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What color do brunettes look best in?

What color do brunettes look best in?

As an SEO writer assistant, I’m here to provide some quick answers about what colors brunettes look best in. Keep reading for tips, recommendations, and examples to help you choose the most flattering colors for your brunette hair.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick takeaways about what colors look best on brunettes:

  • Rich, warm colors like caramel, copper, gold, and amber complement brunette hair beautifully.
  • Deep cool tones like emerald green, cobalt blue, and violet can make brown hair pop.
  • Neutrals like black, gray, navy, and tan are always safe, chic choices.
  • Avoid wearing the exact same shade as your hair – go a bit lighter or darker for contrast.
  • Metallic sheens like bronze, rose gold, and pewter can accentuate brown locks.

Warm Color Palette for Brunettes

Brunettes with warm undertones to their hair will look radiant in warm, golden colors. Here are some specific shades to try:

  • Camel: A rich, caramel-inspired neutral that flatters tan skin.
  • Terracotta: An earthy reddish-orange ideal for fall.
  • Coral: A cheerful peachy-pink that brings out golden highlights.
  • Brick Red: A bold, fiery red-orange hue.
  • Olive Green: An elegant Army green that complements brown eyes.
  • Chocolate Brown: A darker brown with a slight red undertone.
  • Goldenrod: A bright, sunny yellow that energizes an olive complexion.

Cool Color Palette for Brunettes

For brunettes with cool undertones, icy pastels and deep jewel tones are your best bets. Some top shades include:

  • Royal blue: Regal and refined, royal blue suits fair skin.
  • Plum: A rich purple hue ideal for fall and winter.
  • Emerald: Jewel-toned green that makes brown eyes pop.
  • Navy: A nautical classic for preppy vibes.
  • Lavender: Soft and feminine on cool or pinkish skin.
  • Mint: Crisp and bright, mint flatters those with pink undertones.
  • Icy pink: Not too warm, with a touch of girly flair.

Neutral Colors for Brunettes

You can never go wrong with neutral colors like black, white, gray, tan, and denim. These versatile basics look elegant on brunettes year-round. Here are some neutral shades to incorporate into your wardrobe:

  • White: Crisp, bright, and summery.
  • Ivory: Softer and warmer alternative to white.
  • Cream: The perfect neutral to pair with denim.
  • Oatmeal: Understated beige-gray hue.
  • Taupe: Warmer than gray, cooler than brown.
  • Heather gray: An everyday go-to color.
  • Denim: Whether dark wash or light wash, jeans are a staple.
  • Khaki: Tan neutral that works year-round.
  • Olive: Subtler alternative to Army green.
  • Camel: Rich neutral that complements warm brunette tones.

Best Colors for Brunettes by Season

The most flattering colors for brunettes may also vary by season based on lighting and temps. Here are top color recommendations for each:

Season Best Colors for Brunettes
Spring Pastels like mint, baby blue, lilac
Summer Navy, denim, khaki, white, coral
Fall Olive green, plum, terra cotta, mustard
Winter Black, charcoal gray, emerald, berry hues

In spring and summer when skies are brighter, lighter more muted colors tend to complement brunettes best. In fall and winter, deeper richer tones help enhance and warm up brown hair.

Avoid Matching Hair Color Exactly

One key tip when choosing clothing colors for brunettes is to avoid matching your hair color exactly. Wearing the exact shade of brown, black, or tan as your locks can look washed out. Instead, go a touch lighter or darker to create some contrast between hair and clothing color. For example:

  • If you have dark brown hair, avoid black – go for charcoal instead.
  • If you have light brown hair, avoid tan – try oatmeal instead.
  • If you have black hair, skip matching black clothing – opt for navy.

The contrast between your hair color and clothing color will make your complexion and features stand out more.

