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What color dress matches a navy blue suit?

What color dress matches a navy blue suit?

Choosing the right dress to match a navy blue suit can seem tricky, but following some simple guidelines makes picking the perfect coordinating color effortless. When selecting an outfit, it’s important to consider the occasion and overall desired aesthetic. However, some fundamental rules apply for pairing dresses with navy suits in order to look polished and put-together.

Quick Answer

The best colors to wear with a navy suit for women are neutral tones like beige, gray, blush pink, and light blue. Jewel tones like emerald green, rich purple, and ruby red also beautifully complement the deep blue hue. Black is another elegant option. Avoid pairing loud prints or bright neons with a navy suit. Stick to solid colors in the same shade family for a sophisticated and streamlined look.

Why Navy Blue Suits Are So Popular

Navy blue suits have long been a staple in many professional wardrobes. The dark blue shade is flattering on most skin tones, making it a universally wearable neutral that flatters without being overpowering. Navy blue also conveys authority and competence, making it an ideal choice for important business meetings or events.

Unlike black suits, navy has a polished yet approachable look. The color works for day or evening affairs ranging from office hours to weddings and formal galas. For these reasons, every stylish professional should own at least one versatile navy suit.

General Guidelines for Complementary Colors

When pairing any color suit with a dress, sticking within the same color family is a foolproof strategy. For navy blue, the safest complementary hues include other cooler tones like gray, silver, light blue, and icy pastels. Emerald green is another color that brings out the richness in navy.

Neutral beiges, taupes, and tans also work beautifully, as softer warm shades provide contrast against the deeper blue. Pure white and black are additional classic dress options. Avoid bright primaries and neons, as these colors will clash. Instead, stay subtle by choosing a dress in the same shade intensity as the suit.

The Best Dress Colors to Match a Navy Suit

Here are the top dress colors for coordinate seamlessly with navy blue suits:

Light Blue

Pairing navy with a lighter blue creates a monochromatic look. Powder blue, sky blue, and other pale blues complement the bold navy hue. Wearing varied shades of the same color is a foolproof way to look instantly elegant.

Blush Pink

Pretty blush pink is feminine and sophisticated next to dark navy. From ballet slipper to dusty mauve, any soft pink dress coordinates. The combination creates a glamorous yet understated aesthetic perfect for weddings and formal events.


For the office or important daytime occasions, gray is the perfect neutral to match a navy suit. From heather to charcoal, the muted tones allow the suit to stand out while remaining professional. Gray also matches any accessories like shoes or jewelry.


Nothing is more chic than a black dress with a navy suit. The contrast between the dark colors is eye-catching. Black dresses convey timeless elegance for evening affairs and black-tie weddings. A LBD is a wardrobe essential every woman should own.

Emerald Green

Vibrant emerald green pops against navy for a bold, festive look. The contrasting colors pair surprisingly well together, as both shades are rich but muted. Emerald dresses complement navy suits at seasonal events and summer weddings.


For a more casual office look, beige is a great match for navy blue. As a warm neutral, almond, tan, and light camel shades keep things professional but not stuffy. Ivory and cream also fit into the beige color family.


A crisp white dress always looks classic and polished with a navy suit. White balances the darkness of navy, allowing the vibrant blue tone to stand out. A touch of white also lightens the whole look.


Deep purple shades like amethyst, plum, and wine beautifully accent navy blue. Purple works for daytime or evening affairs, depending on the shade and fabric. Lighter lavender dresses coordinate for spring and summer occasions.


For a bold color pairing, choose crimson, maroon, or brick-hued red dresses to make the navy suit pop. Red commands attention and energizes any event. Save jewel-toned red dresses for nighttime galas and weddings to maximize the dramatic contrast.

Dress Silhouettes, Fabrics, and Details

Beyond just color, also consider the silhouette, fabric, and accents of dresses paired with navy suits. In general, look for styles and materials with a similar formality to maintain a cohesive elegance.


For dressy occasions, A-line silhouettes with defined waistlines complement navy suits. The flared skirt creates a feminine, retro-inspired look. A-lines are versatile for work, parties, and weddings.


