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What are the names of the bright pink roses?

What are the names of the bright pink roses?

Bright pink roses are a beautiful and popular type of rose grown in gardens around the world. Their striking pink color ranges from soft and pale to vivid and intense, often with lighter pink edges on the petals. These roses come in a variety of hybrid types and cultivars that have been carefully bred for their form, growth habits, and color. Knowing the names of the different bright pink rose varieties can help when selecting roses to plant in the garden.

Popular Bright Pink Rose Varieties

Some of the most common bright pink rose varieties include:

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are the classic hybrid rose type with large, shapely blooms on long straight stems making them ideal for cutting. Popular bright pink hybrid tea roses include:

– Double Delight – Large, double blooms that open creamy white and transform to bright pink. Intoxicating rose fragrance.

– Mister Lincoln – Deep pink blooms with a strong damask fragrance. Sturdy and disease resistant.

– Veterans’ Honor – Dark pink blooms on a compact bush. Spicy rose fragrance.

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses produce clusters of smaller blooms instead of single large blooms. They are bushy and adaptable. Bright pink floribunda roses include:

– Brilliant Pink Iceberg – Prolific clusters of bright pink double blooms. Repeat bloomer.

– Julia Child – Buttery yellow blooms that open to a two-toned pink and cream. Spicy licorice fragrance.

– Sexy Rexy – Bright pink with cream reverse petals. Fruity scent.

Grandiflora Roses

Grandiflora roses combine traits of hybrid teas and floribundas. Popular bright pink varieties include:

– Queen Elizabeth – Large, glowing pink blooms on long stems. Sweet rose scent.

– Gold Medal – Double blooms open gold and soften to pink. Fruity fragrance.

– Pink Promise – Cupped light pink blooms. Lightly scented.

Choosing the Right Bright Pink Rose

When selecting a bright pink rose, consider factors like:

Growth Habit

– Bushy, compact plants like floribundas are good for borders and mass plantings.

– Tall, upright roses like hybrid teas work well in beds and as specimens.

– Look for healthy, flexible canes.

Flower Form

– Hybrid teas have the classic large-headed blooms, while floribundas have clustered blooms.

– Double blooms tend to be showier than single forms.


– Some roses like hybrid teas are prized for their intense fragrance.

– Not all roses are fragrant, so smell them first if scent is important.


– There are many shades of bright pink from creamy blushes to hot magenta.

– Bicolors open one color and transform to pink.

Rose Variety Type Color Fragrance
Double Delight Hybrid Tea Creamy white to bright pink Strong
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Floribunda Bright pink Mild
Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Clear pink Sweet

Caring for Bright Pink Roses

To keep bright pink roses looking their best:

– Plant in full sun (at least 6 hours per day) in well-draining soil.

– Fertilize in early spring and midsummer using a balanced rose fertilizer.

– Water 1-2 inches per week avoiding wet foliage.

– Prune in late winter removing dead canes and shaping. Make cuts above outward facing buds.

– Monitor for pests like Japanese beetles and diseases like black spot. Treat promptly.

– Protect plants before first frost in fall. In cold climates, mound compost or mulch around the base for insulation.

Enjoying Bright Pink Roses

The stunning blooms of bright pink roses can be enjoyed in many ways:

– As gorgeous cut flowers – their long vase life brightens any room.

– As focal points and accents in the garden. Group multiples together for impact.

– In potpourris and rose water capturing their lovely fragrance.

– As garnishes and extracts for foods and beverages. The petals can add floral essence and color.

– In DIY crafts like rose beads, candles, soaps, and potpourri sachets.


With their rainbow of pink hues and forms, bright pink roses bring a pop of color and beauty to any garden. Hybrid tea roses like Double Delight, floribundas including Brilliant Pink Iceberg, and grandifloras such as Queen Elizabeth are just some of the top bright pink varieties. Choosing roses suited to your climate, space, and needs will provide the best results. Proper care and maintenance keeps these roses flowering in all their glory. The versatility of bright pink roses allows for enjoyment as cut blooms, garden accents, and even in crafts. Let these blushing beauties add their special glow wherever they are planted.