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What color is purple on a mood necklace?

What color is purple on a mood necklace?

Purple is a popular color for mood necklaces, which are necklaces that change color in response to body temperature to indicate the wearer’s mood or emotions. The exact shade of purple displayed on a mood necklace can vary depending on the individual necklace and the current temperature of the wearer’s skin.

How Mood Necklaces Work

Mood necklaces are made using thermochromic liquid crystals – special temperature-sensitive pigments that change color based on temperature. The crystals are encased in a flexible polymer packet that is worn against the skin. As the skin’s temperature changes, the crystals change temperature as well, altering the wavelengths of light they reflect and thus changing color.

Most mood necklaces cycle through a range of colors, like blue, green, purple, and red, as the temperature increases. Each color is associated with a particular mood or emotional state. The association of purple with specific moods or emotions can vary between necklace brands and retailers, but purple often represents mystery, spirituality, or creativity.

Shades of Purple

The specific purple shade shown by a mood necklace depends on the formulation of the thermochromic material inside. Some of the purple shades you may see include:

  • Violet – A light, bright, bluish purple
  • Lilac – Soft, pale purple with a pinkish tone
  • Lavender – A light, gentle purple, sometimes with a grayish tint
  • Orchid – A medium purple with red undertones
  • Wisteria – A medium-dark purple with blue undertones
  • Eggplant – A vivid, dark purple with red undertones
  • Plum – A deep reddish-purple
  • Mauve – A grayish-purple

The exact formulation of the thermochromic crystals determines the shade, while factors like crystal density and thickness of the polymer layer affect the vividness and intensity of the color.

Ideal Temperature Range

For mood necklaces, the liquid crystals are calibrated to shift colors across the normal temperature range of human skin, which is about 88-95°F (31-35°C). Here’s a rough guide to the skin temperatures associated with different purple shades:

Temperature Range Purple Shade
88-90°F / 31-32°C Paler purple like lavender or lilac
90-92°F / 32-33°C Medium purple like orchid
92-95°F / 33-35°C Deeper/darker purple like wisteria or plum

Of course, the specific temperature ranges can vary between different mood necklace brands and formulations. But in general, the darker purple shades emerge at warmer skin temperatures.

Factors Affecting Purple Shade

There are a few key factors that can affect the specific purple shade displayed on a mood necklace at a given temperature:

  • Thermochromic formulation – The specific type and concentration of liquid crystals determines the color palette.
  • Crystal density – More concentrated crystals appear darker and more intense.
  • Carrier polymer thickness – Thinner polymers show more vivid, saturated colors.
  • Ambient temperature – External temperature impacts skin temperature.
  • Skin moisture – Sweaty or wet skin has cooler temperature than dry skin.
  • Body location – The neck and chest are cooler than the fingers, wrists, or other locations.

So in the same ambient conditions, a necklace worn on the chest may display a lighter purple compared to being worn on the wrist. Overall skin temperature impacts the shade, while the formulation defines the range of purples possible.

Interpreting Purple Shades

While the association between purple shades and moods isn’t set in stone, in general deeper/darker purples are thought to represent more complex, intense emotions compared to lighter purples:

  • Lavender may indicate relaxed, calm moods
  • Lilac could represent romantic, whimsical feelings
  • Violet may reflect creativity and imagination
  • Eggplant or plum could signal passion or intensity

So a mood necklace displaying lighter purples may suggest the wearer is feeling tranquil and introspective, while darker, richer purples can signify deeper emotions like excitement or arousal.


The specific shade of purple displayed on a mood necklace depends on the thermochromic formulation, skin temperature, and wearing conditions. Lighter purples emerge at cooler temperatures, while darker, more intense purples reflect warmer skin. The color range and intensity of purple also varies between necklace brands and materials. So while the exact shade can’t be pinned down, purple on a mood necklace generally conveys a sense of creativity, spirituality, imagination, and intensity of emotions.