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What color nail polish is in for spring?

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about updating your nail polish collection with the latest trending colors for the new season. Choosing the perfect spring nail polish shade can instantly brighten your look and help you make a fashionable statement. This spring, nail color trends are all about wearable neutrals, pretty pastels, and eye-catching brights that transition flawlessly from day to night. Whether you prefer subdued nudes, lively corals, or bold neons, there are endless options to choose from. Let’s take a look at the top nail polish colors that are poised to dominate this spring and how to wear them!

Nude Nail Polish

Nude nail polishes are always a classic and elegant choice for spring. This season, softer nude shades with a hint of color are having a major moment. Think creamy beiges, pale pinks, and sandy taupes that flatter any skin tone. These versatile neutrals are ideal for achieving a clean, natural nail look. Here are some of the most popular nude nail color options for spring 2023:

  • Muted pink nudes – Fair pink-beige polishes like Essie Ballet Slippers and OPI Bubble Bath
  • Warm peachy nudes – Subtle peach tones like Dior Vladivostok and Zoya Rue
  • Dusty rose nudes – Soft rosy neutrals like OPI Suzi & the Lifeguard and Essie Mademoiselle
  • Greige nudes – Complex beige-gray shades like Essie Pillow Talk and Zoya Paloma

Nude nail polish colors pair perfectly with the light, feminine styles of spring. Try accenting a floaty floral dress or crisp denim with a creamy nude mani. For work, nude nails instantly pull together any professional look. Go for a sheer, glossy nude polish for the office, then build up to more opaque, sultry shades for date nights.

Pastel Nail Polish

Nothing says spring quite like fresh pastels. From dreamy lavenders to sugary pinks, pastel nail polishes capture the essence of the season. Both soft and saturated shades are popular this spring. Light pastels work beautifully for achieving an ethereal, romantic vibe. Meanwhile, highly pigmented opaque pastels make more of a vibrant statement. Here are some of the prettiest pastel polish picks for spring 2023:

  • Mint green – Zoya Neely and Essie Mint Candy Apple
  • Butter yellow – Essie Short Shorts and OPI Memories of Mimosa
  • Lilac – OPI Have the Lilac Time and Orly Lilac Burst
  • Lavender – Essie Ladylike and China Glaze Below Deck
  • Baby blue – OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook and Essie Borrowed and Blue
  • Blush pink – OPI Kyoto Pearl and Essie Hi Maintenance

Pastels lend a playful, youthful vibe perfect for spring style. Pair them with florals, denim, and casual dress options. Sheer pastels work for an understated day look, while bold pastel nails make a fun statement for nights out. Pastels also look great on both short and long nail shapes.

Bright & Vibrant Nail Polish

If you’re looking to make your nails stand out this spring, go for bold brights and vivid tones. These eye-catching shades pack a major punch. Neons, corals, electric blues, and rich gem tones all fit the bill. Unlike winter colors, these spring nail polishes feel fresh and energetic. Here are some of the most popular bright colors for spring 2023 nails:

  • Neons – Essie Splash of Grenadine and OPI Need Sunglasses?
  • Corals – China Glaze Sun Upon My Skin and Essie Clam Bake
  • Electric blue – OPI Don’t Take Yolk From Me and Essie Aruba Blue
  • Emerald green – Zoya Willa and OPI You’re Such a Budapest
  • Ruby red – Chanel Pirate and Essie Size Matters

When wearing bright nail polish, it’s best to keep the rest of your look more neutral and understated. Brights work well with casual jeans and tee outfits, sundresses, and minimalist styles. Go for your boldest shades on short nails or rounded shapes for maximum impact. Use sheers sparingly on one or two accent nails if you want a touch of color without going overboard.

Metallic Nail Polish

Metallic nail polishes are having a major resurgence for spring 2023. Unlike the hyper-reflective chrome and mirrored metals of the past, this season’s metallics have a subtler, more wearable finish. Rose gold, bronze, champagne, and silver metals with a satin, shimmer, or foil effect are all on trend. Here are some of the most stylish metallic polishes for spring:

  • Rose gold – Dior 999 Rose Gold
  • Pewter – Essie Penny Talk
  • Gunmetal grey – OPI My Achromatic Heart
  • Champagne – Essie Penny Talk
  • Bronze – Chanel Particulière
  • Silver – Christian Louboutin Loubi Under Red

Metallics add just the right amount of shine and glamour to any spring nail look. They work nicely for both day and night. Layer them over nude or neutral colors for an unexpected pop. Metallic nails also pair perfectly with the season’s pretty pastels and sorbet brights. Just avoid metallic overload by choosing one focal nail for your metallic shade.

