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What are the new colors for the c8 corvette?

The Chevrolet Corvette has been an iconic American sports car for decades. With the launch of the eighth generation Corvette (C8) for the 2020 model year, Chevrolet has introduced some exciting new colors for buyers to choose from. The C8 represents a major redesign for the Corvette, with a new mid-engine layout that provides improved weight distribution and handling. This thrilling new generation of the ‘Vette demands an equally bold and refreshed color palette. Let’s take a look at the new paint options buyers can select for the 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray.

Overview of the C8 Corvette

The C8 Corvette represents a clean-sheet redesign for Chevrolet’s sports car icon. While retaining the classic Corvette profile and design elements like the long hood and tapering rear end, the C8 adopts a mid-engine layout for the first time in Corvette history. By moving the engine behind the driver, the weight distribution improves to nearly 50/50 front-to-rear. This provides better handling and traction, important attributes for a true performance sports car. Early reviews have praised the C8’s incredible power, grip and world-class ride and handling balance. It’s poised to compete with some of the best sports cars around the world.

Alongside the excellent dynamics, the C8 maintains a relatively accessible starting price around $60,000. It comes standard with a 495 horsepower 6.2L V8 LT2 engine and an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. The C8 can sprint from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds – a supercar pace reflecting the advanced new platform. With Magnetic Ride Control suspension and a high-tech interior brimming with premium materials, the C8 offers comfort and quality to match its astounding performance credentials.

Chevrolet knows buyers will want to individualize their C8 Corvette. So the company is offering an array of exciting new exterior colors to choose from. Now that we’ve reviewed some background on the car itself, let’s examine the new C8 color palette.

C8 Corvette Exterior Color Options

The C8 Corvette has a total of 12 standard exterior colors available. Additionally there are 6 more exclusive options through the expanded color palette. Between the standard and expanded palette, buyers can select a vibrant metallic, subdued gloss, screaming bright tone, or understated neutral. Here is the full list of C8 Corvette color choices:

Standard C8 Corvette Colors

  • Arctic White
  • Black
  • Ceramic Matrix Gray
  • Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic
  • Rapid Blue
  • Red Mist Metallic
  • Shadow Gray
  • Silver Flare Metallic
  • Torch Red
  • Zeus Bronze Metallic
  • Accelerate Yellow Metallic
  • Sebring Orange Tintcoat

Expanded C8 Corvette Colors (additional cost)

  • Amplify Orange Tintcoat
  • Hypersonic Gray Metallic
  • Caffeine Metallic
  • Sky Cool Gray Metallic
  • Edge Red Metallic
  • Racing Red

Descriptions of New C8 Corvette Colors

We will now go through each of the C8 Corvette color options in greater detail. This overview will help potential buyers understand the unique personality and vibrancy offered by each individual color choice.

Arctic White

A pure, bright white tone. White allows the dramatic creases and body lines of the C8 to stand out for maximum visual impact.


The classic black paint choice exudes a powerful, mysterious vibe. Black emphasizes the assertive mid-engine proportions.

Ceramic Matrix Gray

Ceramic Matrix Gray features a speckled, grounded gray appearance well suited to the performance attitude of the C8.

Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic

Named after the famous Wisconsin road course, Elkhart Lake is a rich blue hue with bright metallic flake. It defines the C8’s athletic qualities.

Rapid Blue

As the name suggests, Rapid Blue is a shade expressing speed and energy. It’s a vivid blue that makes a bold styling statement.

Red Mist Metallic

Red Mist conjures thoughts of the C8 carving through twisting roads during an early morning run. It’s a deep red tone with a glowing luster.

Shadow Gray

For buyers who want understated style, Shadow Gray provides a sleek, elegant personality. It lets the C8 shape stand out on its own.

Silver Flare Metallic

Similar to Rapid Blue, Silver Flare implies fast movement and flair. This is a light, bright metallic silver bursting with energy.

Torch Red

A classic Corvette color, Torch Red is a timeless red shade that conveys the C8’s balance of heritage and cutting-edge performance.

Zeus Bronze Metallic

Named for the Greek god of sky and thunder, Zeus Bronze is a distinctive bronze color with excellent contrast against the black trim accents.

Accelerate Yellow Metallic

Accelerate Yellow demands attention with its neon vibrancy. It highlights the extroverted, bold spirit at the heart of the C8 Corvette.

Sebring Orange Tintcoat

Sebring Orange Tintcoat is named after the iconic Florida racetrack. This creamy orange hue expresses the C8’s racing pedigree.

Amplify Orange Tintcoat

Amplify Orange Tintcoat is an expanded color choice that provides another bright orange option. It’s energetic and unlike anything else on the road.

Hypersonic Gray Metallic

Hypersonic invokes extreme speed and performance. This smooth gray tone looks fantastic over the sculpted bodywork.

