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What color makes you look the prettiest?

What color makes you look the prettiest?

The color you wear can drastically affect how you look and feel. Certain colors are known to be more flattering than others for different people. Finding the right color for your skin tone, hair color, eye color and body type can help you look your absolute best. Here are some tips on determining what color makes you look the prettiest.

How Color Affects Your Appearance

Color has a powerful psychological and visual impact. The colors you wear send subconscious cues about your personality, style and mood. Colors also interact with your natural coloring and undertones to enhance or detract from your overall look. Here are some key ways color affects your appearance:

– Cool skin undertones look best in cool, jewel tone colors like blue, green and purple. Warm undertones are complemented by warm colors like red, orange and yellow. Wearing the right undertone color brings radiance to your complexion.

– Different hair colors are flattered by different color palettes. Blondes and fair hair look great in light, bright colors. Brunettes shine in rich, darker hues. Redheads pop in green and purple.

– Your eye color is intensified when you wear its complementary color. Brown eyes stand out with purple, blue eyes with orange, hazel eyes with red/pink and green eyes with red.

– Colors also affect your perceived size and proportions. Dark colors are slimming. Light colors add width. Cool colors recede, warm colors advance. strategic use of color can create an illusion of an ideal body shape.

– Your personality also comes through in your color choices. Bold colors express confidence. Neutrals show refinement. jewel tones convey sophistication. Color sends a message about your style.

So color has a major impact on your look from head to toe. Choosing hues that work with your natural coloring is key to looking your very best.

Best Colors for Warm Skin Tones

If you have warm yellow, peachy or golden undertones, you are considered a warm skin type. Warm skin tones tend to tan easily and rarely burn. Here are the most flattering colors to make warm complexions glow:

Color Why It’s Flattering
Red Brings out warm peach in skin, brightens complexion
Orange Enhances radiance, energizing on warm skin
Yellow Complements golden tones, cheerful and bright
Coral Flirty shade ideal for warms, fun and feminine
Terracotta Earthy tone flatters tan skin, natural looking
Olive Green Gorgeous on warm brunettes, accentuates hazel eyes
Brown Classic, elegant, brings out warmth in eyes and hair

Warm colors that are close to your skin’s natural undertones look most harmonious. Orange is especially flattering, picking up the peach in warm skin. Yellow and red also make warm complexions radiate from within. Spicy tones like terracotta and olive green are ideal for tan, golden skin as well. Stay away from muted, cool colors like icy pink or pastel blue, which can make warm skin appear sallow. Embrace your warmth with fiery hues!

Best Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Do you have cool pink or bluish undertones? Does your skin burn easily and rarely tan? If so, you likely have a cool skin tone. Here are the prettiest color picks to make cool skin shine:

Color Why It’s Flattering
Bubblegum Pink Soft pink brings out rosy glow in fair, cool skin
Berry Red Blue-based red ideal for pink or ruddy complexions
Royal Purple Regal hue complements cool undertones beautifully
Emerald Green Jewel tone green is so glamorous on cool skin
Cobalt Blue Vibrant blue makes brown/blue eyes pop against fair skin
Lavender Pretty purple hue wakes up pale, peaches and cream skin
Baby Blue Soft cool pastel for rosy porcelain complexions

The best colors for cool undertones are also cool in tone. Icy pinks, bright berry reds, deep plums and purples, emerald greens and blues in every shade make up a cool skin tone’s color wheel. Avoid warm earth tones, orange and yellow which can clash with a cool complexion. Play up your cool beauty with frosty shades!

Most Flattering Colors by Hair Color

Your hair color is a major determinant of which colors will look best on you. Here are palettes to make every hair color shine:


Color Why It’s Flattering
Icy Pink Pretty in contrast to warm blonde hair
Baby Blue Bright but soft, brings out blonde tones
Red Classic bold red pops against blonde hair
Purple Chic contrasting hue against light hair


Color Why It’s Flattering
Royal Blue Deep blue subtly pulls out brunette tones
Emerald Green Jewel tone green pops against dark hair
Warm Brown Matching rich brown warms up olive complexions
Plum Deep yet bright purple complements brown hair


Color Why It’s Flattering
Forest Green Nature-inspired hue brings out red tones
Royal Blue Vibrant true blue is so pretty with auburn hair
Pink From blush to fuchsia, rosy pinks flatter red hair
Purple Red’s complementary color for contrast pop


Color Why It’s Flattering
Emerald Green Deep cool jewel tone flatters mature complexions
Sapphire Blue Crisp blue looks refined and elegant with gray hair
Pink From soft rose to vivid fuchsia, pink energizes gray
Purple Lavender to amethyst, pretty purples brighten silver strands

As a rule of thumb, colors that contrast your hair tone tend to look best. Light, bright colors flatter dark hair while deeper hues make lighter hair pop. Choose shades that are similar in tone to your hair color for a more harmonious look.

