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What color is a ruby dog?

Dogs come in all colors of the rainbow, from jet black to snow white and everything in between. But what about a ruby dog? Let’s explore the meaning behind this unusual color descriptor for man’s best friend.

The Origins of “Ruby”

The word “ruby” brings to mind a deep, rich red gemstone prized for its beauty and mystique. Rubies have signified passion, power, and nobility across cultures for centuries. But how did this royal hue come to describe a dog’s coat?

There are a few possible origins:

  • Some ruby dogs have a reddish tint to their fur, evoking the glittering ruby gem. This reddish hue is often seen in breeds like Golden Retrievers and Irish Setters.
  • “Ruby” may derive from the nobility associated with rubies. Calling a dog “ruby” may be a way to signify its value and stature.
  • The name may also come from the concept of being precious as a ruby. A “ruby dog” suggests a beloved companion.

So while not all ruby dogs have ruby-colored fur, the name signifies a special bond and status.

What Breeds Can Be Ruby Dogs?

While any dog could affectionately be called a “ruby dog,” there are a few breeds that more commonly bear this moniker. This includes:

Breed Coat Description
Golden Retriever Shades from cream to gold
Irish Setter Rich red or mahogany coat
Cocker Spaniel Varying shades of red and brown
Labrador Retriever Reddish-brown fur
Australian Shepherd Red merle coats with mottled patches

As you can see, many ruby dogs have reddish hints to their fur. The richness of these red and brown tones reminds people of glittering rubies, leading to the nickname.

Personality Traits

Do ruby dogs share any common personality traits? Let’s explore a few tendencies often seen in dogs called rubies:

  • Loving – Most ruby dogs bond very closely with their owners and aim to please. They thrive when able to shower their families with affection.
  • Intelligent – Breeds like Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are known for being bright and trainable dogs when properly stimulated.
  • Eager to Please – Rubies have a loyal spirit and take pride in following commands and doing their jobs well, whether as companions, service dogs, or hunting partners.
  • Confident – They tend to have an air of self-assurance about them, perhaps owing to their station as ruby companions!

Of course, dogs are individuals – but many ruby dogs exemplify this mixture of devotion, intelligence, eagerness, and confidence that makes them stellar companions.

Care for Ruby Dogs

All dogs have basic needs, but rubies do well with some tailored care:

  • Grooming – Most have medium-length double coats that require regular brushing and bathing.
  • Exercise – Retrievers and shepherds thrive with 60+ minutes of vigorous daily exercise to stay fit and stimulated.
  • Training – Early socialization and positive reinforcement bring out their intelligence and eagerness to work.
  • Companionship – Rubies crave plenty of quality time, play, and snuggles with their favorite people!

Meeting their physical and emotional needs allows ruby dogs to blossom into their full potential as loyal companions.

Fun Facts About Ruby Dogs

Here are some interesting tidbits about these special red pooches:

  • Three rubies are in the American Kennel Club’s top 10 most popular breeds: Golden Retrievers (#3), Labrador Retrievers (#1), and German Shepherds (#2).
  • The deepest red Ruby dogs may be a shade called “mahogany.” This rich reddish-brown evokes luxury.
  • Ruby is the traditional birthstone for July, symbolizing passion and vitality. An apt mascot for vibrant ruby dogs!
  • Rubies are associated with the Astrological signs Aries and Scorpio’s fiery personalities – signs that may be drawn to ruby dogs!
  • The cost of real rubies means they symbolize wealth. Perhaps ruby dogs reveal their owner’s stature!
  • Ancient Hindus called rubies “ratnaraj” meaning “king of precious stones.” Ruby dogs have a royal air!

These tidbits show how the ruby epitomizes prestige, passion, and nobility – worthy traits for man’s best friend!

Famous Ruby Dogs

Many celebrity ruby dogs have captured hearts. Here are some fan favorites:

Name Breed Owner
Higgins Golden Retriever Reese Witherspoon
Tucker Golden Retriever Cindy Crawford
Ruby Labrador Caroline Wozniacki
Milou Irish Setter Tintin (Belgian comic)

These cute canines and more showcase the endearing traits of ruby dogs on the public stage!

Should You Get a Ruby Dog?

Are you considering adding one of these red charmers to your family? Here are a few key considerations:

  • Can you meet the exercise needs? Retrievers and shepherds need vigorous daily workouts.
  • Do you have time for grooming and training? These tasks are essential for ruby dogs.
  • Are you prepared for an affectionate, people-focused dog? Rubies thrive on constant companionship.
  • Can you provide the mental stimulation a bright ruby needs? They excel with activity, tasks, and toys.

If you can meet these needs, then an endearing ruby dog may be the perfect fit! Prepare for devoted companionship from this special breed.


Ruby dogs, with their regal red coats and bright personalities, hold a special place as beloved companions. While “ruby” may signify rare treasures, these dogs are precious for their unconditional love, intelligence, and eagerness to please. With appropriate exercise, training, grooming and tender care, ruby dogs fully live up to their noble name by bring joy and comfort to owners worldwide. The next time you see a reddish, cheerful pooch, you may just be looking at man’s ruby best friend.