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What are the lights on the ooze pen?

The ooze pen is a popular electronic writing and drawing device that has lights on it. The lights serve several purposes to enhance the functionality and user experience of the pen. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the different lights indicate and how they contribute to making the ooze pen an innovative gadget.

Power Light

The ooze pen has a power light that indicates when the device is on or off. This LED light is located towards the top of the pen, right under where the barrel meets the tip. When the pen is turned on, the light will glow solidly. When the pen is turned off or needs charging, the light will be off.

The power light serves a couple of purposes. First, it allows users to easily check the power status of the pen. If the light is off, they know the pen needs to be charged before use. The light acts as a basic indicator of remaining battery life.

Second, the light aids in quickly turning the pen on and off. A few clicks of the main button will toggle the light, powering the pen up or down. The light provides visual feedback to confirm the pen is activating.

Connectivity Lights

In addition to the power light, the ooze pen has a series of LED lights on the barrel that indicate the connectivity status. These lights flash in different patterns to show when the pen is pairing, connected, or disconnected from a device like a tablet, phone, or dongle.

Here is a table summarizing what the different connectivity light patterns mean:

Light Pattern Meaning
Solid light Connected to device
Fast flashing Pairing mode active
Slow pulsing Disconnected but pairing memory on
Lights off Disconnected with no pairing

These connectivity lights provide users with the pairing and connection status at a glance. The different light patterns clearly indicate whether the pen is currently connected, attempting to pair, or disconnected completely. This helps users troubleshoot any wireless connection issues.

The lights work together with the buttons on the barrel to control Bluetooth pairing. Users can put the pen in pairing mode, indicated by fast flashing, to connect with new devices. The solid light confirms when a stable connection is established.

Ink Color Lights

Some ooze pen models have a set of LED lights near the tip that correspond to different ink colors. As users change the virtual ink color within the companion app, these lights will change to match.

For example, if the ink color is set to red, the tip lights will glow red. Changing to the blue ink will switch the lights to blue. This provides a convenient indicator of the currently selected ink color so users do not have to constantly check the app. The lights eliminate any guesswork.

This feature is especially useful during presentations, teaching, or meetings where users may be changing ink colors frequently. The lights allow presenters to discreetly check that the correct color is active without interrupting the flow.

The responsive lights enhance ooze pens designed for drawing by allowing artists to incorporate a dynamic lighting element into their work. As the ink color changes, the lights react to complement the drawings and doodles.

Battery Level Lights

Higher-end ooze pen models include battery level lights that indicate the approximate remaining battery life. These lights are dotted along the length of the pen barrel.

As the battery depletes, the lights will gradually turn off in an orderly fashion. For example, if the battery is full, all lights will show. At half battery, only half the lights will be on. Near empty, just one red light may remain. This gives users a more precise and intuitive understanding of remaining usage time than a simple low battery warning.

The battery level lights allow users to accurately gauge if the pen needs charging soon or has ample power left. They can help prevent the frustration of an untimely shutdown from an unexpectedly low battery. Users can ensure important presentations, classes, or work sessions will not be disrupted.

For portable external batteries designed specifically for the ooze pen, the level lights provide feedback on the charging status. Users can easily see when the battery pack has full capacity versus needing its own recharge.

Pen Mode Lights

Some ooze pen models have a mode selection feature that allows users to switch between different tools, like pen, highlighter, and eraser.

Lights near the tip correspond to the selected mode. For example, when pen mode is active, a light will glow around the tip. Switching to highlighter mode will change this light.

The responsive lights provide confirmation when toggling between the different modes. Users do not have to rely on the companion app and can instead change modes directly on the pen while observing the light feedback.

This allows for quick mode switching while taking notes or giving a presentation. The eraser can be activated with the light indicator allowing presenters to seamlessly transition between writing and erasing content.

Customization Lights

Higher-end ooze pens include customizable LED lights that users can program for different purposes. The lights can be matched to ink colors, display battery level, or set to creative display modes.

Using the companion app’s settings, the color, effects, and responsiveness of the lights can be adjusted. For example, the lights can be set to pulse along with music or respond to the pen’s motions.

Artists can leverage these customizable lights to add unique lighting effects that complement their drawings and doodles. The lights become an extension of the art.

In business contexts, the lights can also be used as an indicator during presentations. The presenter can set the lights to change based on time elapsed, subtly keeping track of time remaining.

Troubleshooting with Lights

The variety of indicator lights on the ooze pen provide visual feedback that can assist with troubleshooting issues. Here are some examples of how the lights can help diagnose problems:

– Power light off – Indicates the pen needs charging before use

– Connectivity lights flashing – The pen is trying to pair with a device

– Connectivity lights pulsing – The pen is disconnected from the device it had been paired with

– Battery level lights depleted – The pen needs to be recharged soon

– Ink color lights not matching app – There is a disconnect between the pen and app that needs to be reset

– Mode lights not responding – The pen may have a faulty mode selection button

By providing clear visual cues about the pen’s status, the lights help users identify and resolve minor technical issues on their own without frustration. The lights act as a useful diagnostic tool.


The LED lights integrated into the ooze pen serve many helpful purposes. They indicate power status, wireless connectivity, ink color, battery level, pen mode, and more. The various lights provide users with visual feedback about the pen’s operation. They help optimize the functionality and elevate the user experience of the innovative ooze pen. While the lights are simple, they have a profound impact.