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What color is light cornflower blue?

Light cornflower blue is a pale, desaturated shade of azure blue that gets its name from the flower it resembles. It’s known for being soft, calming, and elegant. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of this tranquil color.

Defining Light Cornflower Blue

Light cornflower blue is classified as a light tone of azure, belonging to the blue color family. It’s considered one of the pastel shades of blue. On color wheels and charts, it’s positioned between baby blue and periwinkle.

The hex code for light cornflower blue is #93CCEA. This code points to an RGB value of R:147, G:204, B:234. The CMYK values for the color are C:37%, M:13%, Y:0%, K:8%.

Some other key details about light cornflower blue include:

  • Hue angle of 210 degrees
  • Brightness value of 89%
  • Saturation of 50%

These specifications help define light cornflower blue on the color spectrum. The low saturation gives it a soft, muted quality. The high brightness adds vibrancy reminiscent of blue skies. The hue angle sits between purple and blue.

Light Cornflower Blue vs. Cornflower Blue

The term “light cornflower blue” implies that there is also a regular cornflower blue. This is correct, though the two colors are variations of the same azure tone.

Regular cornflower blue is darker and deeper than the light version. It has an RGB value of R:100, G:149, B:237 and hex code #6495ED. The saturation also increases to 79% for standard cornflower blue.

Below is a table comparing the key specifications of light and regular cornflower blue:

Color RGB Hex Hue Saturation Brightness
Light Cornflower Blue R:147, G:204, B:234 #93CCEA 210 degrees 50% 89%
Cornflower Blue R:100, G:149, B:237 #6495ED 210 degrees 79% 76%

As the table shows, light and regular cornflower blue share the same hue but differ in saturation and brightness levels. Light cornflower blue lives up to its name with higher brightness and lower saturation.

Light Cornflower Blue in Design and Decor

Light cornflower blue has a soft, gentle vibe that lends itself well to many design and decor applications. Here are some of the most popular uses for it:

Walls and Accent Painting

Light cornflower blue makes a gorgeous wall color in bedrooms, bathrooms, nurseries, and offices. It has a soothing effect that can promote relaxation in living spaces. Accent walls in this shade add a subtle pop of color without overwhelming.


From bedding to upholstery, light cornflower blue works beautifully in textile design. Its versatility allows it to be mixed and matched with various other colors and patterns. Light cornflower blue provides an updated take on traditional blue textiles.


For wedding invitations, birth announcements, business cards, and more, light cornflower blue conveys delicacy and femininity. Letterpress printing gives stationery a tactile dimension that complements the color’s softness.

Product Design

Light cornflower blue can differentiate a tech product or appliance from standard black and silver colors. For example, using light cornflower blue for headphones or a blender provides a playful twist.

No matter its use, light cornflower blue imparts refinement and grace. It works best with clean, bright color palettes and minimalist styles.

Cultural Associations of Light Cornflower Blue

Certain cultures and organizations have adopted light cornflower blue as part of their identity. Here are some of the notable associations of this color:


The United Nations Children’s Fund uses light cornflower blue in their logo and branding. The color represents childhood, innocence, and the organization’s dedication to helping children worldwide.

Argentina National Sports Teams

Many of Argentina’s national sports uniforms feature light cornflower blue and white, including their soccer, field hockey, and tennis teams. The blue represents the country while white symbolizes peace.

Democratic Party

Light cornflower blue is one of the official colors of the Democratic Party in the United States, along with navy blue and red. It ties into the party’s historic use of blue.

March Birthstone

Light cornflower blue is linked to aquamarine, one of the traditional birthstones for March. The blue tint of the gemstone aligns with the color’s serene azure tone.

These cultural connections demonstrate how light cornflower blue represents broader concepts like childhood, patriotism, politics, and nature.

Light Cornflower Blue in Nature

While not a naturally occurring plant pigment, light cornflower blue evokes aspects of the natural world. Features of nature that share its tranquil blue hue include:


On a clear day, the sky takes on a light cornflower blue shade from the way sunlight scatters through the atmosphere. This peaceful sky blue inspires the positive feelings associated with the color.


The light cornflower blue of shallow Caribbean seas and tropical lagoons comes from reflecting the colors of both the sky and underwater sand. These serene waters exemplify the color.


True to its name, light cornflower blue is inspired by the color of cornflowers. Cornflowers have pale blue petals with a soft white-and-yellow center.


Some of the feathers on bluebirds are pale azure with light cornflower blue highlights. This connects the color to the symbolism of happiness and cheerfulness.

While not found verbatim in nature, light cornflower blue certainly borrows from natural landscapes, flora, and fauna.

Light Cornflower Blue in Art

Artists across various mediums have included light cornflower blue in their works. Here are some famous examples:

Claude Monet

Impressionist painter Claude Monet used light shades of blue extensively in works like his Water Lilies series and paintings of the Normandy coast.

Tiffany Lamps

Vintage Tiffany lamps often feature stained glass in light cornflower blue. The glass pieces create soft glowing lighting.

Fabergé Eggs

Iconic Fabergé eggs designed for Russian royalty included enamel detailing in light cornflower blue hues.

Wedgwood Pottery

Wedgwood frequently uses a light cornflower blue pattern called “Cornflower Blue” in their porcelain and pottery items.

These are just a few examples of how light cornflower blue has been represented artistically. The color commanded the attention of some of history’s greatest artists and artisans.

Psychology of Light Cornflower Blue

Color psychology suggests that light cornflower blue has a number of positive effects on mood and mindset. Some of the psychological impacts associated with it include:


Like many soft blues, light cornflower blue is thought to evoke feelings of tranquility, calm, and serenity. Its soothing effect makes it ideal for relaxation spaces.


As a less intense blue, light cornflower blue has maternal and nurturing undertones. This makes it a welcoming color in children’s areas and family spaces.


The contemplative nature of light cornflower blue connects it to spirituality. The color may foster meditation, introspection, and connection with something larger than oneself.


Some link light cornflower blue with enhanced imagination and inventiveness. Its dreamy quality can activate the creative parts of the mind.

Designers, artists, and psychologists often select light cornflower blue when they want to elicit these types of emotional responses.

Choosing Light Cornflower Blue Paint Colors

Ready to use light cornflower blue in your next paint project? Here are some specific paint color options to consider across top brands:

Benjamin Moore

  • Crystal Lake
  • Heavenly Blue
  • Silvery Moon


  • Tradewind
  • Superior
  • Spa


  • Moon Beam
  • Svelte Sage
  • Ocean Air


  • Blue Horizon
  • Morning Sky
  • Lakeshore Fog

Each of these options offers a unique take on light cornflower blue for your walls, trim, doors, and ceilings.


With its soft azure tones and subtle vibrancy, light cornflower blue deserves a spot on today’s trending color palette. It provides an updated alternative to darker navy and royal blues that still evokes tranquility. Whether you’re an artist looking to channel ethereal energy or simply want to instill calm in your home, light cornflower blue is a wise choice.