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What Benjamin Moore paint color is similar to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

What Benjamin Moore paint color is similar to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

Finding a Benjamin Moore paint color similar to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt can be a challenge. Sea Salt is a popular gray-green paint color that provides a soothing, spa-like feel to any space. When searching for an equivalent Benjamin Moore color, there are a few factors to consider including undertones, light reflectance value (LRV), and availability. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top Benjamin Moore paint colors that can work as alternatives to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and provide a comparison to help you find the perfect match.

Comparing Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Let’s first take a look at what makes Sea Salt such a unique shade. This breezy gray-green has strong blue-green undertones that give it a cool, watery vibe. It’s a light-medium color with an LRV of 57. The subtle green hints add warmth while the blue undertones keep it feeling crisp and refreshing. Sea Salt is a versatile neutral that works well in a variety of design styles from traditional to modern coastal. It has enough personality to stand out but remains quiet enough to act as a blank canvas.

Key Factors in Finding a Benjamin Moore Equivalent

When evaluating potential Benjamin Moore equivalents, here are a few key factors to consider:

Undertones – Pay attention to subtle hints of blue, green, or gray. You want undertones that are similar to those found in Sea Salt.

Depth – Sea Salt is a light-medium color. Look for Benjamin Moore paints within the same depth range.

LRV – Matching light reflectance values will ensure the colors have the same sense of lightness/darkness. Sea Salt has an LRV of 57.

Accessibility – Make sure the Benjamin Moore color you choose is not discontinued or hard to find.

Brand Standards – Keep in mind that colors can vary slightly across brands. Don’t expect an exact match.

Top Benjamin Moore Equivalent Colors

After extensive research comparing undertones, depth, LRV, and availability, here are my top picks for Benjamin Moore paint colors that can work in place of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt:

Benjamin Moore Color LRV Undertones
Gray Cashmere 2134-60 58 Blue-green
Windmill Wings OC-24 58 Blue-green
Silver Chain 1479 59 Blue-green
Ice Flow 2134-50 55 Blue-green
Blizzard Blue 859 57 Blue

Below I’ll provide a detailed comparison of each of these Benjamin Moore paint colors to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt so you can determine which is the closest match for your needs.

Gray Cashmere 2134-60

Gray Cashmere is one of my top picks because it has very similar blue-green undertones to those found in Sea Salt. This airy, pale gray-green is just a touch lighter than Sea Salt with an LRV of 58. The green is more subtle, appearing gray at first glance but revealing hints of sage when the light hits it. This versatile neutral will give any space a relaxed, coastal vibe. Gray Cashmere is a great Sea Salt equivalent if you want something just slightly lighter and cooler in tone.

Windmill Wings OC-24

Windmill Wings is another light-medium gray-green with prominent blue undertones. Like Sea Salt, it has an LRV of 58. Windmill Wings is a tad brighter and more green than Sea Salt. While Sea Salt often reads as a neutral gray, Windmill Wings has more distinct green that comes through. So this lively gray-green is a good option if you want something slightly more vibrant than Sea Salt but on the same depth level. The cool green-blue tone provides the same soothing feel.

Silver Chain 1479

Silver Chain is a gorgeous blue-green with an LRV of 59, making it another close match to Sea Salt in terms of depth. It’s a pale gray with prominent blue that reads as a true blue-green. Silver Chain is slightly brighter and cooler than Sea Salt but still has a relaxing vibe. If you’re looking for something more distinctly blue-green than Sea Salt, Silver Chain could be a perfect match. Keep in mind the stronger blue undertones make it feel more coastal than spa-like.

Ice Flow 2134-50

Ice Flow is one of the closest matches to Sea Salt in terms of color. This dusty blue-green has an LRV of 55, making it just slightly deeper than Sea Salt. It shares the same subtle gray-green base and blue undertones as Sea Salt but is not quite as bright. Ice Flow is actually part of the same Benjamin Moore collection (Colors of the Wind) as Gray Cashmere. So if you like the undertones of Gray Cashmere but want something slightly deeper, Ice Flow could be the winner.

Blizzard Blue 859

If you want something with the same depth as Sea Salt but more blue undertones, Blizzard Blue is an excellent choice. True to its name, this pale blue reads as a cool tone gray with distinct blue hints. The LRV matches Sea Salt at 57. Blizzard Blue will give you the same light-medium feeling as Sea Salt but trades the green for more pronounced blue. It makes a great alternative if you’re looking for the most blue-based equivalent.

Choosing the Best Benjamin Moore Color

When deciding which of these options works as the best match to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt for your needs, take into account the specific undertones and depth you want. Cool blue-greens like Gray Cashmere, Windmill Wings, and Silver Chain offer the closest equivalents. Ice Flow mirrors the undertones very closely but is slightly deeper. Blizzard Blue has more pronounced blue tones but matches the depth. Consider the look you’re going for, whether cool and coastal or more serene spa-like. You may want to order color swatches or paint test samples as colors can look different in person than online. This will allow you to view the Benjamin Moore options next to Sea Salt to find just the right complementary color.

Achieving a Consistent Look

It’s important to note that even very similar colors can vary slightly from brand to brand. So if you’re touching up existing Sea Salt paint with a Benjamin Moore equivalent, test them next to each other and view them at different times and lighting. The new paint may not appear exactly the same. Your best bet is to repaint full walls or sections instead of just small touch-ups so the new color is consistent. Consider whether other factors like sheen could impact how the paint color appears. Match sheens closely to get the most uniform look. With the right Benjamin Moore equivalent and proper application, you can achieve a beautiful cohesive look.

Consulting a Paint Expert

If you’re still undecided on the best Benjamin Moore equivalent for Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, ask for guidance at your local paint store. The experts there can view the colors together with you, making suggestions based on your goals for the space. They may also have additional Benjamin Moore recommendations to match the Sea Salt aesthetic. With professional help, you’re sure to find the perfect coordinating color. Don’t be afraid to purchase samples and test different shades on your walls before fully committing. Painting should be enjoyable, and with so many beautiful Benjamin Moore colors to choose from, you can achieve the look and feel you love.


Finding a suitable Benjamin Moore alternative to popular Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is totally possible with the right guidance. Stunning shades like Gray Cashmere, Windmill Wings, Silver Chain, Ice Flow, and Blizzard Blue all share similar properties to Sea Salt. Consider the undertones and depth you want to match closely to the original color. Cool, relaxing colors in the blue-green family will provide the closest equivalents. Partner with a knowledgeable paint retailer, test out samples, and review colors at different times of day to find just the right complementary Benjamin Moore hue. With a little diligence, you’ll have a beautiful new paint color that feels cohesive and fresh.