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What bedroom Colours go with brown?

What bedroom Colours go with brown?

Brown is a versatile neutral color that can work with a wide range of colors in a bedroom. Pairing brown with the right accent colors can create a warm, inviting and stylish space. When selecting bedroom colors that go with brown, it’s important to consider the undertones of the brown and the mood you want to create. Cool browns work well with blue-greens and grays while warm browns pair nicely with reds, oranges, yellows and pinks. Earthy neutrals like cream and tan are also great complements. With so many options, finding colors that complement different shades of brown is easy.

Calming Cool Tones

Cooler brown shades like mocha or taupe work well with other cool neutrals and pastels. These color combinations create a soothing, relaxed feeling perfect for bedrooms. Some top color pairings include:

– Taupe and pale blue – Try pairing taupe walls with a soft pale blue for bedding. The two colors complement each other beautifully, with the blue bringing just a pop of color. Add some white and natural wood accents for a minimalist, spa-like look.

– Mocha and sage green – Rich mocha brown and earthy sage green make an elegant color combination. Sage green has a natural, calming effect that works with the coziness of mocha. Use mocha on larger surfaces like walls or headboards, and sage green for bedding and decor accents.

– Espresso and light gray – For a modern look, pair darker espresso brown with light gray walls and bedding. The contrast between the two neutrals is subtle yet striking. Use crisp white linens to keep the palette looking fresh.

– Dark chocolate and baby blue – Darker brown hues look gorgeous with powdery baby blues. The soft pastel blue has a feminine, romantic feel against the cocoa brown. Add some metallic accents in rose gold or silver to make the colors pop.

Warm, Inviting Tones

Warmer shades of brown create an inviting, cozy ambiance paired with hues like peach, yellow, terracotta and cream. Try these color combinations for bedrooms:

– Cappuccino and peach – Cappuccino brown has red undertones that coordinate nicely with peach. Use it on the walls and pair with peach bedding for a bright, cheerful look. A few cream accents keep it feeling peaceful.

– Hazelnut and mustard yellow – For a warm, happy color scheme, put hazelnut brown with mustard yellow. The brown has golden undertones that match nicely with the vibrant yellow. Add some white and natural textures to keep it relaxed.

– Chestnut and burnt orange – For an earthy feel, match chestnut brown with burnt orange accents. This rustic color scheme is perfect for farmhouse or bohemian inspired bedrooms. Use vintage-style wood furniture to complement the look.

– Maple syrup and blush pink – For a cozy, feminine combination try maple syrup brown walls with blush pink linens and decor. The two colors blend together seamlessly for a soft, welcoming backdrop. Incorporate some lighter woods and white accents for balance.

Soothing Neutrals

Pairing different shades of brown with neutral colors like cream, tan and beige creates a harmonious, peaceful bedroom retreat. Some soothing color combinations include:

– Milk chocolate and cream – Milk chocolate brown has a soft, warm undertone that works well with creamy off-whites. Use the brown on larger pieces like the headboard and accent with cream bedding and curtains. Add texture with wool blankets and wood nightstands.

– Dark walnut and tan – For a relaxing, minimalist look try pairing rich dark walnut brown with warm tan accents. Use tan on the walls to make the space feel bright and airy. Add potted plants for an organic touch.

– Chestnut and greige – Chestnut brown and greige (a mix of gray and beige) are both natural, versatile neutrals that complement each other elegantly. Use greige as a wall color and chestnut brown in the bedding for a calming effect.

– Mocha and oatmeal – Mocha brown has gray undertones that coordinate nicely with oatmeal’s soft, muted hue. The two can create a soothing, zen-like ambiance. Incorporate natural textures like wool, cotton and wood to complete the look.

Vibrant, Stylish Accents

While brown serves as a beautiful neutral base, you can also pair it with bold, vibrant accents. Pops of color breathe life into the space. Some eye-catching color combinations include:

– Espresso and emerald green – An espresso brown palette gains fresh energy with the addition of emerald green. Use the jewel tone in pillows, throws and accent furniture against espresso walls and headboard. Add metal and wood accents for an eclectic vibe.

– Walnut and navy blue – For a nautical twist, pair rich walnut brown with navy blue and white. Use walnut wood furniture and add navy and white linens. Incorporate rope, jute and wood decor touches for a coastal New England look.

– Milk chocolate and jewel tones – The warmth of milk chocolate brown can handle even the deepest, boldest jewel tones like ruby red, sapphire blue and amethyst purple. For vibrant contrast, paint the walls chocolate and use jeweled toned linens and decor.

