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What color are titles in Texas?

Texas is known for its vibrant culture and rich history. When it comes to legal documents like car titles, Texas has its own unique rules and regulations regarding title colors and requirements. As an SEO writer assistant, I’ve done some research into Texas title colors and requirements and summarized the key points below.

Texas Title Basic Requirements

In Texas, all title transactions are handled by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Here are some of the basic requirements for Texas titles:

  • Titles must be applied for within 30 days of acquiring a vehicle
  • Titles must match the vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Titles must list the legal owner(s) of the vehicle
  • Titles must be signed by the owner(s) to be valid
  • Texas charges a $33 title application fee

These are just a few of the essential requirements – the TX DMV has additional stipulations for title transfers, replacements, and more. Meeting all requirements is crucial for having a valid title in Texas.

Texas Title Colors

One of the unique aspects of Texas vehicle titles is the color-coding system. Regular passenger vehicle titles are issued on white paper. However, other title colors in Texas designate different vehicle types:

Title Color Vehicle Type
Green Reconstructed vehicles
Blue Out-of-state vehicles
Yellow Bonded vehicles

As you can see, the title color indicates important information about a vehicle’s history and status. Green titles are for vehicles that have been salvaged or rebuilt after damage. Blue titles are issued for vehicles last registered in another state. And yellow titles indicate the previous owner still has financial interest in the vehicle.

Digitally Printed Titles

In recent years, Texas has begun issuing digitally printed titles instead of the traditional embossed and engraved titles. These new titles have security features to prevent fraud, including:

  • Microprinted text visible under magnification
  • Intaglio printing with ink that changes color when tilted
  • Optically variable devices that shift from green to gold
  • High resolution border and background designs

The digitally printed titles are much harder to forge or alter than traditional titles. They have reinforced security while keeping the familiar Texas title format and colors.

Title Transfers in Texas

When a vehicle is sold in Texas, the title must be properly transferred to the new owner. Here are some key steps in the Texas title transfer process:

  1. The seller signs over the title to the buyer
  2. The buyer applies for a new title within 30 days
  3. The buyer pays sales tax and title transfer fees
  4. The TX DMV issues a new title in the buyer’s name
  5. The DMV sends the original title to the new owner

It is essential that the title is signed over during the sale. The buyer then must promptly apply for a new title to complete the transfer. This provides legal ownership of the vehicle under the buyer’s name.

Replacing a Lost Texas Title

Losing a title is inconvenient and can delay a vehicle transfer. Here is the process for replacing a lost Texas title:

  1. Complete the TX DMV form VTR-34
  2. Pay $2 replacement title fee
  3. Provide ID and ownership evidence
  4. DMV searches for title record
  5. If record found, replacement title issued

The VTR-34 form and payment can be submitted in person or by mail. Acceptable ownership evidence includes registration paperwork, insurance documents, or sales receipts. Once the DMV verifies the title record, they will issue a replacement. This restores the lost title to keep vehicle transactions on track.


In summary, Texas has distinctive rules for title colors and requirements. Regular passenger titles are white, while other colors denote special vehicle types. The state has upgraded to digitally printed titles with enhanced security features. Titles must be properly transferred and replaced if lost to maintain legal ownership. Following Texas’ specific title guidelines is crucial for all Lone Star State drivers and vehicle owners.

With its unique history and culture, Texas puts its own stamp on titles through designated colors and formats. By understanding the ins and outs of Texas title regulations, we can ensure transactions proceed smoothly and vehicles stay clearly registered in the owner’s name.