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What color is pewter in scrubs?

What color is pewter in scrubs?

Pewter is a popular neutral color for scrubs that combines gray and brown tones. The exact shade can vary between scrub brands, but pewter scrubs generally have a soft, muted look.

What Color Family is Pewter?

Pewter falls under the neutral color family. Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and brown are extremely versatile and pair well with other hues. Pewter has both grayish and brownish qualities:

  • Grayish qualities – Pewter contains a good amount of gray, giving it a softened, muted look. It lacks the harshness of true grays.
  • Brownish qualities – Pewter also incorporates subtle hints of brown, distinguishing it from straight grays. This warms up the color slightly.

With both grayish and brownish influences, pewter strikes a perfect balance between the two. It serves as a bridge between the cool tone of gray and the warm tone of brown.

How Would You Describe the Color Pewter?

Here are some key ways to describe the color pewter:

  • Muted – Pewter is a softly muted neutral, not too light or dark. It lacks vibrancy but has subtle depth.
  • Cool but warm – While pewter contains cool grays, the touch of brown gives it a slightly warm tone as well.
  • Versatile – Like other neutrals, pewter complements many other colors. It pairs beautifully with shades like blue, purple, green, red, pink, and more.
  • Sophisticated – Pewter is an elegant, upscale-looking neutral. It reads as polished and put-together.
  • Earthy – Thanks to its brownish influences, pewter feels organic, natural, and grounded.
  • Soothing – Pewter is a calming, tranquil color. Its softness is relaxing and zen.

What are Similar Colors to Pewter?

Here are some other neutral colors that are close to pewter:

Color Description
Mushroom A soft beige-gray neutral, slightly warmer than pewter
Steel Gray A cooler, darker gray with hints of blue
Silver Lighter and brighter than pewter, but shares its coolness
Dove Gray A very soft, pale gray with a delicate feel
Greige Mix of gray and beige, warmer than pewter
Khaki Contains more brown than pewter, creating a tan effect

Despite their differences, these colors all have a muted, neutral look and pair well with pewter. They can coordinate together beautifully in all types of design and fashion.

What Colors Go Well with Pewter?

One benefit of pewter is that it complements a wide range of colors since it falls in the neutral family. Here are some great color combinations with pewter:

  • Pewter and Blue – From navy to sky blue, all shades of blue pair beautifully with pewter’s muted tones.
  • Pewter and Purple – Deep jewel tones like amethyst and soft pastels like lilac both coordinate effortlessly with pewter.
  • Pewter and Red – Vibrant true reds really pop against pewter’s neutral backdrop.
  • Pewter and Pink – Dusty mauve pinks and rosy nudes work seamlessly with pewter’s subtle warmth.
  • Pewter and Green – Earthy sage greens and crisp kelly greens mesh wonderfully with pewter.
  • Pewter and Yellow – Mustard yellows and buttery buff shades bring lightness to pair with pewter’s grounded look.

In addition to bright colors, pewter pairs beautifully with other neutrals like white, cream, black, and brown. Overall, pewter offers a versatile color pairing option.

How Do You Match Pewter Clothing?

Here are some tips for coordinating your pewter clothing and creating stylish looks:

  • Match pewter with complementary neutrals like white, black, gray, and tan.
  • Layer pewter with brighter colors like royal blue, emerald green, or burgundy.
  • Add pops of contrasting colors through accessories like scarves, shoes, or handbags.
  • Pair pewter with metallic jewelry like silver, pewter, steel, or rose gold.
  • Combine cool weather pewter clothes like sweaters with warm weather pieces like skirts or cropped pants.
  • Mix pewter bottoms like pants or leggings with colorful patterned tops.
  • Stick to a monochromatic pewter look by matching pewter tops and bottoms.

Pewter offers lots of versatility in creating both simple everyday looks or more stylized outfits. Having pewter pieces in your wardrobe makes it easy to mix and match.

Is Pewter Considered a Warm or Cool Color?

Pewter is considered right in between a warm and cool color. Here’s a closer look at its temperature:

  • It contains cool grays that give it a chilled, icy quality.
  • But it also incorporates warm brown tones that add subtle heat.
  • The combination creates an overall neutral temperature – neither too warm nor too cool.
  • So pewter is seen as a “cool-warm” color, striking a perfect balance between the two.

This versatile neutral temperature is part of what makes pewter coordinate seamlessly with other colors. It works with palettes across the warm and cool spectrum.

How Do You Decorate with Pewter?

