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What color glasses should I get if I have grey eyes?

Having the perfect pair of glasses to complement your eye color can really make your eyes pop. With so many frame colors and lens tints available, it can be tricky to choose which ones will look best with gray eyes specifically. In this article, we’ll break down the different factors to consider when selecting glasses frames and lenses to pair with gray eyes so you can find your perfect match.

How to Determine Your Eye Color

First, it’s helpful to understand what gives eyes their gray color. Gray eyes contain low to moderate amounts of melanin (the pigment that also colors your hair and skin). This results in a soft, muted gray or blue-gray eye color that shifts between shades. Here are some quick tips for identifying if your eyes are gray:

  • They often appear lighter in sunlight and darker indoors or in dim lighting.
  • They may have small flecks or specks of blue or green mixed in.
  • They can shift between more blue-gray or green-gray shades.
  • They are paler and cooler-toned than brown or hazel eyes.

Check your eye color in different lighting to get a sense of how your gray eyes look in shades. This will help you choose the most flattering glasses colors.

Frame Color Considerations

When selecting eyeglass frames, you’ll want to pay attention to the undertones of your gray eyes. Frame colors that have similar cool undertones will complement gray eyes nicely. Here are some top frame color options to consider:

Silver or Gunmetal

Silver and gunmetal glasses frames look beautiful with gray eyes. These metallic shades enhance the cool undertones of gray irises. Plus, the high contrast makes your unique eye color really stand out.


The mixed brown and black hues in tortoiseshell eyeglasses also pair nicely with gray eyes. Tortoiseshell frames add warmth that contrasts well with the cool tone of gray irises.


Try plum, lilac, lavender or other light purple frame colors to make gray eyes pop. Purple hues blend nicely with gray and add a fun pop of color.


Since gray eyes often have blue hints, matching blue eyeglass frames can look great. Go for light to medium blue shades to coordinate with cool gray eyes.


Classic black eyeglass frames work well with just about any eye color and gray eyes are no exception. Black also makes a statement and puts all the focus on your face and eyes.


You’ll typically want to avoid frames with warm color tones like orange, yellow, red and pink as these will clash with the natural cool tones of gray eyes. Greens and browns can sometimes work but be sure to test them first.

Lens Color Options

In addition to the frame color, consider the tint or color of the lenses themselves. Certain lens colors can also complement your gray eyes:

Clear lenses

Clear, untinted lenses allow the natural color of your eyes to shine through so gray eyes remain the focal point.

Light blue or purple tints

These lens colors pick up on the subtle cool tones of gray eyes and enhance them.

Rose or pink lenses

While generally best to avoid red/pink frames, a touch of rose or pink in the lenses can offset gray eyes nicely by providing some contrast.


Again, avoid warm colors like brown, orange or yellow lenses as these will likely look somewhat unnatural with gray eyes.

Factors for Different Eye Shades

Not all gray eyes are the same shade. Here are some extra considerations for lighter gray eyes vs. darker gray eyes:

Light Gray Eyes

  • Go for frames that add more contrast like black, dark brown, gunmetal.
  • Rose gold frames can also complement light gray eyes.
  • Try purple, green or blue lens colors to complement lighter eyes.

Dark Gray Eyes

  • Choose lighter frame colors like silver, light gray or nude.
  • Aim for frame colors that have blue/green undertones.
  • Consider subtle blue or green tints for the lenses.

Face Shape Considerations

The shape of your face should also factor into choosing the best eyeglass frames for your gray eyes. Here are some quick tips:

Oval face

  • Oval faces look great with rectangular frames.
  • Try different frame heights and widths to find the ideal ratio.
  • Rounded or aviator shapes also complement oval faces.

Square face

  • To soften square faces, opt for oval or round frames.
  • Cat-eye shapes also offset square jaws nicely.
  • Wider frames help downplay the angularity.

Heart face

  • To balance a narrower chin, go for wider frames like wayfarers.
  • Geometric frames with clean lines complement heart faces.
  • Steer clear of overly large or wide frames.

Round face

  • Rectangular frames offset roundness and add definition.
  • Go for taller, narrower shapes to elongate the face.
  • Minimal frame designs work best for round faces.

Additional Complementary Options

Beyond just the color, also consider these extra details when choosing glasses to enhance gray eyes:

  • Mirrored or polarized lenses – These can really make gray eyes stand out in the sun.
  • Minimal frames – Thin wire or rimless frames keep the focus on your eye color.
  • Bold shapes – Make a statement with cat-eye, geometric or retro shapes.
  • Browsing in natural lighting – Test frames in daylight to see how the colors pair with your eye color.

Recommended Style Ideas for Gray Eyes

Here are a few stylish, recommended frame and lens combinations that are known to look amazing with gray eyes:

Light Silver Frames + Purple Lenses

  • Cool-toned silver frames bring out the blue/green in light gray eyes.
  • Purple lenses enhance this further for an eye-catching look.

Classic Black Wayfarers + Clear Lenses

  • Black wayfarers nicely offset all eye colors and shapes.
  • With clear lenses, the focus remains on the beautiful gray color.

Retro Cat-Eye Tortoiseshell + Rose Lenses

  • A cateye shape looks great on heart and oval face shapes.
  • Tortoiseshell adds nice warmth against gray irises.
  • Subtle rose lenses provide a pop of color.

Rimless Rectangle Frames + Mirrored Lenses

  • Minimal rimless frames don’t distract from the eyes.
  • Mirrored lenses make gray eyes dazzle in the sunlight.

The most foolproof way to choose the perfect glasses to match your gray eyes is to simply try on multiple pairs. Test different frame shapes, colors and lens options to see what you feel most confident and comfortable in. The right pair will enhance your natural eye color while also complementing your face shape, style and personality.


Gray eyes are a stunning and unique eye color to have. Choosing glasses frames and lenses that coordinate with your specific shade of gray eyes can really make them pop. Cool-toned colors like silver, black, blue and tortoiseshell tend to complement gray eyes best. Lens colors like light purple, rose and mirrored effects also enhance gray irises nicely. To best flatter your face shape, go for rectangular frames if you have an oval face, round frames for square faces, geometric frames for heart faces and rectangular frames for round faces. Consider clear lenses to keep the focus on your eye color. The most important tip is to try on a range of different styles and look for the pairs that you feel most confident in. With the right choices, your glasses can make your beautiful gray eyes the star of your look.


In summary, choosing glasses when you have gray eyes requires carefully considering complementary frame colors, lens tints, and face shape. Cool-toned metallic frames like silver and gunmetal work well, as do colors like black, blue, and tortoiseshell. Lens colors should enhance gray eyes’ natural tones – light blue, purple, green, or a touch of pink can create nice contrast. Frame shapes should be chosen to balance face shape and soften hard lines or angles. With so many factors at play, the best approach is to try on a wide selection of styles to see which options make your gray eyes really shine. The right glasses will accentuate the beauty of your gray eyes while reflecting your personal sense of style.