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What color goes good with turquoise?

What color goes good with turquoise?

Turquoise is a gorgeous blue-green hue that can add a pop of color to any wardrobe or decor. When pairing colors with turquoise, there are many options that will complement its vivid tones beautifully. Choosing the right accent colors is key for creating a cohesive and stylish look.

Vibrant Color Combinations

If you want to make the turquoise really stand out, pairing it with other rich, saturated hues is the way to go. Turquoise has both cool blue and warm green undertones, so it works well with a range of vivid accent colors. Here are some bright color combinations that work wonderfully with turquoise:

– Turquoise and red: This is a bold color pairing that packs a lot of visual impact. The contrast of cool turquoise with warm, fiery red is highly effective. Try turquoise and crimson or magenta for fashion-forward looks.

– Turquoise and orange: Like red, orange makes a lively contrast against turquoise. Shades like coral, peach, and sherbet orange complement the blue tones.

– Turquoise and yellow: From bright lemon yellow to goldenrod, various sunny yellow shades look fabulous with turquoise. This combo evokes summertime and the tropics.

– Turquoise and purple: The blend of cool and warm undertones in these hues create a harmonious balance. Lilac, violet, and amethyst purple are especially stunning counterparts to turquoise.

– Turquoise and pink: Unexpected but pretty, shades from pale blush to fuchsia pair attractively with turquoise. Mix turquoise with pink for a romantic, feminine aesthetic.

Neutral Color Pairings

While vivid accents make turquoise pop, you can also temper its boldness by pairing it with neutral tones. This creates a more soothing, subtle look. Here are some versatile neutral colors that complement turquoise wonderfully:

– White: Crisp, clean white is a perfect match for turquoise. The two together evoke summery seaside vibes. Use white with turquoise in breezy fashions or minimalist home decor.

– Cream or beige: For a warm neutral pairing, rich cream and beige shades look wonderful with turquoise. They lend a subtle earthy feel that tones down the bright color.

– Greys: Cool greys like charcoal, slate and silver create an elegant modern look with turquoise. The muted grey nicely showcases the turquoise without clashing.

– Black: For dramatic contrast, black is a foolproof neutral pairing for turquoise. Black enhances turquoise’s brightness, while turquoise softens black’s severity.

– Brown: Earthy browns like mocha, tan, and chestnut complement turquoise’s green undertones. The combo feels grounded and natural.

Metallic Color Pairings

For a touch of shimmer and glam, metallic accent colors work beautifully with turquoise. Metallic’s reflective sheen plays off turquoise’s aquatic radiance gracefully. Recommended metallics include:

– Gold: Warm gold and turquoise are both staple southwestern palette colors. Together they create an eye-catching combo, whether it’s turquoise jewelry with golden accents or a turquoise top with gold shoes.

– Silver: Cool-toned silver makes turquoise gleam even brighter. Try a turquoise cocktail dress with silvery heels and jewelry for dazzling style.

– Copper: With a warmer, reddish cast, copper pairs with turquoise just as nicely as gold. Use the duo in boho tribal prints and patterns.

– Bronze: A touch of bronze adds a sophisticated, earthy richness that flatters turquoise’s tones. Bronze shoe hardware or belt buckles work beautifully with turquoise outfits.

Color Combinations to Avoid

While turquoise pairs wonderfully with many colors, there are a few hues that don’t quite complement it. Steer clear of these color combos when accessorizing or decorating with turquoise:

– Turquoise and neon/fluorescent colors: These bright shades tend to look garish and clash rather than coordinate. Neon green, orange, pink and yellow overpower turquoise instead of accenting it attractively.

– Turquoise and olive green: These two cool greens are a little too similar in tone, creating a muddy, blah effect. Opt for warmer greens like emerald or forest green instead of olive with turquoise.

– Turquoise and pastels: Soft pastel shades like mint, peach and lavender don’t have enough contrast against turquoise, making the combo fall flat. Deeper, clearer versions of those hues work much better.

– Turquoise and bright blue: Since turquoise already has strong blue undertones, pairing it with bright blues can be overly matchy. Dark navy blue is the one deeper blue that works well.

Coordinating Color Schemes

When decorating a room or assembling outfits using turquoise, keep these attractive color schemes in mind:

Southwestern scheme: Turquoise, dusty rose, terra cotta, sage green, cream, gold

Tropical scheme: Turquoise, pale yellow, fuchsia, lime green, coral, bronze

Modern boho scheme: Turquoise, lavender, silver, white, slate gray, magenta

Coastal cottage scheme: Turquoise, tan, robin’s egg blue, white, sea glass green, sky blue

Eclectic vintage scheme: Turquoise, plum, pink, lime, periwinkle, chestnut brown


With its diverse mix of warm and cool undertones, turquoise is highly versatile when it comes to color pairings. Vibrant hues like red, yellow and pink make turquoise pop beautifully, while neutrals like white, cream and grey softly complement its vibrancy. For a touch of elegance, metallics like gold, silver and bronze also coordinate wonderfully with turquoise. Avoid matching it with other bright blues and greens. With so many options, you can easily find color combinations that flatter and enhance turquoise for any aesthetic. Whether you’re accessorizing an outfit or decorating a room, use color thoughtfully to really make the turquoise shine.

Color Pairing Rationale
Red Creates bold, high-contrast combination that makes both colors pop
Orange Warmer accent hue complements turquoise’s blue tones
Yellow Cheery sunny hue evokes summery, tropical vibes with turquoise
Purple Harmonious blend of warm and cool tones
Pink Unexpected but pretty pairing, with both warm and cool versions working
White Clean, crisp neutral that enhances turquoise’s brightness
Cream/Beige Warm neutrals that tone down turquoise subtly
Grey Cool elegant neutral that lets turquoise shine as an accent
Black Classic contrast pairing that intensifies both colors
Brown Earthy warm neutral complementing turquoise’s green tones
Gold Classic southwestern color combo
Silver Cool-toned metallic makes turquoise gleam
Copper Warm reddish metallic works for boho tribal looks
Bronze Sophisticated earthy metallic pairing