How Skin Tone Impacts Best Colors

Your individual skin tone should also guide your color choices as a brunette. Here are some best colors for different complexions:

Skin Tone Best Color Palette
Fair/pink Soft pink, plum, baby blue, mossy green
Light tan Coral, peach, sky blue, sage green
Medium/olive Terracotta, emerald, royal blue, yellow
Darker brown White, fire engine red, fuchsia, teal

Fair brunettes look lovely in rosy pinks and purples while darker brunettes pop in vivid primaries. Olive complexions shine in earth tones and citrus brights. Knowing your skin’s undertones helps determine whether you’re best in warm, cool, or neutral colors.

How to Pick Colors for Brunette Hair

When shopping for clothing, how do you know which colors will complement your brunette locks? Here are some tips:

  • Drape different colors near your face in the dressing room to see which are harmonious.
  • Look at veins on inner wrist to determine cool (blue veins) or warm (green veins) skin undertone.
  • Think about eye color – blues and greens pop against warm colors like terracotta.
  • Consider hair highlights – if you have warm reddish highlights, stick with like-minded warm hues.
  • Go for contrast – pair deeper colors like purple with light beige or blue with tan.

Trust your instincts – you’ll feel when a color seems to make your hair and complexion glow. The most foolproof way is to simply try on different shades.

Most Flattering Colors for Brunette Hair

Now that we’ve covered how to select the most harmonious hues, here is a quick recap of the top colors that complement and flatter brunette hair:

  • Camel
  • Rose gold
  • Forest green
  • Plum
  • Navy
  • Coral
  • Denim
  • Chartreuse
  • Cobalt blue
  • Olive
  • Lavender
  • Ivory
  • Gold
  • Mint
  • Ruby
  • taupe

Explore wearing these shades against your brown locks to see which you feel most fabulous in. Don’t be afraid to also step outside your comfort zone occasionally with a bright, bold color.

Hair Care for Brunettes

To keep your brown locks looking their best:

  • Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to avoid dryness
  • Tone down brassiness with purple shampoo
  • Use heat protectant before hot tools
  • Air dry when possible to prevent damage
  • Trim regularly to manage split ends
  • Get a gloss or glaze to boost shine

Healthy, conditioned brunette hair shows off colors better. Keep locks moisturized and minimize damage to allow hues to shine through.

Dressing for Your Body Type

When choosing what flatters your brunette hair, also consider your body shape. Here are some tips:

Body Type Styling Tips for Brunettes
Pear Wear darker colors on bottom, lighter on top
Rectangle Choose wrap dresses, off-shoulder tops
Inverted triangle Draw eyes down with long necklaces
Hourglass Accentuate waist with belts and fitted clothing
Oval Create shape with defined shoulders, collars
Petite Elongate legs with vertical stripes, high waist

No matter your figure, you can enhance it with smart colors, necklines, patterns, and accessories.

Dress for Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle needs when getting dressed as a brunette as well. For example:

  • Busy moms may want stain-resistant fabrics and casual separates.
  • Professionals need tailored pieces suitable for the office.
  • Weekend warriors can embrace athleisure in on-trend colors.
  • Jet setters will pack versatile neutral pieces that mix and match.

Let your daily activities guide functional color and clothing choices.

Accessories for Brunette Hair

Accessorize your look with these complementary colors for brown hair:

  • Gold or brass jewelry
  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses
  • Cognac leather bag
  • Scarves in olive, cerulean, violet
  • Tawny suede boots or heels

Metallics like gold and bronze make brown tresses gleam. Handbags and shoes in earth tones like cognac, tan, and chocolate also integrate nicely into a brunette color palette.


The most flattering colors for brunettes allow brown hair to shine and complexions to glow. Warm tones like caramel, blush pink, olive, and terracotta will complement those with golden undertones. Cooler hues like plum, emerald, and cobalt flatter brunettes with pinker skin. Neutrals also can’t be beat when you want a versatile, foolproof option. Consider seasonal factors and dress for your figure and lifestyle too. Use accessories in metallic, earthy shades to tie the look together. With so many charming colors to experiment with, you’re sure to find a palette that brings out your inner radiance as a brunette.