Minimalist French Manicure

The classic French manicure gets a modern update this spring with creative, minimalist twists. This year’s coolest versions feature thin, tapered tips in unexpected colors. Black, navy, dark green, and chocolate brown modernize the traditional white French tip. You can also match the tip color to your base shade for a more seamless monochromatic mani. Here are some chic options to try:

  • Black French tips – Dior Black or dark color on nude base
  • Ombre French – Fade nude to white tips
  • Monochromatic – Match tips to color base
  • Negative space – Leave random negative tip space
  • Graphic lines – Vertical or diagonal color lines

The minimalist French manicure works well for both bold color lovers and neutral nails fans. The thin strip of contrasting color acts as an edgy accent atop any base shade. This modern mani pairs perfectly with spring’s casual fashions and minimal styling.

Green Nail Polish

Green is poised to be one of spring’s hottest nail colors. After seasons stuck indoors, people are craving the renewing, restorative sense of the great outdoors. Green nail polish provides the perfect dose of natural color and energy. Unlike the avocado and olive greens of the past, the latest shades are brighter, clearer and more vivid. Here are the top green polish picks for spring 2023:

  • Mint – Essie First Timer
  • Lime – Essie Tart Deco
  • Emerald – Chanel Dragon
  • Forest – OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops
  • Khaki – Zoya Harley
  • Sage – OPI Worth a Pretty Penne

Green nail polish works beautifully on its own in spring, but also pairs perfectly with other colors. Match it with pretty pastels or bright neons for a fun colorblock nail. Alternate green nails with nude or metallic ones for added interest. Green’s natural vibe makes it great for casual day wear, while jewel-toned greens like emerald work well for nights out.

Multicolored Nail Art

Nail art and designs take center stage this spring! Playful patterns, color blocking, and creative motifs let you change up your mani daily. Some of the trendiest options include:

  • Florals – Painted or stamped flowers
  • Geometric shapes – Lines, triangles, dots
  • Abstract prints – Brushstroke squiggles, swirls
  • Colorblocking – Different colors on each nail
  • Ombré – Faded color gradients
  • Striping – Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines

Nail art provides endless opportunities for self-expression and fun this season. Let your nails tell a colorful story each day! The most important tip is to keep the rest of your look minimal when wearing graphic nails. Let your nail designs be the star of your outfit.

Sheer and Jelly Nail Polish

For a soft, romantic look this spring, try ultra-sheer and jelly nail polishes. These translucent formulas create a delicate, hazy wash of color on nails. Popular sheer shades include:

  • Ballet slipper pink
  • Washed denim blue
  • Hazy lilac
  • Beige nude
  • Petal pink

Sheer nails are subtle but still add the perfect hint of color. They’ll suit both minimalists and those who prefer natural-looking nails. Sheers also allow your natural nail to peek through, preventing a harsh stark white tip contrast. For maximum translucency, apply 2-3 thin coats and finish with a glossy top coat.

Short Square Nails

In terms of nail shapes, short square nails emerge as one of spring’s top trends. After years of long, embellished nail art, many are going for a cleaner, more minimalist look. Short square nails end just above the fingertip for a polished yet fuss-free style. To get the look:

  • Shape nails straight across the tip, avoiding a pointy edge
  • File the sides straight for a boxy, rounded square
  • Trim length to just 1-2mm over the fingertip
  • Push back and trim cuticles to finish the clean look

Short square nails suit both bold colors and neutral nudes equally well. Their truncated shape shows off any color, pattern or detail. For an edgy twist, paint them black or try a minimalist French. This fuss-free nail shape epitomizes spring’s simple, modern aesthetic.


With sunny skies ahead, it’s time to play with fun nail polish colors and designs that refresh your look for spring. Soft pastels, vivid brights, chic nudes and eye-catching nail art give you endless stylish choices. Whether you gravitate toward minimalist, French style manicures or prefer making a bold color statement, there are so many options this spring. Focus on what makes you feel most confident and let your nails reflect your own personal style.

Nail Polish Color Trend Examples Description
Nude Essie Ballet Slippers, OPI Bubble Bath Soft pinky nudes, warm peaches, rosy neutrals
Pastel Mint green, lilac, blush pink Sheer and opaque shades of pretty pastels
Bright & Vibrant Neons, corals, electric blues Bold, eye-catching bright colors
Metallic Rose gold, bronze, silver Shimmering foils and satin metals
Minimalist French Black, monochromatic, negative space tips Thin modern twists on the French manicure
Green Mint, emerald, khaki Nature-inspired greens
Nail Art Florals, colorblocking, abstract prints Playful painted designs
Sheer Ballet slipper pinks, washed blues Delicate, hazy jelly and sheer polishes

Update your nail game this spring by experimenting with some of these fresh, fashionable nail looks. Have fun with color and don’t be afraid to switch up your mani daily! Whatever you choose, let your nails reflect the brightness and lightness of the spring season.