Figure-skimming sheath dresses offer a body-conscious look. Look for details like embellishments or strategic draping to elevate the sleek silhouette. Sheaths transition seamlessly from office hours to evenings out.


Wrapped styles cinching at the waist provide flattering shape for a wide range of body types. Jerseys wrap dresses offer comfort and flexibility for busy days while silks upgrade the look at night.


Short cocktail dresses paired with navy suits create dressy yet fun outfits for special events and black-tie affairs. Consider different sleeve styles like off-the-shoulder or cap sleeves for added flair.


For summer garden parties and beach weddings, breezy maxi dresses in lightweight, flowing fabrics like chiffon or crepe allow navy suits to stay cool. Slits, embellished necklines, and open backs provide alluring details.


Demure lace dresses offer timeless romance and femininity. Navy suits provide the perfect contrasting backdrop for the intricate lace designs and detailing to shine.


Shimmering metallics add glamour and sparkle for nights out and formal galas. Gold, bronze, silver, and rose gold dresses catch the light next to deep navy suits.

Accessories Tips

Accessories like shoes, jewelry, purses, and belts provide the finishing touch to polish off navy suit outfits. When accessorizing, draw color cues from the dress while sticking to a coordinated elegance. Here are some accessory ideas:


– Nude or metallic pumps

– Beige or white sandals

– Emerald green heels

– Black stilettos

– Red boots or booties


– Gold, silver, or diamond stud earrings

– Emerald or sapphire drop earrings

– Pearl necklace or bracelet

– Sparkling crystal statement necklace

– Red or turquoise gemstone rings


– Structured black leather tote

– Navy leather clutch

– Beige crossbody bag

– Colorful clutch (emerald, red) for pop of contrast


– Thin black leather belt

– Woven tan belt

– Metallic chain belt

– Emerald or red statement belt

Occasion-Based Outfit Ideas

Here are some stylish navy suit and dress combinations for various events:


– Navy suit, gray sheath dress, black pumps

– Navy suit, beige wrap dress, nude heels

– Navy suit, pastel blue A-line dress, pearl earrings

Cocktail Parties

– Navy suit, black cocktail dress, silver heels

– Navy suit, emerald green cocktail dress, gold jewelry

– Navy suit, purple lace dress, black stilettos


– Navy suit, pink maxi dress, silver sandals

– Navy suit, red cocktail dress, diamond studs

– Navy suit, blue A-line dress, pearl necklace

Evening Events

– Navy suit, black sheath dress, emerald jewelry

– Navy suit, metallic wrap dress, black clutch

– Navy suit, blue lace dress, silver heels

Summer Occasions

– Navy suit, white eyelet dress, tan wedges

– Navy suit, light blue maxi dress, woven belt

– Navy suit, lavender dress, nude heels

Complete Outfit Examples

Here are a few complete navy suit and dress outfit ideas from head to toe:

Office Outfit

– Navy pantsuit with skirted jacket

– Light gray knit sheath dress

– Black point-toe pumps

– Silver ball stud earrings

– Black leather tote bag

Cocktail Party Outfit

– Navy suit with satin lapels

– Red lace cocktail dress with 3/4 sleeves

– Black suede ankle-strap heels

– Gold cuff bracelet

– Silver rhinestone clutch

Summer Wedding Outfit

– Navy suit with flat front pants

– Blush pink chiffon maxi dress

– Silver T-strap sandals

– Pearl drop earrings

– Woven beige clutch

– Flower corsage


With so many stylish dress options, you can’t go wrong pairing the perfect complement to a navy blue suit. Stay within the neutral, blue, green, pink, purple or red families for a sophisticated look suitable for any occasion. Avoid bright neons and loud patterns, and instead opt for solid colors in a similar shade intensity. Consider the dress silhouette and fabric as well for a polished finish. Accessorize with coordinating shoes, handbags, and jewelry pulled from dress colors. With these tips, you’ll always know just what to wear with a navy suit for work, parties, weddings, and beyond!