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What color goes best with a brick fireplace?

Decorating a room with a brick fireplace can be challenging, but choosing the right accent colors to complement the bricks can really make the fireplace pop. When picking paint colors and decor for a brick fireplace, you’ll want to consider the existing brick color, the style of the fireplace, and the overall design scheme of the room. With some strategic color pairing, you can make your brick fireplace the stunning focal point it deserves to be.

Analyzing the Brick Color

The first step in choosing accent colors for a brick fireplace is to take a close look at the color of the existing bricks. Brick fireplaces commonly come in earthy red, brown, and tan shades, but can also be found in gray, black, white, and other colors. Is your brick fireplace a traditional red brick or does it have a more unique dark gray or antiqued look? The specific hue and tone of the bricks should guide the accent colors you choose.

For traditional red brick fireplaces, rich warm accent colors work best. Think deep reds, oranges, golds, and yellows. A red brick fireplace would also pair well with sage green or forest green accents. For gray or black brick fireplaces, opt for cooler-toned accents in shades of light blue, pale green, violet, or charcoal gray. White or light tan brick fireplaces open up many more color pairing options, from nearly any shade of blue or green to deeper colors like navy, maroon, or chocolate.

Considering the Fireplace Style

The style and era of your brick fireplace can also inform your color choices. Here are some examples of accent colors that work with different fireplace styles:

  • Rustic, farmhouse fireplaces – earth tones like tan, mossy green, rust orange
  • Traditional, colonial fireplaces – deep reds, burnt orange, mustard yellow
  • Modern, sleek fireplaces – grays, lighter blues, silvers
  • French provincial fireplaces – pastel blues, peach, light yellow
  • Tuscan or Spanish fireplaces – terracotta, stucco colors, deep greens

Choose accent colors that are in the same wheelhouse as the style of your fireplace. This will create a cohesive, purposeful look.

Tying in the Room’s Decor

While you want your fireplace colors to stand out, they should still coordinate with the overall decor of the room. Look at the existing paint on the walls, furnishings, flooring, and other accents and choose fireplace colors that will complement them. Using colors and tones already present in the room is a foolproof way to achieve a coherent look.

You can also use the 60-30-10 interior design rule as a guide. This recommends using:

  • 60% neutral background color (walls, floors)
  • 30% secondary supporting color
  • 10% accent color for fireplace, pillows, accessories, etc.

Just be sure your fireplace accent color is vivid enough to draw the eye while still fitting in with the broader room scheme.

Color Pairings that Work

Now that we’ve covered some tips for choosing accent colors, here are some specific tried-and-true pairings that look fantastic with different brick fireplace designs:

Red Brick Fireplaces

  • Dark red with gold and navy blue
  • Red-orange with light blue and white
  • Yellow and dark green
  • Sage green with cream

Gray Brick Fireplaces

  • Ice blue with white
  • Charcoal gray with mustard yellow
  • Violet with light gray
  • Sea green with tan

White Brick Fireplaces

  • Navy blue with white
  • Dark green with light brown
  • Black with gray
  • Chocolate brown with sky blue

These are just a starting point – have fun and get creative with paint swatches to find the perfect accent colors to make your brick fireplace pop.

Tips for Applying Accent Colors

Once you’ve settled on your fireplace accent colors, here are some tips for working them into the space:

  • Paint walls or use area rugs in accent colors to tie the whole room together.
  • Choose throw pillows, blankets, and other accessories in accent shades.
  • Replace heavy drapes with lightweight curtains in an accent color.
  • Repaint mantel and trim in one of the accent colors.
  • Display art, ceramics or floral arrangements with accents shades.
  • Incorporate accent colors in lamp shades and other lighting.

Aim for a coordinated, purposeful use of accent colors throughout the room. The fireplace will look most eye-catching when the whole space ties together.

Most Popular Fireplace Accent Colors

Looking for some specific tried-and-true fireplace accent colors? Here are 10 of the most popular and effective options:

Accent Color Works Well With
Navy Blue White, light gray, tan
Charcoal Gray Cream, light blue, bright white
Forest Green Red brick, brown, tan
Maroon Gray brick, dark wood tones
Mustard Yellow Red brick, dark brown
Sage Green Red brick, cream
Burnt Orange Red brick, golden yellow
Light Blue White brick, gray brick
Chocolate Brown White brick, blue
Deep Red Red brick, gold

These popular paint colors complement brick fireplaces across various styles and brick colors. Use this list as inspiration when selecting your accent shades.

Tips for Painting a Brick Fireplace

Sometimes simply adding accent colors to the rest of the room isn’t enough. For a more dramatic transformation, consider repainting the brick on the fireplace itself. This can really revitalize the look of a dated or damaged brick fireplace.

Here are some tips for successful brick fireplace painting:

  • Clean bricks thoroughly before painting to help paint adhere properly.
  • Choose heat-resistant, high-quality latex paint designed for masonry.
  • Opt for a matte or eggshell paint finish over glossy for better adhesion.
  • Apply painter’s tape around the edges for a clean paint line.
  • Use an angled brush to get into grout lines and mortar between bricks.
  • Apply two coats of paint for best coverage and durability.
  • Remove paint splatters right away with soapy water.
  • Avoid painting over the firebox area where flames make contact.
  • Consider adding a clear sealer over the paint for extra protection.

With the right prep and paint, you can transform even the plainest brick surround into a colorful focal point. Just be sure to use high-heat paints designed specifically for masonry.


Choosing the perfect accent colors to brighten up a brick fireplace can greatly enhance the look and feel of a room. Consider the color of the existing brick, the fireplace’s style, and the room’s current decor when selecting complementary shades. Popular pairings like navy with white, charcoal with light blue, and forest green with red brick are go-to options. Use accent colors throughout the space in artwork, pillows, rugs and drapes to tie everything together. With the right splash of color, your brick fireplace can become the stunning centerpiece it’s meant to be.