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What color is anniversary?

What color is anniversary?

Anniversaries are a special time to celebrate major milestones in a relationship. Each year marks a special anniversary, with certain milestone years having traditional colors and gift suggestions associated with them.

First Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is often referred to as the paper anniversary. The traditional color is gold or yellow, symbolizing a bright future together. Typical first anniversary gifts include:

  • Paper gifts: books, framed photographs from the wedding
  • Luxury paper: tickets to an event, postcards from an exotic location

Second Anniversary

The traditional color for the second anniversary is blue, said to represent faithfulness and harmony. Common second anniversary gifts include:

  • Cotton items: t-shirts, bathrobes, towels
  • China: mugs, dishes, figurines

Third Anniversary

Leather gifts are customary for the third anniversary, with the color being red or another shade of brown. Meaningful third anniversary presents include:

  • Leather goods: wallets, handbags, belts
  • Desk accessories: organizer trays, photo frames

Fourth Anniversary

The fourth anniversary is associated with the color blue green. It is referred to as the fruit, flowers, or linen anniversary. Here are some gift ideas:

  • Linen items: bed sheets, tablecloths, clothes
  • Flowers: fresh blooms, potted plant
  • Fruit basket or wine with fruit accents

Fifth Anniversary

Silver or gold represents five years of marriage. Symbolic fifth anniversary presents include:

  • Silver jewelry
  • Home decor: candlesticks, picture frames

Sixth Anniversary

The color for the sixth anniversary is turquoise. Also referred to as the candy anniversary, it calls for sweet treats or gifts like:

  • Candy or chocolate
  • Iron or wood decor

Seventh Anniversary

Copper or wool mark the seventh anniversary. Gift ideas include:

  • Copper decorations
  • Woolen clothing: sweaters, socks, scarf
  • Desk items: pen set, notepad

Eighth Anniversary

The color for year eight is bronze, with luggage or pottery suggested gift choices:

  • Luggage set
  • Pottery dish set
  • Bronze figurines

Ninth Anniversary

The traditional ninth anniversary color is pottery, symbolizing flexibility. Gifts include:

  • Pottery: mugs, bowls, vases
  • Leather goods: briefcase, wallet
  • Willow decorations

Tenth Anniversary

A decade together calls for gifts of tin, aluminum, or diamonds. Ideas include:

  • Diamond jewelry
  • Tin or aluminum decor
  • Experience gift: trip, tickets, dinner out

Eleventh Anniversary

Steel represents an eleventh anniversary. Unique gift ideas are:

  • Steel jewelry
  • Tools and hardware
  • Electronics

Twelfth Anniversary

Silk or fine linens in red symbolize twelve years together. Useful gifts include:

  • Luxury bed and bath linens
  • Silk clothing: ties, scarves
  • Jewelry box

Thirteenth Anniversary

The thirteenth anniversary color is green. Creative gift ideas are:

  • Jade statues
  • Houseplants
  • Green garments: shirt, dress

Fourteenth Anniversary

Ivory is customary for fourteen years of marriage. Ideas include:

  • Ivory decor: vase, figurine
  • Jewelry with ivory accents
  • Tickets to a concert or play

Fifteenth Anniversary

Crystal is the traditional gift for fifteen years together. Unique presents are:

  • Crystal vase or bowl
  • Glassware set
  • Crystal jewelry

Twentieth Anniversary

China or platinum represents twenty years of marriage. Gift ideas include:

  • Fine china settings
  • Platinum jewelry
  • China figurines

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Silver is customary for a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Meaningful gifts are:

  • Silver jewelry
  • Luxury watch
  • Silver home decor

Thirtieth Anniversary

Pearls signify thirty years together. Unique gifts for this milestone include:

  • Pearl necklace or earrings
  • Lustrous decor: vase, picture frame
  • Trip to a tropical destination

Thirty-Fifth Anniversary

Coral represents thirty-five years of marriage. Ideas for celebrating are:

  • Coral jewelry
  • Tropical vacation
  • Home decor with coral accents

Fortieth Anniversary

The fortieth anniversary is known as the ruby anniversary. Meaningful gifts are:

  • Ruby jewelry
  • Wine with custom labels
  • Romantic getaway

Forty-Fifth Anniversary

Sapphires symbolize forty-five years together. Unique presents include:

  • Sapphire jewelry
  • Luxury watch with sapphires
  • Custom bowl or vase

Fiftieth Anniversary

Gold represents fifty years of marriage. Special gifts for this milestone are:

  • Gold jewelry
  • Trip or cruise
  • Home decor: picture frame, vase


The traditional colors and suggested gifts for anniversaries provide great inspiration for celebrating each year. While the specific presents are not mandatory, they help reflect on the meaning of each milestone. Whichever gifts are chosen, the most important thing is cherishing each anniversary and the ever-growing bond in a loving relationship.