– Hazelnut and teal – Earthy hazelnut brown is the perfect way to ground bright teal accents. Teal adds a fun pop of color against hazelnut walls or headboards. Tie in natural elements like rattan, wood and indoor plants to harmonize the colors.

Creating Cohesive Palettes

When combining brown with accent colors in the bedroom, sticking to a cohesive color palette creates a polished, pulled-together look. Here are some tips for creating harmonious bedroom color schemes with brown:

– Use a color wheel – Choose accent colors that are side-by-side with brown on the color wheel for foolproof combinations. Analogous colors like blue, blue-green and orange-red naturally coordinate.

– Limit the palette – Pick 2-4 total colors for the entire space. Too many competing colors can feel busy and overwhelming in a bedroom.

– Vary intensities – Balance deeper shades with lighter tints of accent colors. For example, pair deep espresso brown walls with baby blue linens. This helps the colors enhance each other.

– Repeat colors – Use accent colors in multiple places throughout the space for continuity. For instance, bring in navy blue with pillows, art and a chair.

– Incorporate neutrals – Natural neutrals like cream, beige and wood tones are great for blending colors. They also create breathing room between bold accents.

– Add metallics – Metallics act as neutral accents that reflect surrounding colors. Incorporate gold, silver, brass or copper for extra polish.

Best Paint Colors

When using brown on bedroom walls or larger furniture pieces, selecting the right brown paint color is key. Here are some of the most popular and versatile brown paint colors for bedrooms:

Paint Color Undertone
Swiss Coffee by Behr Warm, golden tan
Saddle Brown by Sherwin Williams Reddish-brown
Brown Cow by Farrow & Ball Rich chocolate brown
Grayish Brown by Valspar Brown-gray
Northern Wheatfield by Pittsburgh Paints Neutral, warm tan
Woodland Brown by HGTV Home Sophisticated medium-dark brown

Popular paint brands like Behr, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer brown paint collections with extensive color options. When selecting a brown, take into account the room’s light and size. Darker browns like espresso can feel cozy and intimate in small bedrooms while larger rooms can handle deeper shades without feeling too overwhelming. Lighter browns like tan or beige work well in any size space.

Bedding and Accessories

Bedding and accessories present the perfect opportunity to incorporate accent colors and patterns into a brown bedroom palette. Here are some ideas:

– Solid duvet covers or shams in complementary colors like blue, green or orange
– Patterned sheets or quilts with colorful geometric, boho or floral prints
– Vibrant throw pillows and decorative cushions
– Area rugs with warm tones or colorful global patterns
– Paintings, prints and photography featuring harmonious colors
– Ceramic vases, planters or sculptures in bold jewel tones
– Mirrors, lamps or decor in brass, copper or bronze
– Curtains, valances or canopies in soft, sheer fabrics
– Wood or rattan nightstands, dressers, headboards and benches

When selecting bedding and decor be sure to tie into the color scheme. Mixing patterns and textures helps create visual interest while keeping colors and tones cohesive prevents the space from feeling too busy. Layer lighter and darker brown wood furniture for depth and warmth. Incorporate pops of colors used elsewhere like walls or pillows for continuity.

Tips for Decorating with Brown

Here are some additional tips for beautifully decorating a bedroom with brown:

– Use brown in moderation – Too much brown can feel monotonous. Use it strategically on select walls or furniture so it doesn’t dominate the space.

– Add natural light – Ample windows, skylights and light fixtures prevent brown from feeling too dark and gloomy.

– Incorporate wood tones – Different wood finishes add organic warmth and depth. Try oak, walnut, mahogany or whitewashed wood.

– Use metallics sparingly – A little bit of brass, copper or silver goes a long way. Limit shiny metallics to small accents.

– Repeat shapes or patterns – Tie a brown palette together with common motifs like stripes, botanical prints or geometric designs.

– Add soft textures – Layer in cozy natural textures like wool blankets, cotton throws, silk pillows and cashmere.

– Display fresh flowers and plants – Pops of green from living plants help brighten up and balance brown.

– Use lighter colors near windows – Place bed, curtains and accessories in lighter shades near windows to reflect more light.


Brown is an extremely versatile color for bedroom design. It pairs beautifully with a wide range of colors from bold jewel tones, to earthy neutrals, to soothing pastels. Choosing colors that complement the particular shade of brown and create the desired ambiance is key. Whether your style is modern, bohemian, traditional or eclectic, there is a brown color scheme perfect for your space. Use brown thoughtfully with other colors, natural materials and good lighting to fashion a bedroom that is warm, welcoming and uniquely you. With endless possibilities, brown truly makes an outstanding neutral backdrop for creating your ideal bedroom retreat.