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What color accent pillows go with a dark grey couch?

Choosing the right accent pillows to pair with a dark grey couch can completely transform the look and feel of your living room. The right pops of color and texture will make your space feel pulled together and inviting. When decorating with a dark grey couch, you have lots of flexibility in terms of which accent pillow colors you can use. However, there are some tried and true color combinations that look especially sophisticated.

Complementary Colors

One easy way to choose accent pillow colors for a dark grey couch is to use complementary colors on the color wheel. These are colors that are directly across from each other and create a vibrant, high-contrast look when paired together. Some great complementary color combinations to try with dark grey include:

Dark Grey Couch Complementary Accent Pillow Colors
Dark grey Orange
Dark grey Yellow
Dark grey Chartreuse green

When using complementary colors, stick to solids or simple patterns on your accent pillows. This will keep the look from becoming too busy or overwhelming when paired with the grey couch. Try combining a bright orange pillow with a muted yellow pillow for a refined complement of the dark grey.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are located right next to each other on the color wheel. Think “analogous” as meaning “analogous to” or similar to. Choosing accent pillows in analogous colors creates a harmonious, peaceful look. Here are some great analogous color combinations for a dark grey couch:

Dark Grey Couch Analogous Accent Pillow Colors
Dark grey Light grey
Dark grey Medium grey
Dark grey Navy blue
Dark grey Ice blue

With analogous colors, feel free to layer in patterns and textures with your accent pillows. Combining solid grey pillows with navy blue pillows in a subtle stripe or floral pattern is an easy way to bring in visual interest while maintaining a cohesive look.


Sticking to a monochromatic color scheme is a foolproof option when pairing accent pillows with a dark grey couch. Monochromatic means using shades of one single color. With a dark grey couch, that color would be grey. Here are some monochromatic grey options:

Dark Grey Couch Monochromatic Grey Accent Pillow Colors
Dark grey Light grey
Dark grey Charcoal grey
Dark grey Dove grey
Dark grey Silver grey

A monochromatic grey color scheme creates a smooth, sophisticated look. Add visual interest by layering in different grey textures like boucle, nubby knits, faux fur, or smooth velvet.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accent pillows are a great way to add a hint of glam and shine to a dark grey couch. Silver and gold metallic pillows pop against the dark grey background. Here are some metallic color options:

Dark Grey Couch Metallic Accent Pillow Colors
Dark grey Gold
Dark grey Rose gold
Dark grey Silver
Dark grey Pewter
Dark grey Bronze

When using metallic pillows, opt for solids rather than shiny patterns which could veer into gaudy territory. Pair metallic pillows with neutrals and textures like wool, linen, velvet, or jute to create dimension.


In addition to various shades of grey, there are many neutral accent pillow colors that pair beautifully with a dark grey couch. Neutrals create a timeless, uncomplicated look. Here are some neutral pillow options:

Dark Grey Couch Neutral Accent Pillow Colors
Dark grey White
Dark grey Ivory
Dark grey Cream
Dark grey Tan
Dark grey Mushroom
Dark grey Oatmeal
Dark grey Beige

Layer different neutral textures like cable knit, linen, velvet, wool, and nubby cotton for a chic layered look. Don’t be afraid to mix patterned neutrals together – stripes, florals, and plaids in creams and ivories complement each other beautifully.

Earth Tones

Warm earth tones provide a cozy, welcoming accent to a dark grey couch. Think soft browns, clay reds, and muted greens. Here are some specific earth tone options:

Dark Grey Couch Earth Tone Accent Pillow Colors
Dark grey Mocha
Dark grey Terracotta
Dark grey Ochre
Dark grey Mushroom brown
Dark grey Olive green
Dark grey Sage green

Pair earth tones together or with neutrals like cream and tan. Use earthy textures like nubby wool, woven jute, distressed linen, or textured chenille. A mix of earth tone prints like floral, ikat, and tribal patterns also looks fabulous with a dark grey couch.

Deep/Jewel Tones

Rich deep tones and jewel tones make an elegant statement paired with dark grey. Regal colors like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst pop against the neutral grey backdrop. Some deep/jewel tone options include:

Dark Grey Couch Deep/Jewel Tone Accent Pillow Colors
Dark grey Royal blue
Dark grey Navy blue
Dark grey Emerald
Dark grey Forest green
Dark grey Eggplant
Dark grey Plum
Dark grey Ruby red

Deep and jewel tones pair best with solids to avoid looking overwhelmingly dark. Velvet is a great texture for adding dimension. For patterns, look for small-scale geometrics or subtle tone-on-tone designs.

Black and White

The classic black and white color combination brings a clean, graphic look when paired with a medium grey couch. Some black and white options include:

Dark Grey Couch Black and White Accent Pillows
Dark grey Solid black
Dark grey Solid white
Dark grey Black and white stripe
Dark grey Black and white buffalo check
Dark grey Simple geometric

When using black and white patterns, balance them out with solid black and white pillows. The contrast of black and white with dark grey is bold but stylish. Use velvet or linen textures to soften the look.

Tips for Choosing Accent Pillows for a Dark Grey Couch

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when selecting accent pillow colors for your dark grey couch:

  • Pick 2-4 accent colors to keep your palette cohesive.
  • Vary textures and patterns between pillows for visual interest.
  • Solids help tone down busier patterns.
  • Use metallic or black and white sparingly to avoid looking too flashy.
  • Layer complementary pillows near each other for a colorblocked effect.
  • Choose a mix of dark and light colors for balance.
  • Consider the rest of your room’s color scheme and decor.

With so many beautiful color combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect accent pillows to make your dark grey couch pop. The right pillows can pull together your living room decor and make your space feel welcoming and put-together. Trust your instincts, have fun mixing colors and patterns, and your dark grey couch accent pillows will look professionally styled.