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What color purple is for lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect many parts of the body. While there is no cure, there are treatments that can help manage symptoms. One way to show support for lupus awareness is by wearing the color purple. But what shade of purple represents lupus?

Why the Color Purple for Lupus?

The color purple was chosen to represent lupus for a few key reasons:

  • Purple is the color of the lupus butterfly rash that appears across the cheeks and nose of many lupus patients.
  • The color purple signifies that lupus advocates are determined to find the hidden truths of lupus.
  • Purple conveys royalty and dignity which reflects the strength and courage of those living with lupus.

So purple is now strongly associated with lupus and lupus awareness. But there are many shades of purple, so which one should be used?

Lupus Purple vs Periwinkle

There are two main shades of purple associated with lupus: true purple and periwinkle blue. True purple is the official color used by organizations like the Lupus Foundation of America, the Global Healthy Living Foundation, and the Lupus Research Alliance. This true purple is the color found in lupus awareness ribbons and campaigns.

Periwinkle blue is a light pastel purple-blue color. It was created specifically for the Lupus Foundation of America by Dagmar Love, a lupus survivor. The periwinkle color represents the lived experience of people with lupus and growth through such challenges. Periwinkle is sometimes used interchangeably with the true purple color.

So in summary:

  • Lupus Purple – Official true rich purple color for lupus.
  • Periwinkle Blue – Lighter purple-blue color also associated with lupus.

Lupus Purple Color Codes

To use lupus purple in any graphics, websites, or print materials, it’s important to have the specific color code:

  • Lupus Purple: Hex #4B0082, RGB 75, 0, 130
  • Periwinkle: Hex #8E82B3, RGB 142, 130, 179

These color codes help ensure the exact colors are replicated consistently across different mediums and materials. The hex code is used for digital applications like websites and graphics, while the RGB code is used for print production.

Where to Use Lupus Purple

The lupus purple and periwinkle colors can be used in many ways to promote lupus awareness, including:

  • Lupus awareness ribbons and pins
  • Banners and posters for lupus campaigns
  • Graphics and images on websites/social media
  • Apparel for walks/runs and lupus events
  • Informational and educational print materials

Using the proper color helps make it instantly recognizable as associated with lupus. This color consistency across all materials reinforces public awareness.

Examples of Lupus Purple in Use

Here are some examples of how lupus purple is used by health organizations and for merchandise/apparel:

Organization Use of Lupus Purple Image
Lupus Foundation of America Official lupus purple used in logo and awareness materials LFA purple logo
Lupus Research Alliance Lupus purple shirts for Unity Walk for Lupus Now event Unity walk purple shirts
The Lupus Encyclopedia Book cover uses ribbons in lupus purple Book cover with purple ribbon

As you can see, lupus purple is widely used to raise awareness about the disease. Both the true rich purple and the periwinkle shade help brands stand out and highlight lupus in all materials and campaigns.


In summary, the official color representing lupus is lupus purple, with hex #4B0082. This rich shade of purple conveys royalty and dignity. The related periwinkle color, hex #8E82B3, is a light purple-blue that represents the lived experience of those with lupus. Organizations use these colors consistently on ribbons, apparel, websites, educational resources, and promotional campaigns. So when you see the regal purple shades of lupus, it creates instant recognition and awareness for this complex autoimmune disease.