Here are some tips for beautifully incorporating pewter into home decor:

  • Paint walls in a soft pewter gray for a calming, neutral base.
  • Pick pewter furniture like couches, beds, or dining sets for a coordinated look.
  • Choose pewter kitchen appliances and hardware for an upscale, stylish feel.
  • Layer in pewter accents like pillows, rugs, or lamp shades to tie a room together.
  • Hang mirrored pewter wall art to reflect light and create dimension.
  • Display ceramic, metal, or wooden accessories in pewter tones.
  • Incorporate pewter vases, centerpieces, and foliage for muted floral arrangements.

Pewter creates a beautiful backdrop to build any design style on top of. Its versatility allows it to fit modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic decor seamlessly.

Is Pewter Considered a Metallic Color?

Pewter is not considered a true metallic color. Here’s why:

  • True metallics contain particles that reflect light for a shiny, iridescent effect.
  • Pewter does not have a reflective quality – it has a flat, matte finish.
  • Colors like gold, silver, bronze, and copper are examples of true metallics.
  • Pewter is a muted neutral solid color, rather than a standout metallic.

However, pewter does share some qualities with metallics:

  • Pewter reads as upscale and elevated like metallics.
  • It pairs well with metallics like silvers, steels, and grays.
  • Pewter works beautifully in jewelry, tableware, and accessories often made in metallics.

So while not a true metallic itself, pewter complements and coordinates with metallic color palettes effortlessly.

How Do You Use Pewter in Design?

Pewter is a versatile color for all types of design work including:

  • Fashion design – Pewter works well in clothing, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.
  • Interior design – Pewter excels in spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.
  • Graphic design – Pewter makes a great subtle background or text color.
  • Architectural design – Pewter colored materials give homes an upscale look.
  • Product design – Electronics, appliances, and accessories look sleek and sophisticated in pewter tones.
  • Automotive design – Pewter paint jobs and interiors project a refined personality.

In any design field, pewter provides a polished, professional, and versatile color option. It works with modern or classic aesthetics and styles.

What Brands Offer Pewter Scrubs?

Many top scrub brands offer pewter colored styles. Here are some popular brands to shop for pewter scrubs:

Scrub Brand Pewter Scrub Options
Cherokee Workwear Unisex tops and bottoms
Dickies Tops, pants, prints, sets
Grey’s Anatomy Tops, pants, underscrubs, prints
WonderWink Scrub tops, pants, jackets
Barco Tops, pants, prints
KOI Tops, pants

Other brands like Jockey, Landau, Healing Hands, and HeartSoul likely offer pewter scrubs as well. Check brand websites or scrub retailers to browse pewter options.

What is Pewter’s Hex Code?

In web design, hex codes represent colors with a 6-digit combination of numbers and letters. Here are some common hex codes associated with pewter gray:

  • #919191
  • # 555753
  • #AC9D8E
  • #736357
  • #82777D

These codes can vary slightly depending on how warm, cool, light, or dark the specific pewter tone is. Using hex codes allows web designers to precisely apply pewter colors to websites.

Is Pewter Easy to Keep Clean?

One major advantage of pewter clothing and decor is that pewter is relatively easy to keep clean and maintain:

  • Pewter hides stains and soil better than lighter or brighter colors.
  • It does not show dust, dirt, or pet hair as visibly as black.
  • Pewter upholstery and rugs clean up well without extensive scrubbing.
  • Pewter colored clothing coordinates easily so can be mixed and matched while laundering.

However, pewter can still show scuff marks, grease, and mud depending on the surface. But overall, it is lower maintenance than many colors and provides a fresh, clean look with minimal upkeep.

Does Pewter Go with Pink?

Pewter pairs beautifully with shades of pink. Here are some ways to coordinate pewter and pink:

  • Mix a pewter top with a dusty mauve pink skirt or pants.
  • Layer a steel gray pewter cardigan over a soft blush pink dress.
  • Choose a warm pewter gray wall color and decorate with rose gold pink accents.
  • Paint pale pink and pewter stripes on a wall for a modern look.
  • Select a light pink couch and pewter tone pillows and throw blanket.
  • Wear a pewter gray bag with pink shoes for a pulled together look.

Pewter’s subtle warmth and pink’s soft femininity complement each other seamlessly. The pairing works great in fashion, decor, and graphic design.


Pewter is a versatile neutral color that combines gray and brown for a soft, muted effect. Its subtle warmth paired with muted coolness allows it to coordinate with a wide range of colors from bright jewel tones to pastels to other neutrals. Pewter works beautifully in fashion, decor, and a variety of design fields. It has a sophisticated yet earthy look and pairs particularly well with shades of blue, green, purple, and pink.