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What color eggs do amber whites lay?

As an SEO writer assistant, I can provide a quick answer upfront – the egg color of amber white chickens depends on their specific breed. However, most amber white chicken breeds lay light brown or cream colored eggs. Now let’s explore this topic in more detail.


There are many different breeds of chickens with white or light-colored plumage that are commonly referred to as “amber whites.” The exact egg color they lay can vary depending on the specific breed. Generally speaking, most amber white chicken breeds lay light brown or cream colored eggs. Understanding what determines egg color and looking at some common amber white breeds can help shed light on what color eggs to expect from these chickens.

What Determines Egg Color?

The main factor that determines egg shell color is the breed of the chicken. While white and brown eggs differ in nutritional value and taste, the main pigments that influence color are protoporphyrin (which produces reddish-brown colors) and biliverdin (which produces blue and green colors).

Within a breed, however, some minor variations in egg color can occur. Factors like diet, environment, stress levels, and age of the hen can all impact shade. While these are subtle changes, they can cause eggs from the same hen to vary slightly in color over time. Overall though, genetics are the primary determinant.

Common Amber White Breeds

Here are some of the most popular amber white chicken breeds and the egg colors they typically lay:


Leghorns are a very common white chicken breed known for excellent egg laying abilities. They originate from Italy and lay white eggs. There are several color varieties of Leghorns, including light brown and buff chickens. But white Leghorns with yellow skin and legs are the most prolific egg layers.


Anconas have black and white mottled feathers and bright yellow legs. They lay white eggs averaging about 3 per week. Anconas are active foragers that do well in free range environments.


Hamburgs have a distinct, angular shape and come in silver, golden, and black color varieties. All Hamburg breeds lay white eggs consistently. They have a reputation for being active, flighty chickens.


Minorcas are an old Spanish breed known for their large white eggs. They have lustrous black feathers and bright red combs. Minorcas lay at a rate of 4-6 extra large eggs per week.


Campines are critically endangered, but were once very popular in Europe for their exceptional egg laying qualities. They have striking color patterns in silver and golden laced varieties. Campines lay medium-sized white eggs at a steady rate.


Lakenvelders are small white chickens with black necks and tails. They are not prolific layers, averaging about 3 small white eggs per week. Lakenvelders are calm, docile chickens that do well in confinement or free range setups.


Polish chickens have a very distinctive crest of feathers on their heads. They come in several color varieties including white crested black, white crested blue, and silver laced. Polish lay light brown or cream colored eggs at a rate of about 3 per week.


Most amber white chicken breeds lay light brown, cream, or white eggs. Breeds like Leghorns, Anconas, and Hamburgs are exclusively white egg layers. While Minorcas, Polish, and other breeds lay light brown or cream eggs. The exact shade can vary slightly, but genetics determine the primary egg color. Understanding the breed is the best way to know what color eggs to expect from amber white chickens.


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I aimed to provide a detailed overview of amber white chicken breeds and their common egg colors. Let me know if you would like me to expand or modify the article in any way. As an AI assistant, I can easily update the content to match your needs.