Color Palettes for Eye Colors

Your eye color is enhanced by wearing its complementary color. Certain hues can also minimize or intensify eye color intensity. Here are palettes to make each eye shade stand out:

Brown Eyes

Color Why It’s Flattering
Purple Direct complement to brown, intensifies eye color
Teal Brings out warm brown tones in eyes
Rust Warm hue keeps brown eyes from appearing “muddy”
Rich Blue Crisp blue makes brown eyes pop

Blue Eyes

Color Why It’s Flattering
Peach Warm contrast to cool blue eyes
Orange Vibrant complement to enhance blue
Pink From blush pink to fuchsia, pretty with blue
Red Energizing and lustrous against light eyes

Green Eyes

Color Why It’s Flattering
Red Traditional complement, makes green pop
Purple Deep jewel tones enhance green eyes
Brown Rich warm brown contrasts light green
White Brightens and illuminates green color

Hazel Eyes

Color Why It’s Flattering
Coral Warm peachy pink flatters the shifts of hazel
Mint Green Brings out green/gold tones in hazel eyes
Navy Deep blue accentuates brown/green mix in hazel
Plum Subtle purple pairs beautifully with hazel

Your eye color is one of your most distinctive features. Choose colors that intensify and enhance your eye color for maximum impact.

Most Flattering Colors by Body Type

Strategic use of color can create an illusion of ideal proportions for your body type. Here are the most flattering hues for each shape:

Pear body type: Balances bottom-heavy shape with darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom.

Color Combo Why It’s Flattering
Navy blazer with black trousers + white/pastel blouse Slimming to shoulders/upper body
Burgundy top with black skirt + nude heels Draws eyes up and elongates look
Royal blue dress + light pink cardigan/shawl Defines waist, adds width to upper body

Apple body type: Elongates silhouette with dark colors on bottom, light colors up top.

Color Combo Why It’s Flattering
White or pastel top with dark jeans/pants Lengthens and slims the leg line
Light gray trousers with darker colored blazer Gives illusion of longer legs
Bright colored blouse with black pencil skirt Draws eyes up and down to balance fullness

Hourglass body type: Defines curves and creates balance with contrasting colors.

Color Combo Why It’s Flattering
Dark jacket with light dress or shirt Accentuates a nipped in waist
White top + bold colored bottom Showcases hourglass proportions
Bright, light outer layer with dark slim bottoms Balances and highlights curves

Athletic/Rectangle body type: Soften silhouette with lighter colors and details.

Color Combo Why It’s Flattering
Soft pink blouse with feminine details Adds softness to muscular frame
Pale flowing skirt/dress Creates illusion of curves
Rich jewel tones on top + light neutral bottom Adds shape while elongating

Strategic color placement creates the illusion of ideal proportions. Dark colors slim and light colors add fullness. Contrasting hues balance and define. Keep these tips in mind for your body type.

Most Flattering Clothing Colors for Confidence

Color psychology plays into how certain hues make you feel while wearing them. Boost your confidence with these uplifting color choices:

Color Why It’s Flattering
Red Passionate, fiery color symbolizing love and power
Yellow Bright, cheerful and optimistic color of joy
Green Soothing, peaceful nature-inspired color
Purple Royal, mystical color representing luxury
Blue Calming, tranquil hue creating confidence and trust

Colors carry emotional associations that subconsciously affect how you carry yourself. Warm, energizing tones like red, orange and yellow project extroverted confidence. Cool blues and greens emanate self-assurance. Regal purple provides an air of mystique and allure. Stay true to color meanings that inspire self-confidence.

Putting it All Together

Considering all these factors together is key to determining your personal best colors:
– Skin tone (warm or cool undertones)
– Hair color
– Eye color
– Body type
– Confidence colors

The colors that align with all these elements in harmony are the ones that will be your most flattering. Getting color analyzed can help uncover this tailored palette. Custom blending cosmetics and clothing to fit your coloring is also beneficial. With the right color knowledge, you can always put your best face – and body – forward!


Finding your most flattering colors is a powerful way to showcase your natural beauty. When you wear hues that work in harmony with your skin, eyes, hair and body type, you emanate confidence and radiance. Consider the factors that make up your unique coloring and undertones. Seek colors that complement and enhance your features. With the right colors, you will look healthy, vibrant and pretty. So discover your palette and start dressing in your most flattering, beautiful colors today!