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What color is graphite by Benjamin Moore?

What color is graphite by Benjamin Moore?

Benjamin Moore’s Graphite paint color is a rich, dark gray that adds subtle depth and sophistication to any space. As a leading paint manufacturer known for its premium quality paints and colors, Benjamin Moore’s Graphite is a popular choice for homeowners, designers, and architects looking to make a bold, dramatic statement. But what exactly causes this color to captivate in such a unique way? Let’s take a closer look at what makes Graphite such an intriguing and versatile shade.

The Characteristics of Graphite

At first glance, Graphite appears to be a simple, neutral gray. However, upon closer inspection, it reveals subtle complexities that set it apart from other grays. Here are some of the defining characteristics of Benjamin Moore’s Graphite paint color:

Hue Dark, cool gray
Tone Deep, saturated
Shade Charcoal gray

With a deep, saturated charcoal gray tone, Graphite has a bold personality without being overpowering. It maintains enough restraint to act as a neutral backdrop, but has enough richness to make a statement in any space. The cool undertones provide a soothing, tranquil feel as well.

The Inspiration Behind Graphite

Benjamin Moore likely chose the name Graphite due to the paint color’s resemblance to the mineral of the same name. Natural graphite has an understated, metallic dark gray appearance similar to the tone of this shade. The mineral is also known for its smooth texture and subtle sheen, much like the finish of Benjamin Moore’s Graphite paint.

Beyond the mineral, the color graphite gets its name from the graphite rod at the core of a pencil. This imagery evokes a sophisticated, artistic sensibility. The darkness of graphite also links to elegance and luxury. Overall, the connotations of the word graphite align with the refined, cultured vibe of this paint color.

Coordinate Colors for Graphite

When decorating with Benjamin Moore’s Graphite, it pairs beautifully with a range of colors that highlight its striking good looks:

White Provides crisp contrast
Cream Warms up the space
Light blue Feels relaxing and airy
Navy Adds nautical flair
Green Brings an earthy, natural vibe

White, in both bright and antique variations, makes Graphite pop with its light and dark color contrast. Softer tones like cream, light blue, and mossy green add pleasant accent colors that keep Graphite as the focal point. Navy blue is another classic pairing, creating a bold but elegant look.

Using Graphite in Different Rooms

From modern to traditional spaces, Graphite makes a statement wherever it’s used without dominating. Here are some tips for using this color in various rooms:

Living Room

In a living room, Graphite creates an intimate, cozy atmosphere with a hint of drama. Use it on an accent wall or on bookshelves and trim to contrast with neutral walls and furniture. Add in cream, blue and metallics for a chic, sophisticated look.


For a bedroom, Graphite sets the stage for rest and relaxation. Paint an entire bedroom this shade for a cocoon-like feel. Pair with crisp white bedding and antique wood nightstands for a modern farmhouse vibe. Metallic accents also pop against this dark backdrop.


Graphite prevents an all-white kitchen from feeling sterile. Use it on lower cabinets or an island for bold contrast. Match with marble, stainless steel and chrome for contemporary flair. Graphite also offsets cheery colors like yellow if you prefer a playful kitchen.


In a bathroom, Graphite feels spa-like when used on walls. Complement it with glossy subway tiles, black matte hardware and metallic fixtures. Candles and fluffy white towels also help brighten up the moody color palette.

Home Office

For a home office, Graphite paint promotes focus and concentration. Paint built-in bookshelves this color to display decor with flair. Add gallery walls with black and white art, as well as pops of yellow or green for an energetic workspace.

Graphite Paint Finishes

Benjamin Moore offers Graphite in several different paint finishes:

Eggshell Soft, velvety finish
Satin Low luster sheen
Matte Zero shine, hides imperfections

Eggshell has a luxurious velvety texture that diffuses light beautifully on walls and trim. Satin provides a touch of luster for a hint of elegance. For a modern flat look, matte makes the deep gray tone opaque and silky.

Tips for Painting with Graphite

Here are some top tips to get the best results when painting with Benjamin Moore’s Graphite:

– Properly prep and prime surfaces to ensure the paint adheres smoothly. For best coverage, use a gray tinted primer.

– Test samples on walls to view the color in both natural and artificial light. Graphite can take on slightly different tones in various lighting.

– For a bold accent wall, use Graphite for the recessed panels or interior of built-in shelving for added drama.

– Apply two coats of paint and allow proper drying time between coats for an even, consistent finish.

– Use a high-quality roller and brush to avoid visible paint lines or drips that can show through this deep shade.

– Paint trim and moldings in the same Graphite tone for a cohesive, seamless look.

Graphite Stain on Wood

Beyond using it as a wall and trim paint, Benjamin Moore’s Graphite also stains wood surfaces with exquisite results. As a wood stain, here is how Graphite performs:

Color Deep, dark ebony tones on wood
Wood types Works on all varieties – oak, mahogany, pine, etc.
Finish Penetrating, transparent stain

The deep ebony coloring brings out the beautiful grain patterns in wood of all types without fully obscuring the natural variations. The transparent pigments penetrate into the wood for long-lasting color that maintains the authentic texture.

Using Graphite Stain

Graphite wood stain allows you to infuse its sophisticated style into furniture, cabinetry, flooring and wood accents. Here are some stunning ways to use it:

– On oak or walnut flooring for contemporary flair
– To accent a mahogany media console or cabinet
– As a moody finish for a dining room table or kitchen island
– On pine beams or wood paneling for rustic ambiance
– Highlighting the grain of desktops or office built-ins
– For a dramatic ebony-stained front door

No matter where it’s applied, Graphite wood stain provides the same richness and depth as the original wall paint, but with warmer, more organic undertones.


With its deep, complex charcoal coloring and subtle cool undertones, Benjamin Moore’s Graphite paint and stain offer elegance and versatility to suit a wide range of home decor styles. From modern farmhouse to industrial and traditional spaces, this sophisticated neutral provides the perfect moody touch. With proper application and careful color pairings, Graphite infuses any room with refined, graceful style. Experiment with this beautiful shade to add striking visual interest to your next paint or stain project.