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What color is benjamin moore silver mist?

Benjamin Moore’s Silver Mist is a popular neutral paint color that can work in many different rooms and decor styles. But exactly what color is Silver Mist? Let’s take a closer look at this versatile shade.

The Basics of Benjamin Moore Silver Mist

Silver Mist is part of Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview color collection. It is categorized as a gray paint color with cool undertones. Here are some key details about Silver Mist:

  • LRV: 50
  • Base Name: Silver Mist 1478
  • Collection: Color Preview
  • Finish: Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss

The light reflectance value (LRV) of 50 indicates this is a light-medium color. It’s not too dark or too light. The cool gray undertones give this shade a relaxed, soothing vibe.

What Color Family Does Silver Mist Belong To?

Silver Mist is considered a gray paint color. But within the gray family, there are different hue variations. Silver Mist is often classified as a greige – a blend of gray and beige. The warm beige undertones soften the look of this gray.

While primarily a gray, Silver Mist could also be considered a very light taupe. It shares the same soft, sandy undertones found in many taupe paint colors. So while Silver Mist reads as a gray, it has some subtle characteristics of a warm, earthy taupe.

How Would You Describe the Color Silver Mist?

Putting an exact label on a paint color can be tricky. Colors can look different depending on lighting and what colors they are paired with. Here are some common ways to describe the color Silver Mist:

  • Soft, light gray
  • Warm, sandy gray
  • Gray with greige undertones
  • Very light taupe
  • Neutral greige

Silver Mist is a chameleon shade that adapts to its surroundings. It reads as a light gray, but also picks up subtle hints of taupe or greige depending on the room. The soft, neutral look works with both warm and cool color schemes.

How Does Silver Mist Compare to Other Benjamin Moore Grays?

Benjamin Moore has an extensive selection of gray paint colors. Here’s how Silver Mist compares to a few other popular BM gray shades:

Silver Mist vs. Revere Pewter

  • Revere Pewter is darker with an LRV of 54
  • Revere Pewter is a true gray, while Silver Mist has greige undertones
  • Revere Pewter is more formal, Silver Mist is more relaxed

Silver Mist vs. Gray Owl

  • Gray Owl is lighter and cooler (LRV 57)
  • Gray Owl is a crisp gray, Silver Mist is softer and warmer
  • Gray Owl creates a contemporary look, Silver Mist is transitional

Silver Mist vs. Stonington Gray

  • Stonington Gray is slightly darker (LRV 48)
  • Stonington Gray has more brown undertones, Silver Mist has greige undertones
  • Stonington Gray is a brown-based gray, Silver Mist is a warm blue-gray

While similar, each Benjamin Moore gray has subtle nuances that give it a unique personality. Silver Mist stands out for its soft, blended gray-beige appearance.

What Colors Go Well with Silver Mist?

The versatility of Silver Mist allows it to coordinate with a wide range of colors. Here are some popular pairings:

Color Palette Description
Crisp white, light blue, navy Classic coastal colors like white, light blue and navy blue accentuate the soft gray-blue tones of Silver Mist
Sage green, cream Earthy sage green and cream create a soothing, spa-like feel alongside airy Silver Mist
Terracotta, mustard The taupe hints in Silver Mist connect it to terra cotta orange and mustard yellow for a cozy southwestern look
Soft pink, mint Pair with soft pink and mint green for a bright, uplifting spring-inspired color scheme

Silver Mist can adapt to warm or cool palettes, making it extremely versatile. Pairing it with white or beige creates an airy, neutral room. For more contrast, team it with shades like navy, black, terra cotta or sage green.

How Does Lighting Affect Silver Mist?

Lighting plays a key role in how Silver Mist is perceived. Here is how different lighting conditions impact this paint color:

  • Natural daylight – Silver Mist looks like a springy blue-gray in daylight settings.
  • Warm incandescent light – The beige undertones become more noticeable, taking on a warm taupe-like hue under incandescent bulbs.
  • Artificial cool light – Fluorescent or LED lights emphasize the cooler gray tones in Silver Mist.

While it adapts well under any lighting, you may want to opt for warmer 2700K LED bulbs to emphasize the soft warmth of Silver Mist if going for a cozy ambiance. Bright, 5000K bulbs play up the cooler gray tones instead.

What Rooms and Spaces Work Well with Silver Mist?

Silver Mist can adapt to almost any room or space in your home. Here are some popular choices for using this paint color:


The soft, airy quality of Silver Mist makes it an ideal choice for bedrooms. It creates a relaxing ambiance perfect for unwinding and recharging.


For a bathroom, Silver Mist provides a soothing spa-like feel. Pair with linens in light blue or white for a serene, coastal vibe.

Living Rooms

Silver Mist’s neutrality allows it to work with any living room layout and color palette. Use it as a base and add accent colors through furnishings and decor.

Dining Rooms

Silver Mist has an understated sophistication that works nicely in formal dining rooms. Accent with navy, black, white and wood tones for an elegant look.


For home offices, Silver Mist provides a calming backdrop to boost focus and productivity.

The versatility of this color allows it to work in any space. Silver Mist creates a clean, inviting canvas to build your room design around.

How Does Silver Mist Look in Different Finishes?

Benjamin Moore offers Silver Mist in several finish options including:

  • Eggshell – Provides a soft, low-sheen look. Ideal for walls.
  • Satin – Has a velvety appearance with more sheen. Good for trim and doors.
  • Semi-gloss – Gives walls or trim a sleek, radiant sheen.

The finish impacts the look of Silver Mist:

  • Eggshell – Maintains a light, airy quality
  • Satin – Provides subtle depth and sheen
  • Semi-gloss – Has an almost metallic, cool sheen when illuminated

Eggshell is perfect to keep walls looking soft and matte. Satin adds a touch of sophistication without going too shiny. Semi-gloss gives a brighter, more reflective look for trim details.

How Much Paint Is Needed for a Silver Mist Project?

If using Silver Mist for an entire room, here are some estimates of how much paint you will need:

Room Square Footage Gallons Needed
Bedroom 150 sq ft 1 gallon
Living Room 350 sq ft 2-3 gallons
Hallway 100 sq ft 1 gallon
Bathroom 75 sq ft 1 gallon

For just an accent wall, trim work or furniture, you will need less. A quart or sample sizes may be sufficient. Always buy more than you think you need to avoid running out of paint halfway through your project.

Does Silver Mist Work With Brick, Stone or Siding?

Silver Mist can work nicely on exterior surfaces like brick, stone and siding. It creates a soft, blended look. For exterior use, Silver Mist is available in Satin Impervo exterior finish from Benjamin Moore.

On red brick, Silver Mist provides a more subdued look than bright white. Itworks well to visually downplay dated orange brick. For stone, Silver Mist adds a modern lift without dominating the stone’s natural texture.

On siding, Silver Mist gives a contemporary coastal vibe. Pair with white trim and black accents for a chic, relaxed look. It allows the textures of brick, stone and siding to still shine through.

Summary: The Soothing, Sophisticated Style of Silver Mist

Silver Mist is an elegant, versatile neutral that works in any home. Its light gray appearance takes on warm greige undertones in different lighting. This allows Silver Mist to coordinate with a wide range of colors and decor styles.

Painting your space in Silver Mist creates a relaxing, welcoming backdrop. The soft neutral gray establishes a soothing mood, while allowing accent colors and textures to stand out. It’s an ideal choice for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and offices.

Silver Mist provides a sophisticated look with a soft touch. This supremely versatile Benjamin Moore paint color can upgrade and unify any space with its beautiful blended neutral palette.