, brick red, and warm metallics like copper and rose gold.

– Look for burnt orange clothing with a golden tan or ivory base which will complement your skin’s golden undertones.

– Add some brightness to burnt orange by accessorizing with turquoise jewelry. This will honor the lighter Spring palette.

– Try a burnt orange dress with navy tights and matching navy accessories for a pulled together look.

Autumn Color Palette

Autumns have a deeper complexion than Springs. Typical Autumn coloring is medium brown hair, hazel or brown eyes, and skin that tans easily. The Autumn palette consists of rusty reds and oranges, mustard yellow, forest green, teal blue, and slate gray. Burnt orange is a quintessential Autumn shade and was likely made precisely with this seasonal palette in mind.

Some tips for Autumns wearing burnt orange:

– Embrace monochromatic styling by pairing burnt orange with browns, chestnuts, khakis and olive greens. Going tone-on-tone creates a harmonious effect.

– Add depth by wearing burnt orange with charcoal gray, brown, and navy. Autumns shine in bold, saturated colors.

– Play up your copper undertones with bronze and cinnamon-hued accessories. Metallics like antique gold also pair wonderfully.

– Try a burnt orange wrap dress with olive knee-high boots and a warm brown felt hat for a pull-together Fall look.

Cool Color Seasons

While burnt orange may seem like an unusual choice for cooler complexions, Winters and Summers can often still rock this fiery shade nicely. By following some simple guidelines, burnt orange can liven up your usual color palette.

Winter Color Palette

Winters have an icy, striking appearance with dark brown or black hair, bright blue or green eyes, and fair cool-toned skin. The Winter color palette includes jewel tones like royal purple, emerald green, and sapphire blue. When worn correctly, burnt orange can add some warmth to the Winter’s high-contrast look.

Some tips for Winters wearing burnt orange:

– Pair it with cool, dark neutrals like charcoal, navy and black. This prevents burnt orange from overpowering you.

– Add a pop of bright winter white or opt for an icy blue if burnt orange feels too overwhelming on its own.

– Metallic silver or icy pastel blue accessories will temper burnt orange beautifully.

– A burnt orange sweater over a crisp white button-down with sleek black trousers or a charcoal midi skirt makes for a stylish look.

Summer Color Palette

Summers have a cool, delicate appearance with light blue or gray eyes, ash blonde to light brown hair, and fair skin that easily burns. The Summer palette includes soft muted tones like mauve, seafoam green, sky blue, and peach. Since burnt orange is more bold and saturated, Summers will need to proceed cautiously when wearing it.

Some tips for Summers wearing burnt orange:

– Stick to muted orange tones instead of super bright burnt shades. Muted terra cotta and softer clay oranges are safer bets.

– Pair burnt orange with lighter neutrals like stone, baby pink, faded denim, and rose beige which complement your coloration.

– Accessorize burnt orange with blues, grays and muted purples to tone it down.

– Try pairing a burnt orange skirt with a chambray button-down and pink ballet flats for a sweet look.

How to Wear Burnt Orange for Different Color Seasons

Here are some more ways to style burnt orange for each season’s unique color palette:

Season Outfit Suggestions
Spring – Burnt orange sundress with a dusty blue jean jacket
– Burnt orange midi skirt with a peach blouse and bronze wedge sandals
– Burnt orange jumpsuit with turquoise statement earrings
Autumn – Burnt orange sweater with dark wash jeans and cognac knee boots
– Burnt orange blazer over a neutral button-down and slim black trousers
– Burnt orange shift dress layered over a black turtleneck
Winter – Burnt orange coat atop an icy blue sheath dress
– Burnt orange blouse under a navy suit with metallic silver heels
– Burnt orange joggers with a white sweatshirt and black sneakers
Summer – Burnt orange maxi skirt with a chambray button-down and neutral wedges
– Burnt orange shorts with a faded denim jacket and white canvas sneakers
– Muted burnt orange blouse under a lightweight gray blazer and trousers

As you can see, burnt orange can work for any season with the right styling. The key is choosing the right accent colors and neutrals to complement your existing complexion.

What Undertones Pair Best with Burnt Orange?

When determining if burnt orange is the right shade for you, analyzing your skin’s undertones is key. Here’s an overview of what undertones harmonize best with burnt orange:

  • Warm Golden – Burnt orange is a home run for warm golden undertones. The fiery shade flatters and illuminates skin beautifully.
  • Peach – Peach undertones also pair fabulously with burnt orange, adding vibrancy to the complexion.
  • Neutral Warm – Those with a neutral warm complexion can wear burnt orange nicely, especially in muted tones.
  • Olive Skin – Olive skin contains hints of green and golden brown that allow burnt orange to complement nicely.
  • Neutral Cool – While cool tones generally look best in softer colors, neutral cool skin can often still pull off burnt orange when worn carefully.
  • Pink – Those with distinctly pink undertones should approach burnt orange cautiously and stick to muted clay shades.

In general, burnt orange looks best on those with warm yellow, peach and olive undertones. Neutral and cool undertones can still potentially wear burnt orange but should opt for softer or darker oranges. Distinctly pink or ruddy skin looks best avoiding burnt orange altogether.

Tips for Wearing Burnt Orange for Your Skin Tone

Here are some more specific tips on wearing burnt orange to flatter different skin undertones:

Warm Golden Undertones:
– Embrace true burnt oranges with a touch of red – they will make your complexion glow beautifully.
– Pair with warm metallics like gold and copper.

Peach Undertones:
– Look for burnt oranges with a touch of coral or peach that complement your skin tone.
– Pair with metallics like rose gold and bronze.

Neutral Warm Undertones:
– Stick to muted, softer burnt oranges rather than bright, saturated shades.
– Pair with brown, navy and gray to soften the look.

Olive Skin:
– Play up the greenish cast in olive skin by pairing burnt orange with mossy greens and khakis.
– Warm metallics like bronze and copper also complement nicely.

Neutral Cool Undertones:
– Seek out burnt oranges with brown, brick or clay undertones rather than orangey shades.
– Accessorize with light blues, grays and soft pinks.

Pink Undertones:
– Avoid bold burnt oranges and opt for muted terra cotta shades.
– Pair with lighter pinks and lavenders which harmonize better with your skin tone.


While burnt orange may seem daring, it can be an incredibly flattering color when worn in the right tones for your season and undertone. When shopping for burnt orange clothing or accessories, be sure to analyze the specific shade against your neck and face to ensure the most harmonizing match. With the right styling burnt orange can give your look warmth and vibrancy. Have fun experimenting with different ways of incorporating this gorgeous seasonal color into your wardrobe!