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What color gatorade was dumped on the coach last super bowl?

The Gatorade shower has become a tradition in American sports, especially in the NFL. Winning head coaches get doused in the brightly colored sports drink by their players near the end of the game. This celebratory act has become synonymous with championship victories.

Fans often wonder what color Gatorade will get dumped each year. The company rolls out special edition colors just for the Super Bowl. The choice of color provides some extra intrigue and allows Gatorade to gain publicity around one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Background on the Gatorade Shower Tradition

The act of dumping cool liquids on winning coaches started in the 1980s. College football coach Steve Spurrier got doused by his Florida Gators players after a big win in 1985. This started the tradition of the “Gatorade Shower.” Spurrier later brought the practice to the NFL when he became head coach of the Washington Redskins.

While the beverages used have evolved over the years, Gatorade eventually became the drink of choice due to their strong branding around sports. The company has fully embraced the free publicity this tradition provides their brand on the biggest national stage.

Recent Gatorade Colors Used at Super Bowls

Year Winning Team Losing Team Gatorade Color
2023 Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles Blue
2022 Los Angeles Rams Cincinnati Bengals Orange
2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kansas City Chiefs Blue
2020 Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers Orange
2019 New England Patriots Los Angeles Rams Blue

As the table shows, Gatorade has alternated between using orange and blue flavors in recent Super Bowls. This provides some variety from year to year. The winning team’s primary color also seems to factor into the choice.

What Color Was Used at Super Bowl LVII?

At Super Bowl LVII in 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. It was an exciting back-and-forth game that came down to the final minutes. In the closing seconds, Chiefs coach Andy Reid got the traditional winning coach’s treatment – a shower of Gatorade!

The Chiefs primary colors are red and yellow. But Gatorade went with their traditional blue flavor instead of trying to match team colors. So Coach Reid got a shower of cool blue Gatorade dumped on him as the Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl victory.

This marked the third time in the last five years that Gatorade used a blue-colored flavor. It seems the company sees their blue Gatorade as the default go-to for Super Bowl celebrations. The blue color provides a nice color splash and photos well on TV.

Why These Colors Get Chosen

Gatorade definitely thinks strategically about which special edition color they unveil each year. Here are some factors that likely impact their decision:

  • Wanting variety from year to year to keep things interesting
  • Using their main brand colors of orange and blue frequently
  • Matching winning team’s primary colors when appropriate
  • Considering how color will look on TV for maximum impact
  • Coordinating with the Super Bowl host city’s colors

While the color choice may seem random initially, there are calculated marketing considerations behind it. Gatorade wants to generate buzz and get people talking about which color they will use.

The Evolution of Postgame Celebrations

While Gatorade showers are common today, championship celebrations have continued evolving. Here’s a quick history:

  • 1960s-70s – Sports champions were often photographed smoking cigarettes and drinking champagne in the locker room after winning.
  • 1980s – Dump buckets of water or orange juice on coaches as a prank.
  • Mid 80s – Gatorade becomes the drink of choice due to branding power.
  • 1990s – Teams celebrate on the field instead of in private locker rooms.
  • 2000s – Elaborate staged celebrations, customized championship gear worn during celebrations.

The celebrations have become more choreographed and public over the years. Dumping Gatorade on the winning coach is just one part of the celebratory spectacle fans have come to expect.

Memorable Gatorade Shower Moments

Some of the most memorable Gatorade shower moments include:

  • Bill Belichick getting doused with blue Gatorade after winning Super Bowl 53 in a defensive struggle.
  • Sean Payton getting covered in orange Gatorade after the Saints’ first Super Bowl win in 2010.
  • Mike Ditka getting showered in 1985 when the Bears dominated the Patriots in Super Bowl XX.
  • Bill Cowher’s players startling him with a shower minutes before the end of Super Bowl XL.

Fans love the candid emotional moments the Gatorade showers capture. The winning coach’s genuine reaction when the cold liquid pours down their back is priceless.

Future Evolution of Celebrations

How might championship celebrations continue evolving in the future? Some possibilities include:

  • Dousing the winning owner or executives instead of just the head coach
  • Pouring custom paint colors instead of pre-made Gatorade
  • Having a fan vote determine the color
  • Using tie-dye colors or multiple colors at once
  • Incorporating slime, glitter, or other messier substances

Fans desire novel celebrations that top the previous year. This drive ensures championship parties will continue getting bigger and messier. The winning Gatorade shower will likely remain a staple, even as other wild antics get introduced around it.


The Gatorade shower has become an iconic tradition in championship celebrations, especially at the Super Bowl. Fans eagerly wait to see what color liquid will drench the winning coach. Gatorade carefully considers marketing factors when selecting each year’s special edition color. While blue was the color of choice for Super Bowl LVII, we’ll have to wait until next year to find out what color Gatorade will unveil for the 2024 title game!