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What cars have fun colors?

What cars have fun colors?

When shopping for a new car, the color can be an important factor for buyers looking to express their personality. While white, black and silver remain popular neutral options, many automakers offer bright, vibrant colors that add a fun, playful element to a vehicle. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most fun, boldly-colored cars across various segments and price points.

Compact/Subcompact Cars

In the compact and subcompact segments, fun colors give an extra splash of personality to small, affordable cars. The subcompact Toyota Yaris is available in energetic hues like Electric Lime Metallic and Cherry Red, while the compact Kia Soul comes in loud shades including Solar Yellow and Alien Green. The tiny Fiat 500 offers one of the widest color palettes in its class, with options from pastel baby blue to fiery orange. Other small cars with fun color choices include the Hyundai Accent, Nissan Versa, Honda Fit, Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Sonic and more.


Hatchbacks by nature tend to be sporty and youthful, so it’s no surprise that models in this category offer upbeat color selections. The Mazda 3 hatchback looks sharp in Polymetal Gray and Soul Red Crystal, while the Volkswagen Golf GTI turns heads in Cornflower Blue and Tornado Red. The Mini Cooper hatchback takes customization to the next level with a huge range of factory colors from Chili Red and Island Blue to bold checkerboard options. Other hatchbacks with colorful personalities include the Hyundai Veloster, Kia Forte5 and Toyota Corolla Hatchback.

Sport Compacts

The sport compact segment caters to driving enthusiasts who want flair along with performance, so bright colors are prevalent here. The Abarth version of the Fiat 124 Spider convertible comes in hues like Scorpion Sting and Rose Gold, while the Ford Focus ST turns up the energy in Performance Blue and Tangerine Scream. The Subaru BRZ sports car shines in eye-catching colors like Crystal Black Silica and Crystal White Pearl. Other sporty compacts with dynamic color options include the MINI John Cooper Works, Volkswagen GTI, Honda Civic Si and Hyundai Veloster N.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles tend to have futuristic styling, so their color palettes often emphasize this with bright, tech-inspired tones. The Chevrolet Bolt EV pops in Green Mist Metallic and Shock paint, while the Nissan Leaf looks right at home in Deep Blue Pearl and Spring Cloud Green. Even the Tesla Model 3 offers some color, with Midnight Silver Metallic and Deep Blue Metallic among the choices. Other electrified models with vibrant hues include the Hyundai Ioniq EV, BMW i3 and Volkswagen ID.4.

Pickup Trucks

You might not expect to find exciting colors on rugged pickup trucks, but several models offer options beyond basic black, white and silver. The Toyota Tacoma can flex its muscles in Quicksand, Cement and Calvary Blue, while the Honda Ridgeline looks sharp in Midnight Pearl Blue. GMC offers the Canyon pickup in attention-grabbing colors like Red Hot and Caribbean Blue, and Ram 2500 heavy duty models like the Power Wagon come in shades including Baja, Flame Red and Patriot Blue. Other trucks with colorful flair include the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator.

Make Model Fun Color Options
Toyota Yaris Electric Lime Metallic, Cherry Red
Kia Soul Solar Yellow, Alien Green
Fiat 500 Baby Blue, Orange
Mazda 3 Polymetal Gray, Soul Red Crystal
Volkswagen Golf GTI Cornflower Blue, Tornado Red

Beyond factory colors offered by automakers, there are also aftermarket options for adding colorful wraps, paint jobs and other customizations to give a unique, eye-catching look. So for buyers wanting a car that reflects their fun personality, there are lots of possibilities across many vehicle types and price ranges.


When it comes to fun, vibrant colors in the automotive world, there are plenty of options to choose from. Small cars, hatchbacks, sport compacts, electric vehicles and even pickup trucks come in bright, energetic hues that allow drivers to express themselves. While popular neutral shades still dominate, automakers are offering more dynamic colors to give cars extra flair and personality. So for car shoppers seeking a fun new ride that stands out from the crowd, a bright, bold color choice can be the perfect way to make a statement.