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What are the new colors for the seahawks?

The Seattle Seahawks are an American football team based in Seattle, Washington. They have sported their iconic blue, green and silver colors since the team’s inception in 1976. However, for the 2023 season, the Seahawks have announced some exciting new uniform updates that incorporate fresh color schemes.

New Uniform Changes for 2023

The Seahawks are introducing alternate uniforms in 2023 that add some vibrant new colors to their classic look. Here are the key changes:

  • New green alternate jersey and pants featuring bright green accents
  • New “Action Green” alternate helmet with a brighter green hue
  • Modified blue home jersey with green shoulders instead of navy
  • New “Stealth Grey” alternate uniform with dark grey jersey and pants

While the Seahawks’ core colors will remain blue, green and silver, these new alternates will provide some exciting new looks for players and fans. The green alternates in particular inject more vibrancy into the Seahawks’ colors palette.

Reasons for the New Uniforms

So why did the Seahawks decide to unveil new uniforms for 2023? Here are some of the key reasons behind the changes:

  • Update the look – The Seahawks’ previous uniforms had been around since 2012. The new designs help modernize the Seahawks’ aesthetic.
  • Honor the “12s” – The fanbase is called the “12s” in reference to their retired jersey #12 for the fans. The new bright green hue is dubbed “Action Green” as a tribute to the 12s.
  • Spotlight Seattle – The new color palette aims to better represent the Pacific Northwest region where Seattle is located.
  • Stand out on field – The brighter alternate jerseys will help Seahawks players stand out on the field during games.

The Seahawks worked closely with Nike on the new uniform designs over the past two years. Both the team and Nike wanted to push the color boundaries while still staying true to the Seahawks’ core identity.

Detailed Breakdown of the New Uniforms

Let’s take a more detailed look at each of the new uniform combinations that the Seahawks will wear starting in 2023.

Bright Green Alternate Jersey & Pants

  • Jersey: Green with blue shoulders, white numbers outlined in blue
  • Pants: Bright green
  • Helmet: Standard blue home helmet

This bright alternate uniform features vivid green hues that really stand out on the field. They represent the “Action Green” identity and the Seahawks’ super-passionate fanbase.

“Action Green” Alternate Helmet

  • Helmet: Vibrant green with blue facemask
  • Jersey: Standard blue home jersey
  • Pants: Blue

The Seahawks will also wear the bright green helmet paired with their blue home uniforms. The green helmet provides a bold accent color.

Modified Blue Home Jersey

  • Jersey: Blue with green shoulders, green numbers outlined in white
  • Pants: Blue
  • Helmet: Standard blue home helmet

The Seahawks’ primary home uniform has been updated with green shoulders instead of navy. This creates more color contrast against the blue jersey.

“Stealth Grey” Alternate Uniform

  • Jersey: Dark grey with blue numbers outlined in green
  • Pants: Dark grey
  • Helmet: Standard blue home helmet

As another new alternate look, the Seahawks will wear dark grey “Stealth Grey” uniforms. These provide a modern, sleek appearance for select games.

Fan Reaction

Initial fan response to the new Seahawks uniforms has been very positive overall. Here are some of the standout reactions so far:

  • Fans love the “Action Green” – the vibrant green is a big hit and plays homage to the “12s”
  • The blue home jersey update provides a fresh take on a classic look
  • Players and coaches have reacted enthusiastically about wearing the new combinations
  • Some fans wish the silver accent color was more prominent in the designs
  • A few fans think there are too many alternates, but most welcome the new options

The Seahawks unveiled the new looks in April 2023, giving fans several months to get used to the changes before the next season kicks off. Overall the reaction has been excitement about the bolder, more modern uniform styles.

Key Takeaways

The Seattle Seahawks’ new uniforms for 2023 introduce vibrant new colors like “Action Green” along with modified classics. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Four new alternate uniform combinations were unveiled using bright green, dark grey, and modified blue
  • The uniforms aim to update the Seahawks’ look with bold, modern designs
  • Bright green is featured heavily as a tribute to the team’s passionate fanbase
  • The blue home jersey was updated with green shoulders instead of navy
  • Fans have responded positively to the fresh, energetic new uniform styling

The new Seahawks uniforms blend innovation with tradition. They provide an exciting new look while maintaining the team’s core identity. Expect to see the Seahawks players rocking these vibrant uniform combinations starting with the 2023 NFL season.


The Seattle Seahawks are embracing bold new colors and designs with their 2023 uniform updates. Vibrant “Action Green” alternate jerseys and helmets pay homage to the team’s famously energetic fans, while modernized blue and stealth grey looks provide crisp, contemporary aesthetics. These innovative uniforms allow the Seahawks to maintain their historic identity while also keeping their style fresh and current. The new combinations give players exciting options to don cutting-edge looks that represent the Pacific Northwest’s vibrant spirit. Overall, the Seahawks are elevating their aesthetic game with these stylistic uniforms that fuse nostalgia, regional flair and modernity.