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What color is nike next nature?

Nike’s new Next Nature collection features a variety of earthy, natural colors inspired by the outdoors. The use of natural, sustainable materials and muted tones reflects Nike’s commitment to more environmentally-friendly practices.

Overview of the Next Nature Collection

The Next Nature collection launched in 2021 as part of Nike’s Move to Zero initiative, which aims to use more sustainable materials to reduce carbon emissions and waste. Next Nature features shoes and apparel made from at least 50% recycled content by weight. The collection also utilizes natural dyestuffs and undyed materials to reduce the use of synthetic dyes.

The color palette of Next Nature centers around light tans, beiges, browns, greens, and other soft, natural hues. There are also subtle applications of bold greens, oranges, purples, and reds inspired by fruits, vegetables, minerals, and other organic elements.

Key Colors in the Next Nature Palette

Algae Green

A bright green reminiscent of algae pigments used to naturally dye the materials. It has a slightly neon appearance that pops against neutral browns and tans.

Peach Skin

A soft, muted peach tone that mimics natural skin colors. It has a nude, pinky undertone and provides a clean, understated look.


An earthy yellow-brown that is rich and clay-like. The ochre color is inspired by natural mineral pigments and provides a warm, sunny accent.

Moss Green

A muted green with gray undertones, evoking lush green mosses. It’s a versatile neutral that pairs well with tans, browns, and other colors.


A medium brown with subtle red-orange depth. It’s inspired by natural chestnut pigments and has an organic, wholesome look.


A pale beige-gray that mimics subtler mushroom shades. It’s an ultra-neutral, versatile shade that provides a clean, contemporary look.

Using Sustainable Materials and Dyes

The Next Nature colors are achieved through innovative use of natural materials and dyes:

  • Plant-based dyes from sources like spinach, beets, blueberries, and madder root
  • Fermented dyes using bacteria, yeasts, and microbes
  • Undyed materials like jute, organic cotton, and natural leather
  • Mineral-based pigments including clays, ochres, and limestone

Nike partners with sustainable vendors and farms to source renewable materials rich in natural pigments. Using these organic dyes and undyed fabrics helps reduce reliance on synthetic chemicals, water, and energy in the dyeing process.

Featured Color Profiles

Here is an overview of some key Next Nature shoes and apparel, showcasing the natural color palette in action:

Product Name Color Profile Description
Nike Pegasus Nature Running Shoe Mushroom/Peach Skin/Ochre Neutral mushroom upper with peach skin Swoosh accents and ochre laces
Nike Sportswear Fleece Hoodie Algae Green Bold algae green hoodie made from 75% recycled polyester
Nike ACG Big Logo T-Shirt Chestnut Rich chestnut brown shirt with nature-inspired graphic
Nike Yoga Collection Leggings Moss Green Earthy moss green leggings with muted gray accents

The Benefits of Natural Colors

Using natural materials and dyes provides both environmental and aesthetic benefits:

  • Reduces use of toxic synthetic chemicals
  • Less water, energy, and waste during production
  • Naturally derived colors may be safer for skin contact
  • Organic materials decompose easier at end of life
  • Muted, harmonious colors have an elegant, mindful look
  • Undyed fabrics showcase the raw textures and beauty of materials

The natural colors of Next Nature reflect Nike’s move towards more sustainable practices and bring an earthy, wholesome aesthetic to activewear.

Inspiring Nature and Community

Beyond environmental goals, the Next Nature colors and mission aim to connect people back to nature and promote community wellbeing. Spending time outdoors provides benefits like lowering stress, improving focus, and enhancing creativity.

By championing natural materials and colors, Nike hopes to inspire people to get outside, move their bodies, and find joy in nature’s beauty. The brand partners with local community organizations that maintain parks, gardens, trails, and recreational facilities.

Nike also aims to build an inclusive community around sustainable active living. Through campaigns like the Next Nature collection, the brand tries to set an example for other companies to rethink wasteful manufacturing practices and care for the environment.

The Future of Sustainable Design

The Next Nature collection represents part of Nike’s growing commitment to sustainability. Other initiatives include:

  • Nike Flyleather upcycled shoes made from 50% recycled leather
  • Space Hippie shoes made from scrap and factory waste
  • Nike Grind recycled rubber and foam materials
  • Move to Zero carbon and waste reduction goals for 2025 and beyond

Nike also partners with companies like Dow Chemical, Unifi, and DyeCoo to develop more sustainable materials and practices. This includes waterless dye technology, plant-based recycled polyesters, and zero-waste manufacturing principles.

By innovating with sustainable materials and processes, Nike aims to completely reimagine its design philosophy. The Next Nature collection represents an important step on the journey towards renewable, earth-friendly activewear.


The Nike Next Nature collection utilizes natural colors, materials, and principles to inspire more sustainable practices in sportswear. By championing muted, earthy tones achieved through organic dyes, undyed fabrics, and recycled materials, Nike connects its brand and customers back to the natural world.

Next Nature’s algae greens, ochre yellows, moss greens, and mushroom neutrals demonstrate a harmonious, mindful aesthetic perfect for the trails. The use of renewable materials and natural pigments helps reduce environmental waste and chemical pollution as well.

Beyond the eco-friendly processes, Next Nature promotes community wellbeing by motivating people to be active outdoors and take care of natural spaces. As Nike continues innovating for a zero-carbon, zero-waste future, collections like Next Nature exemplify the potential for the company to lead by example and redefine sustainable design.