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What color is jennifer aniston’s hair?

Jennifer Aniston’s hair color has been a topic of much discussion and fascination over the years. As one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, her ever-changing hair styles and colors have influenced trends and been closely watched by fans and fashionistas alike. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the various shades Jennifer’s tresses have sported throughout her career.

The Rachel: Jennifer’s Signature ’90s Look

Perhaps Jennifer Aniston’s most iconic hair era was when she played Rachel Green on the hit TV show Friends in the 1990s. Her hairstyle on the show, which became known simply as “The Rachel,” featured long layers cut to frame her face, bouncy curls, and blonde highlights. This look, created by hairstylist Chris McMillan, was a sensation at the time and was widely copied by women around the world.

What exact shades of blonde did “The Rachel” entail? It was a mixture of honey and wheat blonde highlights, with darker lowlights underneath to add depth and dimension. This gave her hair a bright, sunny, California girl look that matched her character Rachel Green perfectly. Her base color remained her natural dark blonde tone throughout most of the Friends run.

The 2000s: Going Blonder

After Friends ended in 2004, Jennifer began transitioning to lighter, cooler blonde shades. She likely started getting regular highlight touch-ups to maintain her color. By 2006, her hair was an icy platinum blonde all over. This monochromatic super-bright blonde look dominated the late 2000s Hollywood trends, with stars like Paris Hilton also going ultra-light. The cool tone complemented Jennifer’s blue eyes and light skin nicely. However, the harsh bleach treatments eventually began damaging her hair, which may have motivated her next major change.

2010s: Honey Blonde Era

In 2011, Jennifer Aniston surprised fans by debuting a new honey-hued hair color on the red carpet. This rich golden blonde was a stark change from the icy platinum she’d been sporting for years prior. The new shade, customized for her by hair colorist Michael Canalé, better complemented her skin tone and gave her a warm, glowing effect. She announced that the motivation for going darker was to minimize damage from frequent bleaching and allow her natural hair to regain strength and shine.

This honey blonde remained Jen’s go-to shade throughout the 2010s. It looked gorgeous on her at events, photo shoots, and in films like Horrible Bosses. At times she added in lighter blonde highlights for dimension. The golden color also gracefully allowed her natural darker roots to grow in, creating an organic, low-maintenance look.

2020s: Return to Darker Roots

In more recent years, Jennifer Aniston has started to embrace more of her natural brunette base. Though her length is still lightly highlighted blonde, she has been allowing her dark regrowth to come in more. Some critics wrongly accused her of going prematurely grey. But Jennifer explained that she’s simply opting for lower maintenance hair by avoiding constant dying of the roots. Letting one’s original color grow in is a popular trend, as evidenced by stars like Gwen Stefani and Demi Moore who have also opted for dark regrowth in recent years.

When Jennifer does get her color touched up, it’s with warm golden highlights similar to the honey blonde she favored in the 2010s. This technique of highlighting over naturally darker roots creates a casual, beachy look. The blended shades work beautifully with Jennifer’s complexion and hazel eyes.

Table Summary of Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Colors

Era Hair Color
Early and mid 1990s Dark blonde base with honey and wheat blonde highlights (“The Rachel” style)
Late 1990s Bright golden blonde highlights
Early 2000s Strawberry blonde highlights
Mid to late 2000s Icy platinum blonde
Early 2010s Rich honey blonde
Mid 2010s Golden blonde highlights on darker roots
Late 2010s to now Natural brunette roots with blonde highlights


While Jennifer Aniston has tried out various shades of blonde over three decades in the spotlight, her hair color always suits her beautifully. She knows how to adapt the latest color trends to flatter her skin tone and enhance her pretty facial features. Whether it’s the iconic “Rachel” layers of the ’90s or the beachy highlighted waves she sports now, Jen’s mane never fails to impress!

It will be exciting to see if Aniston continues to embrace darker roots or experiments with a totally new hue in the future. Given her fashion influence, she will undoubtedly continue setting hair color trends whatever she tries next!