Caffeine Metallic

Caffeine is a delicious expanded color for the C8. It provides a sweet brown hue reminiscent of a steaming cup of coffee.

Sky Cool Gray Metallic

Sky Cool Gray is a blue-tinted gray that gives off a refined, soothing vibe. It’s ideal for a more subtle appearance.

Edge Red Metallic

For buyers who want the classic red Corvette color but desire something deeper, Edge Red provides a rich crimson metallic tone.

Racing Red

Racing Red is the classic, motorsports-inspired red shade associated with great Corvettes through history. It looks right at home on the track-oriented C8.

Visual Comparison of C8 Corvette Colors

To help buyers visualize the new C8 colors, here is a color comparison table showing each shade on the Corvette’s exterior:

Color Name Image
Arctic White Arctic White C8 Corvette
Black Black C8 Corvette
Ceramic Matrix Gray Ceramic Matrix Gray C8 Corvette
Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic Elkhart Lake Blue C8 Corvette
Rapid Blue Rapid Blue C8 Corvette
Red Mist Metallic Red Mist C8 Corvette
Shadow Gray Shadow Gray C8 Corvette
Silver Flare Metallic Silver Flare C8 Corvette
Torch Red Torch Red C8 Corvette
Zeus Bronze Metallic Zeus Bronze C8 Corvette
Accelerate Yellow Metallic Accelerate Yellow C8 Corvette
Sebring Orange Tintcoat Sebring Orange C8 Corvette
Amplify Orange Tintcoat Amplify Orange C8 Corvette
Hypersonic Gray Metallic Hypersonic Gray C8 Corvette
Caffeine Metallic Caffeine C8 Corvette
Sky Cool Gray Metallic Sky Cool Gray C8 Corvette
Edge Red Metallic Edge Red C8 Corvette
Racing Red Racing Red C8 Corvette

Interior Color Choices for the C8 Corvette

Along with the exterior, buyers get to pick a complementary interior color for their C8 Corvette. Here are the available interior colorways:

  • Adrenaline Red
  • Sky Cool Gray
  • Twilight Blue
  • Natural
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red

These interior colors allow buyers to either match the exterior for a cohesive look, or contrast them for more visual pop. A black interior is always a safe, stylish choice but the available colors add personality that reflects the owner’s tastes.

How Do the C8’s Colors Compare to the C7 Corvette?

Since the C8 represents such a drastic change for the Corvette, Chevrolet appropriately overhauled the color selection too. Many of the C8’s colors are completely new and unique to this latest generation. Arctic White, Rapid Blue and Shadow Gray were newly formulated just for the C8.

Chevrolet also brought back some iconic heritage colors, like the classic Torch Red and Racing Red. These connect the revolutionary mid-engine C8 to classic Corvettes from the model’s rich history. New colors like Accelerate Yellow and Zeus Bronze give the C8 a more extroverted, exotic vibe compared to the C7 model it replaces.

Popular C7 colors like Long Beach Red Metallic, Watkins Glen Gray Metallic and Admiral Blue Metallic are noticeably absent from the C8 lineup. But the new C8 palette successfully balances fresh, exciting tones with tasteful classics. The expanded color range offers almost limitless customization possibilities.

Choosing the Right C8 Corvette Color

With so many excellent colors available, how should buyers determine which hue is right for their new C8? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect Corvette color:

  • Select a color that aligns with your personality and style preferences. The color should broadcast your unique tastes.
  • Consider colors that highlight the C8’s exotic design. Sebring Orange and Hypersonic Gray emphasize the vehicle’s performance capabilities.
  • Don’t overlook classic hues that connect to Corvette heritage, like Torch Red or Black.
  • Visualize how colors will match your garage or other vehicles. Cohesive colors can project a unified aesthetic.
  • View color samples online and in person. Colors can vary depending on lighting conditions.
  • Choose a complementary interior color that enhances the exterior shade.

It’s impossible for any article to dictate the “right” color choice for a particular buyer. The good news is that Corvette designers have crafted such a diverse, aesthetically pleasing palette for the C8 that no choice can really be a bad one. Evaluate which hues align best with your personality and dreams for the vehicle.


The Chevrolet Corvette has always represented attainable world-class sports car performance and luxury. The bold C8 generation, with its exotic mid-engine layout, necessitated an equally bold selection of new color choices. Chevrolet delivered with an imaginative array of 12 standard and 6 expanded C8 color options. Crisp whites, subdued grays, storming metallics and arresting bright hues make up the diverse palette. There are timeless Corvette tones as well as colors designed specifically around the C8’s personality and capabilities. With so many excellent choices, new Corvette buyers will have no trouble finding the perfect shade to make their C8 a personalized extension of their tastes and lifestyle.