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What color is shade 20 il makiage?

Il Makiage is a popular makeup brand known for its wide range of foundation shades to match different skin tones. With 50 foundation shades available, it can be tricky to determine exactly what color Shade 20 corresponds to. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Il Makiage’s shade system and identify the precise color that Shade 20 translates to. We’ll also provide tips on how to find your perfect Il Makiage foundation match.

Overview of Il Makiage’s Shade System

Il Makiage categorizes its 50 foundation shades into 9 major shade families, from very fair to very deep. Within each family are multiple shades in the same depth but with differing undertones. This allows you to find a more customized match for your unique skin color.

Here is an overview of the 9 Il Makiage shade families:

Shade Family Depth
Alabaster Very fair
Porcelain Fair with pink undertones
Ivory Fair with yellow undertones
Creme Fair/light with neutral undertones
Beige Light with yellow undertones
Tan Medium with yellow/olive undertones
Golden Medium/tan with golden undertones
Caramel Tan/deep with neutral undertones
Mocha Deep with neutral undertones

Within each family, the shades are numbered from lightest to darkest. For example, in the Ivory family, Ivory 10 is lighter than Ivory 20. This numbering system allows you to easily identify shades with the same undertone but different depths.

What is Shade 20 in Il Makiage?

Now that we understand Il Makiage’s shade system, we can determine what color corresponds to Shade 20:

  • If it’s in the Alabaster family, Shade 20 is a very fair shade with pink undertones.
  • In the Porcelain family, Shade 20 is a fair shade with strong pink undertones.
  • For Ivory, Shade 20 is a fair shade with yellow undertones.
  • In the Creme family, Shade 20 is a fair/light neutral shade.
  • For Beige, Shade 20 is a light shade with yellow undertones.
  • In the Tan family, it’s a light/medium shade with yellow undertones.
  • For Golden, Shade 20 is a medium tan with golden undertones.
  • In the Caramel family, it’s a tan shade with neutral undertones.
  • Lastly for Mocha, Shade 20 is a deep shade with neutral undertones.

So in summary, Il Makiage’s Shade 20 ranges from very fair to deep in depth depending on the shade family. The undertone also varies from pink, yellow, golden, to neutral.

How to Find Your Il Makiage Shade Match

With so many options, how do you find your perfect match? Here are some tips:

Take the Online Quiz

Il Makiage offers an online shade finder quiz that asks questions about your skin tone, veins, and matches to other foundations. This gives you a personalized foundation recommendation to start with.

Swatch Multiple Shades

Order a few different shades like your recommended match, one lighter, and one darker. Test and compare swatches along your jawline in natural lighting. See which disappears into your skin.

Consider Your Undertones

Look at the veins on your wrists. If they appear blue/purple, you likely have cool or pink undertones. Green veins indicate warm yellow and olive undertones. Match the shade family accordingly.

Evaluate how the foundation wears throughout the day. Does it oxidize and get darker or lighter? Adjust the depth and try a different shade.

Tips for Applying Il Makiage

Once you’ve found your match, follow these tips to get a flawless application:

Prep Skin First

Start with skincare! Moisturize and prime skin before foundation application. This creates a smooth canvas.

Use a Dense Brush

Opt for a dense brush like a kabuki or buffing brush to press product into skin. This works better than a sponge for fuller coverage.

Warm Up the Formula

Roll the foundation bottle between your hands or apply to the back of your hand first. Warming up the formula helps it melt into skin.

Focus on Areas That Need More Coverage

Concentrate product on areas like under eyes, around the nose and blemishes. Then blend outwards for an even look.

Set with Powder

Finish with a translucent powder to set makeup and reduce transfer. Target oily areas like the t-zone to extend wear.

Finding Your Il Makiage Shade

Finding your perfect Il Makiage foundation match takes a bit of trial and error. But with 50 flexible shades and undertones, you’re sure to find a customized shade. Start with their quiz, then swatch similar shades and test for oxidation. Consider your skin’s undertones and adjust the shade family accordingly. With the right color match, Il Makiage foundation applies smoothly and wears comfortably all day.

Now that you know how to find your Il Makiage foundation shade, you can achieve flawless, natural-looking coverage. Their innovative formula and inclusive shade range makes finding your perfect match easy. Get ready to fall in love with your skin!